Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Vote For Allison! American Idol!

Allison Iraheta is one of the American Idol Finalists. She is only 16 years old. She began singing at 5 years old. She is a junior in high school who, in her spare time, enjoys playing the guitar. She has an amazing voice. She is extremely versatile. She can sing anything from Rock to Country to Hip Hop. Randy Travis was amazed that a person with her talent, voice, range and style is only 16 years old.
I suggest that anyone who cares about Music, Talent and Style vote for Allison as many times as possible! Each week-- Every Week!


Garfunkle Cowell said...

She has great stage presence for a young kid.

Dee said...

I think Allison is multi talented and has the best voice. My husband and I like this show so we watch every week. (Forgive us for not watching news shows every night)

He likes her but doesnt think she will win. In a nutshell, here is why I like her.
How I rate her:
Voice: 5
Passion: 5
Versatility: 5 (she can sing any type song)
Pitch: 5
Stage Presence: 5 (sing and dance)
All this talent and only 16 years old.

Looks: 3 - 4

And that is why my husband doesn't think she will win. He says "Well it IS American IDOL!" The judges are not pushing her as a leader either, even though she is the best singer.

Next, I like:
2. Danny
3. Lil
4. Adam
5. Alexis
The judges are pushing all 4 of these contestants.

6. Matt
7. Anoop
8. Scott
9. Kris
10. Michael (only sings country well)
11. Megan(can't sing; bad tattoos)

Dee said...

Allison was saved this week however she was in the bottom three. Let's hope her talent help her continue to move forward.

The Indigenous Xicano said...

I just watched the show. I taped it and then I fast forwarded through the endless commercials.

I love Allison. She has incredible stage presence for a 16 year-old kid. She has a strong voice with an interesting raspy quality to it. She is the best of the women. I do not think she will win.

I also like Danny, Lil, and Matt. My least favorite is Megan. She lives in the neighboring Salt Lake County city of Sandy but that it not enough for my support. She has the weakest voice, limited range, and she dances with weird forced movements that look more like nervous tics than dance moves.

I do not watch much network tv but I was hooked on this show from season three. The only other network shows I watch are The Office and 30 Rock. Oh, I occasionally watch Rachel Maddow on MSNBC. She rocks.

Dee said...

I agree with you about Megan. She is the weakest, yet she wasn't even in the bottom 3 this week. She is a tall, beautiful blonde, but she does not have a very good voice or stage presence and those tattoos all up and down her arms and everywhere look terrible. Alexis was 10 times the singer/performer she was but she was kicked off.
I worry for Allison. The judges were already ready to give her the boot.
I still say Megan and Michael should be the next to go.

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