Sunday, March 29, 2009

Janet Napolitano Restructures ICE Policies to Focus on Employers, Drug Cartels/Felonious Criminals but Faces Fierce Opposition!

As Janet Napolitano, head of Homeland Security, moves forward with plans to restructure ICE policies to focus on incarcerating Employers and Drug Cartels/Felonious Criminals versus workers, she is facing fierce opposition not only from "The Party of NO" (Republicans), but also from rogue Agents from within her own ICE Divisions who are only interested in sidling up with the owners of the "for profit" prisons where entire families of workers are jailed for PROFIT at tax payers expense. ANTIs, of course, are cheering on Napolitano's opposition.
Homeland Security Secretary Janet Napolitano has delayed a series of proposed immigration raids and other enforcement actions at U.S. workplaces in recent weeks, asking agents in her department to apply more scrutiny to the selection and investigation of targets as well as the timing of raids, federal officials said.
A senior department official said the delays signal a pending change in whom agents at U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement choose to prosecute -- increasing the focus on businesses and executives (employers) instead of ordinary workers.
"ICE is now scrutinizing these cases more thoroughly to ensure that [targets] are being taken down when they should be taken down, and that the employer is being targeted and the surveillance and the investigation is being done how it should be done," said the official, discussing Napolitano's views about sensitive law enforcement matters on the condition of anonymity.
"There will be a change in policy, but in the interim, you've got to scrutinize the cases coming up," the senior DHS official said, noting Napolitano's expectations as a former federal prosecutor and state attorney general.
Another DHS official said Napolitano plans to release protocols this week to ensure more consistent work-site investigations and less "haphazard" decision-making...
Critics say workplace and neighborhood sweeps are harsh and indiscriminate, and they accuse the government of racial profiling, violating due process rights and committing other humanitarian abuses...
"Raids that break up families in that way, just kick in the door in the middle of the night, taking [a] father, a parent away, that's just not the American way. It must stop," Pelosi added at a Capitol Hill conference on border issues sponsored by the U.S. Chamber of Commerce.
But Obama also faces pressure from conservative lawmakers and many centrist Democrats, who say that workplace enforcement is needed to reduce the supply of jobs that attract illegal immigrants, and that any retreat in defending American jobs in a recession could ignite a populist backlash. When the White House announced plans last week to move more than 450 federal agents and equipment to the border to counter Mexico's drug cartels, lawmakers warned Napolitano against diverting money from workplace operations.
Rep. Lamar Smith (Tex.), ranking Republican on the House Judiciary Committee, said the administration "appears to be using border violence as an excuse" to undercut immigration enforcement in the nation's interior. "It makes no sense to take funds from one priority (worksite enforcement) to address a new priority (the growth in border violence). This is just robbing Peter to pay Paul," Sen. Robert C. Byrd (D-W.Va.), the powerful chairman of the Senate Appropriations subcommittee for homeland security, said in an e-mail. Led by Byrd, Congress this year ordered ICE to spend $127 million on workplace operations, $34 million more than President George W. Bush had requested. Reducing those amounts, even in ICE's overall $5 billion budget, would provoke a fight, senior aides in both parties said.
Napolitano has sought to chart a middle course by ordering a review of which immigrants are targeted for arrest. While a policy is still under development, Napolitano has said she intends to focus more on prosecuting criminal cases of wrongdoing by companies. Analysts say they also think ICE may conduct fewer raids, focusing routine enforcement on civil infractions of worker eligibility verification rules...
(ANTI) Mark Krikorian, executive director of the Center for Immigration Studies, which seeks to reduce immigration, said Obama aides are trying to manage the issue until an economic turnaround permits an attempt to overhaul immigration laws. "I think their calculus is, how do they keep Hispanic groups happy enough without angering the broader public so much that they sabotage health care and their other priorities?" Krikorian said...
Within ICE, the front-office vetting of cases has led to some doubts. Last week, for example, ICE postponed plans to raid employers at a military-related facility in Chicago for which they had arranged to temporarily detain as many as 100 illegal immigrants, according to one (Rogue) official. A second official said Napolitano thought the investigative work was inadequate.
The raid would have been the second under the Obama administration. After the first, a Feb. 24 sweep of an engine-parts maker in Bellingham, Wash., that led to 28 arrests, Napolitano publicly expressed disappointment that ICE did not inform her beforehand and announced an investigation into agency communication practices.
In response, Leigh H. Winchell, the ICE special agent in charge (Rogue ICE Agent) in Seattle, wrote an e-mail to his staff -- subsequently leaked to conservative bloggers -- saying they had acted correctly. He (Rogue ICE Agent) also copied a statement from House Republicans calling Napolitano's review "beyond backwards."
"You did nothing wrong and you did everything right," Winchell wrote. "I cannot control the politics that take place with these types of situations, but I can remind you that you are great servants of this country and this agency."


