Friday, March 20, 2009

Another Workplace ICE Raid, this time in Murderer Dannie Baker's Neighborhood!

On Thursday, March 19, another workplace raid occurred. Bay County Sheriff's Office Illegal Alien Enforcement Unit (a 287(g) group) and the Panama City ICE group conducted the raid. Workers were arrested at "Construction Enterprise Inc." located at the Waterside Apartments of Jenks Avenue construction site in Panama City, FL. Panama City is just miles down Highway 30 from Chilean Student murderer Dannie Baker's Miramar Beach, FL neighborhood. Panama City is also the Headquarters for the "League of the South", a group listed as a racist hate group by the SPLC.
No employers were arrested even though this company has had previous ICE worker violations.
Eight construction workers were arrested, 1 from Mexico and 7 from Honduras. They were all jailed at the Bay County Jail with a hold for ICE.
In a separate racial profiling incident the same day, the 287(g) Sheriff's Unit also arrested two other men who were going to a separate job site in the Bay County area. The two workers arrested were also from Honduras.
What is sad is, this area was impacted by the hurricanes a few years ago and welcomed in these workers to rebuild their state. As noted by several local commenters, these workers worked hard through the summers, rebuilding their homes and offices. They are wondering why the local Sheriff's office and ICE didn't go after drug dealers and violent criminals instead.


Dee said...

The League of the South is listed as a Hate Group. They are a secessionist group. They are a White Supremist Group. They oppose Civil Rights. They demonize minorities, including Black, Latinos, Jews, Asians and Gays.

pcorn54 said...

No Dee!

League of the South is a group of "True American Patriots"

Ask Lou Dobbs, Willy Gheen, Glen Beck and others!

They are the new face of America

Vicente Duque said...

Hate and Fear : Two inseparable Twin Sisters - Racial Hatred and Fear of Latinos

I am sure that the most educated Population in the USA does not fear or hate Latinos. If you are a true intellectual, a person of learning and wisdom you do not waste time in Fear and Hatred.

Of course there are people in the Media that are portrayed and presented by the TV Anchors of Hate as Great Intellectuals, when in fact they are only fools like the said Anchors or Announcers.

They are only Merchants of Hate that repeat the same Racist and Hate mantras everyday, because they know nothing better.

The intelligence of those merchants of hate is extremely limited, their culture is laughable, even if they believe to be "The Owners of "Western Civilization"".

But the American Person of True Culture knows very well that American Culture is not going to be replaced by Latino Culture. And that Spanish is not going to replace English.

It is usually the uneducated and the poor that feel threatened. They think that Latino Culture is music at high volume, or that poor type of music that they know, they are very limited in knowledge of Latin Music . Or they have related only to the poorest people and elements of Latino Culture.

The articles of Henry Cisneros and Nicolas Kanellos set off a Tsunami of Fear in those naive ignorants.

There are no owners of "Western Civilization", and "Western Civilization", if the terminology is not stupid, has been the work of semitic people like those of Egypt, Israel, the land of Canaan, Mesopotamia, Iraq, Iran, etc ... some of them very brown or even dark as in the case of Egypt and the Nubian Pharaos.

In fact "Western Civilization" was in its beginning the Work of People that is not recognized as White by the Racists and those in the Foolish Delusion of "Aryanism".

Latino Culture is Global, Encompassing, Tolerant. I do not see what it is that it threatens, it is an omnivorous culture that takes elements from others.

The Spanish Language is everyday more transformed by English, than English by Spanish, and the Latin Soul is more transformed everyday by the Anglo Soul, that the converse. And the Latino learns more from the Anglo than the converse event.

Fear is the trademark of Cowardice and feelings of Inferiority. And usually there can not be Hate without Fear in these Cultural Matters.

For the fool and idiot it is very comfortable to think that he is the Top Echelon of Evolution and the closest to God. As if God preferred idiots.

Vicente Duque

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