Friday, March 6, 2009

Yikes! My Dora is Changing and Growing Up! Mattell introduces "Tween Dora!"

My beautiful Dora is changing. I love Dora the Explorer.
It was just back in 1999 when Dora the Explorer hit the airwaves. The little Latino girl and her little friend Boots went on many adventures, taking kids along for the ride. While doing so, they taught them about computers and threw in a little Spanish lesson too.
My long time viewers know I have a doll collection which I started a number of years ago, around 1996. How did I start my doll collection? In the nineties, I was walking through Wal-Mart and saw a lonely doll on a sales cart. She was a Mexican Barbie doll. It was obvious she had been on the shelf for a long, long time. She looked very dusty and the box was extremely tattered. I bought her, took her home and I loved her. Afterall, she was the very first doll in my doll collection.
After that, I started collecting a variety of Latino dolls including Dora dolls. This was one of my first. Then Princess Dora was next on my list. I continued to collect Barbies, including Spanish Teacher Barbie and mother/daughter a Latina Barbie set. I never sought out looking for these dolls. Over the years, if I saw something I liked, I bought them, until I had a collection.
Soon, I started collecting a variety of Dora dolls, including the miniature Doras. They were so cute.
In the new millenium, the Dora dolls started evolving. Some of the dolls didn't look like Dora anymore.
Everyone who knows me knows I collect Dora. So when I received this one for Christmas, I was perplexed. Dora? I don't know ya! I like my regular Dora. Next, I received one of these. Then I started wondering what was going on. I like my regular Dora! I don't want a change. If you ask me, Dora is Dora! What is so confusing.
Imagine my surprise when this morning I read Mattel is coming out with a new "Tween Dora!" One with Sex Appeal! My gosh! She is supposed to be a teenager, filled with a million new marketing concepts. I understand Sales, Marketing and demographics, but, what on earth will become of my beautiful Dora??
At this point! All I can say is, let's hope my Beautiful Dora does not end up looking like this!


pcorn54 said...

Wow! That's a cute picture of William Gheen in the Orange and Pink!

Looks like he must have taken some fashion tips from Bikini Boy Scwilk on his California odyssey

Dee said...

You are right. That last picture does look like him. LOL

Wiliam Gheen said...

Please remove my picture from your site. That was taken only for the eyes of Jeff Schwick.

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