Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Chilean Student Murderer Dannie Baker's LETTERS!

The rage of Dannie Baker was fueled by the rantings of Madmen like Glenn Beck. Baker should be held accountable for his crimes. We cannot let the "excuse" of insanity or mental instability allow this crime to be swept under the table. Additionally, it is time that Beck and other hate/violence instigators are held accountable for their crimes!
from BAR editor and senior columnist Margaret Kimberly:
In February 2009 two Chilean exchange students were shot to death in Florida by Dannie Baker. Baker volunteered for the Bush-Cheney campaigns in 2000 and 2004 but later sent threatening letters to local Republican officials.
Baker Letter 1:
"The Washington D.C. Dictators have already confessed to rigging elections in our States for their recruiting dictators to overthrow us with foreign illegals here, and have allowed them to kill and run for office in the States to extend their influence into our States."
Baker Letter 2:
In another email Baker complained about plans to ". . . give our homeland to foriegn states and their representatives here in America. Lets exacute them and reinstate a legal government that will do something for us." The emails were reported to local police but Baker’s threats were never investigated.
Every day right wing talk radio and television hosts give credence to their belief that they have a right to kill because they are white and angry.
The Dannie Baker and James Adkisson (Unitarian Church Murder - killing Liberals) cases are usually explained away as isolated cases of untreated mentally ill people that require no further explanation. These individuals are very sick, but they are given permission to hate and to act on their hatred. Every day right wing talk radio and television hosts give credence to their belief that they have a right to kill because they are white and angry. Adkisson specifically mentioned wanting to kill people deemed as enemies in conservative reporter Bernard Goldberg’s book, “100 People Who Are Screwing Up America.”
Glenn Beck, is a right wing talk radio MADMAN who said he wanted to kill Michael Moore and Dennis Kucinich but CNN gave him a television show anyway. After the ascendancy of Barack Obama and the Democratic party, Beck fell out of favor with CNN but was then given yet another forum for his views on Fox news where he remains unrepentant in promoting his hate speech. After a recent (March 10, 2009) shooting rampage in Alabama resulted in ten deaths, Beck said that he understood the motives of the murderer and blamed feelings of political alienation for the killings.


The Indigenous Xicano said...

The fact that disturbs me the most is the fact that Baker made a definite and obvious threat to execute people. Maybe because it was not made to a specific person the police did not feel the need to use limited resources to investigate what they may have seen as general ambiguous rants.

His victims were not specifically chosen other than they were random people with origins from outside this country.

I do not know why the police did not investigate so I will not second guess them.

I cannot lay a blanket of indictment against the police. At least a phone call from the police warning Baker that his statement could be perceived as a threat may have helped. Maybe it would have only triggered his irrational thought processes to start his "revolution" sooner than what he did.

There is no doubt, from the evidence presented, that Baker was severely mentally ill.

Maybe nothing outside of committing Baker to a psych unit could have prevented these deaths.

In my opinion there was sufficient evidence to start the process of commitment. I am not aware of the laws in Florida as to involuntary psychiatric commitment but I find it hard to believe that his written threats, combined with his history of making other threats, would not have been sufficient to
warrant a hearing.

If Baker would have made the same statements during a counseling session, the therapist would have had an ethical and, in most if not all states, a legal obligation to report Baker's threat against others.

In the attempt to balance rights against the safety of others we must always err on the side of safety when there is evidence of threat and bodily harm. Baker fell through a fissure when no one in a position of authority reacted on the side of safety.

Two Chilean students paid the price for that lack of action.

As for Glen Beck, it would be nice if television and radio talking heads could promote what they stand for instead of what they are against. I would rather hear about why they think their political stand is the right one by promoting their ideals with intelligent thought rather than listen to them demonize anything that they do not believe in. Such negativity brings out the worst in people. Negativity never brings out anything that is productive or useful. It does create hate which can be a dangerous thing if unchecked.

Especially in the mind of a madman.

Vicente Duque said...

Dear Dee :

It does not matter if I am the humblest voice, and the least powerful to speak or write.

I am saddened by the attacks against Nancy Pelosi in the TV Networks today. I am extremely sad.

Unjustified and Partisan attacks against Nancy Pelosi, Speaker of the House of Representatives

We have to defend the Lady from the Ugly Partisanship of Republicans that are preparing for Elections on Year 2010.

We have to defend Nancy Pelosi and Joe Biden with teeth and nails :

I am appalled by the Ugly Attacks against the Greatest Lady of the American Congress.

Nancy Pelosi and Joe Biden represent Great Human Beings of Compassion and Understanding. They are the best defenders of many oppressed and suffering people around the World and inside the USA, helping Mr Obama, of course ! ....

Nancy and Joe are not perfect and sometimes they make small mistakes driven by their passion to serve and help.

And all the Scoundrels of the Republican Media attack them. These are the same TV anchors that practice constant Racism, FearMongering and HateMongering.

They seem to be on a Mission of Lies and Bastard Exaggerations.

These are the same Merchants of Hate of Racist TV and I get very sick and sad when I see them attacking Nancy Pelosi and Joe Biden.

I wish there were more TV anchors like Rachel Maddow and Keith Olbermann that defend what is Rational, Intelligent, Humane and Human and that avoid pandering to fools.

I try to show why I respect and love this lady so much here :

Vicente Duque

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