Thursday, March 26, 2009

GOOD vs EVIL: Hillary Clinton-We Share Responsibility. Our Drug Use Fuels Mexican Border Violence! Pat Buchanan-So What! Put Snipers on the Border!

Hillary Clinton said: "U.S. Drug habits fuel Border Violence!" Hillary agrees with what I have been long reporting. The U.S. is the number 1 user/abuser of illegal drugs in the World and shares responsibility with Mexico for their War on Drugs!
Hillary Clinton said the United States shares responsibility with Mexico for dealing with violence now spilling across the border and promised cooperation to improve security on both sides.
Hillary on Drugs:
"We do have a co-responsibility for what's happening in Mexico. It is drug demand in the U.S. that drives drugs north across our shared border. If not for this high demand, it would not be profitable. There would be no drug gangs fighting for territory because they make so much money selling drugs to Americans."
Hillary on Assault Weapons:
"Our insatiable demand for illegal drugs fuels the drug trade. Our inability to prevent weapons from being illegally smuggled across the border to arm these criminals causes the deaths of police officers, soldiers and civilians. I feel very strongly we have a co-responsibility."
Republicans and Pundits are already attacking Hillary's response. On Hardball yesterday, Chris Matthews discussed the subject with blathering wildman Pat Buchanan.
On Drugs: Matthews and Buchanan both agree the U.S. is the number 1 drug user in the world, but so what. We have to live with it.
On Guns: Matthews, Buchanan and Republican Sen. John Cornyn all say we do supply guns to the Mexican Drug Cartels, but so what. We are not going to change the 2nd amendment and it is Mexico's problem. Buchanan said if he were Ambassador he would not only ensure a fortified fence was built, he would not use the National Guard. He would use snipers on the border. What a madman! Yikes!!
Hardball Conquering Mexicos Drug Wars: (click on link to see video)
Matthews: The problem in saying we are responsible for Drug Use, and it is a fact, is, what are we going to do about it. Nobody has a plan for getting rid of the drug market in the U.S. This is a free country. We have tough laws.We put dealers in jail for 20 years. But it doesn’t work. People make their own decisions and they can make the bad ones. And you have to live with it.
Is the secretary saying as long as people in this country use cocaine, crack or powder, then we have people cutting their heads off down there and it’s our fault??
Buchanan:That’s where she is wrong. There’s no doubt there is a drug market in the U.S. of billions and billions of dollars and it is what people are fighting over. But we are not responsible for the fact they are killing each other over it.
We have 2 ways to fight this.
1. Legalize Drugs. Managed Market in U.S.
2. Kill drug dealers. Kill the users.
But we aren’t going to do either. We have millions of drug users. Friends. Colleagues. Families. Candidates for President who use dope. We are not going to do either solution. We got what we got.
Matthews: What about taking a ban on assault weapons. John Cornyn says he is not going to restrict the 2nd amendment to help the Mexican government stop the flow of weapons going south. Mexico has to step up and provide additional resources to protect their own border. The 2nd amendment is the most sensitive after the 1st amendment
Buchanan: We can’t stop guns going south, we can’t stop people from coming in. Bush said he caught 6M. We got 12 – 20M people, gangs, El Salvador….
Matthews: Even if we put your wall up Pat, drugs can still be flown in or come in through the Gulf of Mexico. What would you do if you were the Ambassador.
Buchanan: We need the wall. We need the security fence. We need to stop the trucks from coming in. They have escorts, Zetas, trained by Americans, who have gone rogue from the Mexican Army. If I were the Ambassador. We don’t need the National Guard. We need Special Forces. We need to go down there and use American Snipers.
Matthews: Take the lives of the people who come here to work?
Buchanan: No. Just the coyotes. They are raping them, human trafficking...
Matthews: But you can’t…
Buchanan: In the next 30 years, we don’t need to worry whether sunni or shea, are running things in Baghdad. This is about the future of our country. We are going to have 135M Hispanic folks in the U.S. because of mass migration. We will have as many Mexicans here as in Mexico. The border will not exist. How do you have a country...
Matthews: Don’t people assimilate.
Buchanan: No, not with 135M. When you have small groups, they become Americans. The fastest growing radio stations are Hispanic. That's too many. We have too many at one time coming in.
Matthews changing the subject to Hillary Clinton to quit Buchanan from blathering and slobbering:
Matthews: Hillary Clinton sees her ability and her sway to be much larger than simply taking orders from the president. It’s to go out there and think originally about the messages she should be sending. I also think the Clintons are coalition partners with Obama, very much like the Israeli cabinet. The Clintons are coalition partners. Domestically and foreign-policy wise. I think it’s going to be interesting to watch this thing develop. Hillary Clinton is not an employee of the president. Nor should she be, by anybody’s lights.
Buchanan: Right.


Vicente Duque said...

Colombia is a much poorer country than Mexico and it won two wars against three more powerful enemies :

1) The Great Capos like Pablo Escobar

2) The FARC Guerrillas that killed children and Women with Land Mines and Gas Cylinders.

3) The Paras or Paracos that were Drug Lords that feigned to battle against the Guerrillas.

