Tuesday, March 31, 2009

America is the No. 1 User of Illegal Drugs in the World. Should We Legalize Drugs in this Country? Many say Yes!

Some pundits are bringing up the subject of legalizing drugs in the U.S. Last week, I reported the discussion between Chris Matthews and Pat Buchanan. Matthews said, "This is a free country. We have tough laws.We put dealers in jail for 20 years. But it doesn’t work. People make their own decisions and they can make the bad ones. And you have to live with it." Buchanan responded, "We spend billions on drugs..We have millions of drug users. Friends. Colleagues. Families. Candidates for President who use dope..We got what we got."
Today, Jack Cafferty, a CNN Commentator, said we should legalize drugs. He said:
"The United States is the largest illegal drug market in the world. Americans want their weed, crack, cocaine, heroin, whatever. And they're willing to pay big money to get it. The drug suppliers are only too happy to oblige. The Mexican drug cartels now have operations in 230 American cities. That's 230 American cities! And we're not just talking about border towns, but places such as Anchorage, Alaska; Boston, Massachusetts; Atlanta, Georgia; and Billings, Montana. They're everywhere. And they don't just bring drugs, but violence and crime as well -- lots of it at no extra charge."
It's more than the Mexican Cartels, it is the American Cartels consisting of all ethnicities, including Italian, Asian, Russian, and good old Americans. Cafferty goes on to talk about the cost and failure of the U.S. War on Drugs:
"How many police officers and sheriff's deputies are involved in investigating and solving crimes involving illegal drugs? And arresting and transporting and interrogating and jailing the suspects? How many prosecutors and their staffs spend time prosecuting drug cases? How many defense lawyers spend their time defending drug suspects? How many hours of courtroom time are devoted to drug trials? How many judges, bailiffs, courtroom security officers, stenographers, etc., spend their time on drug trials? How many prison cells are filled with drug offenders? And how many corrections officers does it take to guard them? How much food do these convicts consume? And when they get out, how many parole and probation officers does it take to supervise their release? And how many ex-offenders turn right around and do it again? So how's this war on drugs going?"
Someone described insanity as doing the same thing over and over and expecting a different result each time. That's a perfect description of the war on drugs.
Then he talks about Cost and Legalization:
What do you suppose the total price tag is for this failed war on drugs? One senior Harvard economist estimates we spend $44 billion a year fighting the war on drugs. He says if they were legal, governments would realize about $33 billion a year in tax revenue. Net swing of $77 billion. Could we use that money today for something else? You bet your ass we could. Plus the cartels would be out of business. Instantly. Goodbye crime and violence.
If drugs were legalized, we could empty out a lot of our prison cells. People will use this stuff whether it's legal or not. Just like they do booze. And you could make the argument that in some cases alcohol is just as dangerous as some drugs. I know.
Like I said ... something to think about. It's time.
I agree. It is time to think about legalizing drugs in our country, have them regulated like alcohol, and as with the end of prohibition, end the need for and the existence of Drug Cartels.


The Arizonian said...

"Every time Joe fills his SUV, he funds a terrorist bombing".......

yave said...

I'm with Cafferty. I waste so much time in immigration court and elsewhere dealing with drug-related crap it's ridiculous. We might as well be lighting pallets of cash on fire (or sending them in cargo planes to Iraq) for all the good we do with the war on drugs. Let's fight a war on stupidity, and start by ending the war on drugs.

ultima said...

Sure, we could add drugs to the list of things eligible for the use of food stamps.

Dee said...

I find it amazing that pundits like Cafferty, Matthews and Buchanan say the War on Drugs is NOT working and we cannot do anything about the drug use in America. Wow! What a statement!

I hate drugs! I don't think anyone should use drugs. However, the crime associated with Drugs, the cartels, the gangs, the violence, is much worse. Jailing and imprisoning the druggies does not work.

What is the solution?

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