Dee said...

Here is the entire email from Rogue ICE Agent Leigh Winchell which he also forwarded to the Republican members of Congress, without being upfront with Napolitano. Winchell is the same rogue agent which sent large numbers of workers to the heinous NW Detention Center, owned by the GEO Group which has a long history of detainee abuse, vermin, disease, etc. Winchell did not care about that. He sent hundreds/thousands to the FOR PROFIT crony owned prison:

From: Winchell, Leigh H
Copy to: Rutt, Robert P; Kibble, Kumar C (DHS); Weber, Robert
Sent: Thu Feb 26 10:00:04 2009
Subject: FW: Napolitano's Investigation of Investigators is Beyond Backwards
To all SAC [DS: Special Agent in Charge Office] Seattle employees,
By now you have all experienced or heard of the issues that have been made out of some very fine work by our Blaine and Seattle offices when conducting the worksite case in Bellingham two days ago. I want to tell you all how very proud I am of the manner in which you operated during this enforcement action. You did nothing wrong and you did everything right. From ASAC to agent, all the bases were covered, and covered very well. I cannot control the politics that take place with these types of situations, but I can remind you that you are great servants of this country and this agency. I am proud to be your SAC and I know that this distraction will not keep you from fulfilling your wide ranging duties as ICE agents. I also know that you have the support and gratitude of our leadership in ICE HQ.
I thought you would like to see this press release from the House Judiciary Committee.

Anonymous said...

This is a horrible power struggle here. I am so glad that Janet Napolitano is putting these raids off but I hope she can put these cronys in their place. I hope for the comprehensive immigration reform to pass sooner than later. It is true..that Obama is trying to please the Hispanics until he gets other reforms out of the way. This GEO group has an agenda and hard criminals is not what they want to detain. The want undocumented workers because they are easy to contain and they can make their money of them. These cronys do not care about the law and protecting America against real criminals and can you imagine...using our tax dollars for this!! They are going to get restless when there business starts to starve with a lack of workers to detain. The whole thing is crazy!! To think this is happening in the United States of America.

Dee said...

You have it exactly right. I think it is more than a coincidence that the Rogue Agent Winchell sent his email not only to his underlings but to Sen Byrd who has past affiliations with the KKK and to Rep Smith in TX who has known affiliations with the GEO Group and the Detention Centers.

I think Winchell is a rogue and a coward. If he wanted to dispute the new processes legitimaetly he would discuss this with Napolitano and her team instead of covertly attempting to undermine her.

ultima said...

It is perfectly clear what should be done but Napolitano playing politics will undercut any effective policy. It is ludicrous to think that illegal aliens should be held harmless. They like their employers should be held strictly accountable and punished sufficiently to cure their illegal behavior.

The perfect way to do this job without incurring any claims of discrimination or profiling is mandatory E-verification for all employees.

Equally obvious is that detention facilities need qualified Justices of the Peace or Immigration Judges so that decisions can be quickly based on rigid criteria.

It goes without saying that detention facilities should be operated humanely. Detainees should be required to keep their living areas clean and sanitary and provided the materials and tools necessary to do so.

Contractors who operate these facilities should be compensated on the basis of throughput so they have an incentive to move the detainees out as quickly as possible but detainee-days will have to remain a part of the formula to take care of food and day-to-day operating expenses. Howeve, an incentive must exist to move the detainees our as quickly as possible and put the contractors in a position to agitate for more trained JOPs and Immigration Judges in every facility with the charge of making a decision within 24 hours for each detainee with only a week for any appeal. How hard can that be when most are clearly illegal and cannot prove otherwise?

Winchell was exactly right. It's too bad Napolitano does know the difference between right and wrong, even with her legal training. She is simply another perfidious politician.

ultima said...

It seems to me that Winchell was anything but a coward. He surely knew that his memo would never be secret. He is protesting Napolitano's incompetence in the only way he can and like a good boss is letting his folks know that they did a good job even if the politicians are trying to undercut their effectiveness at every turn. My prescription above will solve all the problems but there is no one in the Administration with the courage to undertake these reforms.

Dee said...

Of course it is perfectly clear what should be done and Janet Napolitano is doing it. We must focus our energies on the employers. We must also focus our energies on the felonious criminals and Drug Cartels while stopping the flow of weapons (2000 per day from the U.S.) into the Mexican Drug Cartels.

Napolitano is putting in place a make-sense policy which we should ALL support!