Now the Narcos are under six feet of ground or are in American Jails.

So it is very naive and ignorant to say that Mexico is going to fall because of a few scoundrels and criminals.

The U. S. also has Drug Lords selling the stuff in the streets or night clubs.


Obama speaks in Spanish for a TV Show of Latin Music and Contest of Participants. Most of the Video is in English but at the end Obama changes to Excellent Spanish.

See here Mr Obama talking about Latin Music :

Vicente Duque

adriana said...

Ok, fine if we put snipers along the border, the drugs and people will still find a way in... Buchanan's solution is more band aid talk, just more extreme. He will never admit that we should consume less narcotics or that we should do something to ensure a level of economic parity for our neighbors to the south.

Dee said...

What is mind boggling is the fact that neither Matthews nor Buchanan thought the U.S. being the number one abuser of illegal drugs in the world was a major issue. Neither was our use of assault weapons and selling them illegally to other countries to feed their gangs/cartels.

Their comments suggest our country is pompous and elitist and people in our country can do what we want when we want regardless of the impact to the rest of the world.

Do the majority of people in the U.S. think like this??

Dee said...

Their comments also suggest that those with power in our country know and use illegal drugs but lie to their constituents. They will never change the law to legalize them because they are hypocrites. They would rather leave the law status quo until they are caught and at that point, go on TV and repent and go to rehab. But start up later when no one is looking.

They also know the problems with assault weapons but because of all the money made on the sale of these weapons they will never change the law.

We talk about corruption in other countries but it is just as bad here.

Vicente Duque said...

Dear Dee :

Many People want to expulse and evict 12 million latinos from the USA like the Progrom of Hervert Hoover in 1929, 1930, etc ...

That Progrom dispossessed hundreds of thousands if not millions of latinos, many of them American Citizens, Franklin Delano Roosevelt stopped it.

Some of your readers have written in your Blog that this is a very simple and easy operation and that it will have no negative consequences in the Economy, Sociology, Racial Relations, Constitution, or "Raison d'etre" of America.

"Dura lex sed lex" ... You can commit any crimes if the law favors you. The Nazi Laws, the Jim Crow Laws, the Apartheid laws in South Africa.

But there is an additional element not considered before. The Relations with the Islamic World get worse and worse by the minute and the second.

A mosque was blown up with 70 people dead, because they targeted the policemen or watchmen that kept the Nato Road open for munitions and weapons.

At the same time 12 trucks full of lethal merchandise ( from Nato ) were destroyed.

I think that by destabilizing Pakistan ( with the two present wars ) the World enters into a third war and things get much worse in every respect.

That makes the Progrom less opportune and more troublesome for American Foreign Policy.

I know that some of your readers write that American Power is almost infinite and unbounded, and that it is not necessary to ask opinions to despicable nations like those of Latin America.

Even some of the Jingos in many Forums write that the Europeans are perfectly despicable and should not be heard. The only unbounded infinite is the number of fools.

Summarizing : With Pakistan destabilized the anti-Latino Progrom gets another reason to be avoided.

Vicente Duque

The Arizonian said...

Drugs and assault weapons, sounds like a party!

The US is number if you separate Europe into countries (duh).

I'm going out on a limb here: What defines 'assault' weapons, and what makes them more dangerous?

Dee said...

This is all well defined in the wiki link:

As learned as you are, I am surprised you have not visited this site to understand the difference.

Dee said...

What troubles me more, AZ, is websites like this,

This is a discussion board where people, in this case a young 17 year old, worries about Obama banning Assault Weapons and yearning to buy, store, stock up on them before the Ban occurs.

WHY ON EARTH would a 17 year old feel a need to stock up on Assault Weapons before they become illegal????

The Arizonian said...

I was being sarcastic.

The wikipedia article doesn't define it very well, if even at all.....

Second, people feel the need to hold onto, and hoard, anything they feel close to that is in danger of disappearing.

In this case, a 'class' of firearms that have been demonized as some great killing machines of innocent people.

It just isn't so.

Assault weapons are used in less than 3% of all gun crimes, and less than 1% of ALL crimes.

I fail to see a need to respond to this 'perceived' danger......

Someone with a 30 pack of beer and driving is statistically more likely to kill people than an AK with a 30 round magazine.....

Dee said...

I wonder if all of the assault weapons landing in the hands of the Mexican Drug Cartels illegally delivered to them by American Gun Dealers/deliverers, at a rate of 2,000 per day are included in your 3%.

The Arizonian said...

Crime in Mexico being included in my US crime stats? Are you kidding?

It is already illegal to transport ANY weapon to Mexico, not just 'assault' weapons. So it is already illegal. Will they make it 'extra-double-illegal'?

But the number of weapons entering Mexico from other countries other than the US far outweigh the numbers from the US.

And those weapons from other countries flowing into Mexico are full-auto, already incredibly difficult to obtain in the US.

Also, i seriously doubt the cartels in Mexico are getting their explosives, hand grenades and missiles from the US consumer market.

This is all a ruse to disarm the American People.......

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