Friday, March 13, 2009

Chilean Students' Murderer Dannie Baker Crazed Violence inspired by Beck & Dobbs Immigration Rhetoric!

On a daily basis, Glenn Beck, Lou Dobbs and others rant and rave about "illeegals" being terrorists, outlaws or destroyers of the economy, additionally they spout their hatred of our President Barack Obama. They spew hate and anger and rage on and on and on to the point where their audiences, their submissive followers, rant and rage with them. Proof of this can be seen on youtube comment sections with their videos. While violence should NEVER occur, no one knows what an illegal alien looks like and this anger often results in rage and violence against ALL Latinos, regardless of Immigration status. This is illustrated by the FBI reported 40% increase in Hate Crimes against Latinos. This is also illustrated in the murders of Marcelo Lucero, Luis Ramirez, Jose Sucuzhanay and most recently the Chilean Students murdered by Dannie Baker in Miramar, Florida. Baker's story is finally being reported by a national media outlet, the Associated Press. In their report, they reveal the outrageous hate-talk he uttered prior to these murderers. This hate-talk can be heard every day spoken by Beck, Dobbs, AM Shock Jocks and ANTI Immigration Reform websites.
The Associated Press Reports:
Last summer, Walton County Republican officials forwarded to the sheriff's office several threatening e-mails murderer Dannie Baker sent them, riddled with misspellings and mostly focused on illegal immigrants. In an Aug. 6 e-mail, Baker wrote: "The Washington D.C. Dictators have already confessed to rigging elections in our States for their recruiting dictators to overthrow us with foreign illegals here, and have allowed them to kill and run for office in the States to extend their influence into our States."
In another e-mail, Baker claimed there is a plot to "give our homeland to foriegn states and their representatives here in America. Lets exacute them and reinstate a legal government that will do something for us."
Walton GOP head Michael Tim Norris said Baker volunteered during George W. Bush's presidential campaigns in 2000 and 2004. "He was a hard little worker. He showed up when you needed him to show up," he said.
Baker "just made people feel uncomfortable" when he returned this fall, however, and officials asked him to stop volunteering, Norris said. "He was an eccentric kind of guy. I knew he was single and lonely," Norris said.
Sheriff Mike Adkinson Jr. did not return phone calls from the Associated Press about his department's response to Baker's e-mails and other complaints filed against him through the years for trespassing, harassment and other problems.
Neighbor Crystal Lynn said he asked her, "Are you ready for the revolution?" The day of the shootings, he asked neighbor Jim Turner if he "had ever renounced God," Turner said. "He said a lot of people had and that they needed to be murdered."
Now there are questions about whether Baker's statements should have been seen as warnings rather than as the meaningless ravings of a deranged man. Buddy Gissendanner, Baker's public defender, said he would likely enter a written not guilty plea at an April 21 hearing. Gissendanner is considering all defense strategies, including Baker's mental condition, which he will not discuss. Gissendanner said he is investigating Baker's background but doesn't know much about him yet. It's unclear how Baker made a living, but a business, Perfect Hearts Ministry Inc., is registered at his home. He also filed for Chapter 7 bankruptcy protection in 2002.
Five innocent students were shot by the racist madman Dannie Baker on February 26. The bodies of the two slain Chileans he murdered have been returned home, where the shooting was national news. The parents of the wounded were brought to Florida to care for their children. Monica Suarez, whose 27-year-old son Sebastian Arizaga was wounded in the hand and shoulder, said she had spoken to the parents of the dead students. "They're very bad. Bad, bad, bad. There was nothing that would console Racine's mother. Their pain is different than mine. They lost their loved ones," she said. "One never expects your son to leave on something so beautiful (cultural exchange) and end up dead. It's something you don't understand."


Vicente Duque said...

Wonderful Post Dee :

It is very difficult to scan the Google News,, Huffington Post, the Press, and other sites to find interesting News.

Reaching your site everyday is very refreshing and I find Big Treasures of News. So I save a lot of time.

This post is extremely important for me because I am profiling the Criminal Minds that commit these Racial Murders.

Like Keith Luke in Brockton Massachussetts, like the "Beaner Jumpers" Gang of Long Island that killed Marcelo Lucero, like the "Football Players", "Nice Kids", "Honor Students" and "Little Angels" that killed Luis Ramirez in Sheanandoah Pennsylvania by kicking him on the ground.

So, I continue gathering the little pebbles of information that fall in my hands to Profile the Criminal Mind of Racial Murder and to give information to Honor and Remember the victims of their exploits.

Continue the Good Work of Giving Information on Your Topics, like the Economy and its relation with your Main Subject Matter "Immigration".

Vicente Duque

Vicente Duque said...

Another Latino was killed in Charleston, North Carolina while he was playing soccer with the little daughter 5 years old in the front yard.

According to a detective, the Latinos are now the preferred targets for robbery and murder.

They are now a second class subspecies of apes that can be robbed and killed. Because they do not report to police or authorities and the banking system is rejecting them, because of laws and stuff. Add The TV sh** ...

So they have to carry full pockets of Money.

See the death of Orlando Benitez Martinez. Killed by three teen thugs in the front yard of his house, while playing with little child. There are videos :

Vicente Duque

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