Dee said...

Winchell is a sleazy snake. I know his type in business many times before.

Let me give you a scenario.

Let's say ICE is Mattel. And they are producing a red truck popular to some children. However, the red truck is painted with lead paint which has resulted in the deaths of Asian children since these children have a gene which is particularly allergic to this type of lead paint.

The press has publicized both the popularity of the red truck and has also published reports of the hazards of lead paint, especially to Asian children.

A new CEO has been put in place at Mattell. His new priority is to rid themselves of the problems of the red painted truck. The new CEO put in place a new head of the toy truck division, Janet, to correct this situation.

Janet has put out an announcement to all of her teams in the toy truck division, hold off on selling these trucks until I assess the situation. We need to stop distribution of them until we determine the root cause of the death to Asian Children problem.

One month after her announcement, a rogue agent, Winchell from Washington decides to move forward with the planned delivery of the red trucks in his area. He heard the announcements but he went behind Janet's back and went ahead with the Washington sale anyway. He had friends in the Red Lead Paint lobby and was more concerned with profit and the sale of the trucks and disregarded the impact of the paint on Asian children.

In a board meeting, Janet heard about the sale of the red trucks by winchell. She couldnt understand it because she had announced that her team was going to study the situation before another sale.

In the board room she said she did not know about the sale in Washington and would investigate.

Her feedback was covered in the papers. As she investigated, the rogue agent Winchell sent an email to his underlings saying they didnt do anything wrong, this was all politics. Winchell also sent this email to the Anti-Asian Immigration groups, to the members of Congress that opposed Asian Immigration and he also sent a copy of his email to Hasbro.

Meanwhile, Asian children died as a result of Winchell's sale. But Winchell didn't care.

Winchell was doing all of this to undermine the new CEO and Janet and to promote the cause of his Red Truck supporters.

Vicente Duque said...

Dee :

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ultima said...

Here's a shorter and different take on the Mattel analogy:

Agent Winchell's job is to assure product safety and quality. He becomes aware of the lead paint problem and immediately contacts the CEO to inform of the necessity for an recall. The CEO Napolitano demurs and says. "Let's not worry about lead or any regulations and laws related to product safety. We need to think about the bottom line (my job). Let's put out the word that our products are thoroughly tested and that we will come down hard on any suppliers that fail to meet our standards."

Winchell goes back to his office and decides that the rules on product safety can't be ignored and takes action on his own to leak the word about lead paint, knowing full well that his job is now in jeopardy. His only satisfaction is that he did the right thing.

ultima said...

Dee wrote, "Of course it is perfectly clear what should be done and Janet Napolitano is doing it. We must focus our energies on the employers."

With a couple of major exceptions:

(1) She's letting the illegals off scot-free.
(2) She is still blocking the most effective method for identifying miscreant employers -- the application of E-verification to all employees.

Anonymous said...

I personally know Leigh Winchell. His mentor was Richard J. Hoglund, aka: "Mr. KKK" - a Hispanic agent sued Customs when Hoglund was the Deputy Assistant Commissioner for Investigations. The agent won his federal jury trial and Hoglund was known as Mr. KKK. Hoglund took care of Winchell, Mike Turner, Nickolas Berg and several others. Winchell got a group supervisor position as a GS-1811-14 in Nogales, AZ. I believe it is where he developed his hatred towards Hispanics, Mexicans etc. Later on he got selected for the SAC Seattle after Rodney C. Tureaud got removed for incompetent. In 2001, I did a research and found that the SAC Seattle covers a large area where there is plenty of work investigating drug and money laundering smuggling cases. I wrote to Winchell and asked him to give me a chance to move away from the Southwest border and heat. He never responded.

Why would an ICE special agent enjoy doing GS-5 and GS-7 work by conducting employment raids? It is one reasin I left INS in 1985.

I hope Winchell got the huevos to retire now before getting fired. For Winchell's information, the average attorney charges over $300.00 per hour if he decides to sue his bosses....then he mujst wait at least 10 years to get a hearing.

Anonymous said...

Quatro Pollo (Miguel),

Again, you are wrong.

Anonymous said...

From Cuatro Pollos (correct spelling) Wrong about what? About the $300.00 in attorneys' fees...I agree, now they charge over $400.00. As to the chronology of events...just ask what specific information need corroboration. Hoglund "KKK" name has been recorded in a U.S. District Court in Texas case filed by Arturo Haran.

Rodney said...

Oh, thats hilarious. You are correcting spelling? Go back and read your posting. Try and figure out how many mispelled words and improper grammar you used. Other than that, you got one or two facts correct at most. The rest is non-factual rhetoric.

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