Saturday, March 7, 2009

Two of Dannie Baker's Victim's Caskets Arrive Home in Chile as Others Begin to Recover

Five innocent students were shot by the racist madman Dannie Baker on February 26. Today, nine days later, the bodies of the two dead, Nicolas Pablo Corp-Torres, 23, and Racine Balbontin-Aragondona, 22, will arrive home in Chile. Meanwhile, the three survivors are beginning to recover from their wounds.
According to Sacred Heart Hospital, Sebastian Arizaga is in good condition after being struck in his hand and shoulder during the shooting. "Everything is going well. The surgeons saved my hand and I'm getting better. I am with my mother and my aunt, and I have good emotional support. I am very sad about what has happened, and I know I will need ongoing emotional support from professionals and my family. My recovery will be a long process, but I am in good hands."
Francisco Cofre is in serious condition at Sacred Heart Hospital, but continues to make progress, the hospital said. His father, Mario Cofre, told a hospital spokesperson, "Francisco is improving rapidly. He is sedated, but he knows what is being said to him and he nods his head to show he understands." Francisco Cofre cannot speak because he has a breathing tube that is necessary because of swelling that occurred after a bullet struck the right edge of his face and passed through his neck. After the swelling goes down, doctors will better be able to evaluate whether or not he will need more surgery. "I am grateful for all of the prayers and well wishes that we continue to receive," Mario Cofre said. "The family is grateful to everyone at the hospital - the doctors, the nurses and hospital administration - for all they've done for Francisco and our family."
David Alonzo Bilbao Meza is in good condition. His brother told media outlets last week that he felt David could be in the hospital at least another week.
Cards and notes can be sent to hospital patients at Sacred Heart Hospital, 5151 North Ninth Avenue, Pensacola, FL 32504.
Dannie Baker remains in the Walton County Jail awaiting his plea date set for April 21. His attorney, Buddy Gissendanner, said he plans to enter a written not-guilty plea at that time.


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Vicente Duque said...

This Multiple Murder of Dannie Baker is not an isolated incident.

There have been many murders like that, and I intend to show them.

For example : we should profile Keith Luke in Brockton, Massachussetts. This guy killed two people, injured another and raped the sister of the lady that he killed.

He later said that he was trying to save the White Race from extinction. So he had to kill as many Latinos, Blacks and Jews as possible.

This seems like another idiotic loner and demented man trying to get some revenge from his failed life of a loser.

Keith Phoenix is another Great Case of Lack of Empathy and Compassion, smiling and laughing before cameras 20 minutes after killing. And saying "This is no Great Deal !". He does not work and lives on Women, but killed successful entrepreneur Jose Osvaldo Sucuzhanay, who was offering jobs in the Middle of a Recession, In New York City.

I have started a Section on Police Racial Murder and Police Racial Brutality. I thought that I wasn't going to have material for those notes and posts.

Boy ! ... Was I wrong ! ... There are dozens, perhaps hundreds of reports of Police killing Blacks and Latinos for nothing but skin color.

The incident usually begins because the Black People are profiled as criminals only for being Black.

Driving while Black can cause immeditate death. As speaking Spanish can be dangerous for your Health !.

Look here :

Vicente Duque

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