Monday, March 23, 2009

Vanity Fair Revisits West Side Story with J-Lo as Anita!

West Side Story has been one of my long-time favorite Broadway Musicals. There is a Broadway revival of the play beginning this week. Vanity Fair has re-created some FABULOUS scenes from the musical featuring one of my favorite actresses, the very beautiful and sexy Jennifer Lopez as Anita. Here is my favorite picture.

Like me, Jennifer Lopez was a huge West Side Story fan who said she watched the film “37 times” as a kid growing up in the Bronx. She was especially attracted to Anita, played by Rita Moreno in the film—a fiery foil to Natalie Wood’s dewy Maria. Says Lopez, “I never wanted to be that wimpy Maria, who sits around pining for her guy. I wanted to be Anita, who danced her way to the top.”
Funny, Anita was also my favorite character in the play because of her strength and ability to take on any challenge.

Here are my two other favorite pictures:

Visit Vanity Fair to see the complete collection.


Anonymous said...

Gee, would you get as worked up if a blonde anglo woman played the part? I doubt it. You are so into your ethnocentricism that anything or anyone Hispanic makes you start to drool. Getover yourself and your ethnicity for God's sake! You keep yapping about equality but all you can think about is one ethnicity and thats all. Think of yourself as just an American for once you damned racist!

Dee said...

evil Anon,
Obviously you don't get it.

I love realism in Movies, Music, Books, Internet, Life!!!

I loved Angelina Jolie. She was fabulous in "The Changeling."

I love so many male performers and I love movies. I happen to love Hugh Jackman in almost every movie he does. My husband and I just saw Australia. He and Nicole Kidman were the best.

I loved Brad Pitt in The Curious Case of Benjamin Button. I wrote about it in my blog. Brad reminds me of my husband when I first met him. Both so beautiful and fantastic bods.

I love passion, emotion, getting in touch with reality, in all of my movies and plays and songs and blogs and internet sites. Make it real and honest and sincere and I LOVE IT!!

Dee said...

I also love J-Lo.

She is so real. She is so passionate. All of her movies, she gives us a part of herself.

Every movie she is in, I feel a part of her, her realism, her passion, her emotions, her love, hate, animosity, emotions, it is all there!

Plus she is so beautiful, sexy, passionate, sweet, kind, angry, helpful, every motion you feel, she illustrates in her movies. That is why I love her so much. You even see it in her pictures. Look at the pictures I just posted. You see the raw emotions.

That is why I LOVE HER!!!!

Vicente Duque said...

Dear Dee :

Fortunately, I love ART as you, this is a Broadway Musical and Movie that I love.

I am using Music and Broadway Musicals as a metaphor for improving the world, instead of thinking of so many racist idiots. I have forbidden myself the use of the names of the TV Idiots.

Lately there is a broadside of cannons shooting against Tim Geithner ( for fear of attacking Obama ) and targeting other friends of the President.

It is better for America and the World that Mr Obama succeeds as President of the USA.

I may be opposed to two stupid idiotic cruel and sadistic wars. But that does not mean that I want the USA to fail in the Economy or in other matters. I love and support the Democratic Party and Mr Obama. Another Republican Administration would be a catastrophe at this time.

I consider very important the Good Relations in the Western Hemisphere and I consider and prefer Human and Kind solutions to problems of Immigration, and I reject the Stupid Expulsions that some TV Idiots want.

Who are those TV anchors that want Progroms, Dislodgements, Dispossessions, Evictions and Expulsions ??

Those TV racists are the same idiot TV anchors that defend constant Aggression and War, even if those Militaristic and Jingoistic Policies have proved to be very unsucesseful through many decades and since Vietnam.

And those TV Racists and Haters are the same Guys that want Mr Obama to fail. If they succeed then America and the World would face a bad International Political Climate and lots of troubles.

I have many Prophecies of Success for Obama - He will be a Great President

Forget the Envious, the Racists, the Losers and those fools that are nothing but Inferiority Complexes with two legs.

Vicente Duque

Dee said...

I agree with you. I already see great improvement in the stock market since they have introduced the new Banking plan.
I predict our economy will be well on the way to complete recovery by mid 2010.
The republicans will be gnashing their teeth and crying crocodile tears at the demise of their party. I almost (not quite) feel sorry for them.

Vicente Duque said...

Dee :

I am so happy watching the video of Mr Obama with Tim Geithner in the Cabinet Room of the White House, with Economic Team.

A calmed guy at the Helm ( during an economic storm )

"Glimmers of Hope" said Obama for Housing - Working on the Economic Recovery

Obama is calmed and self-assured - Tone of Tranquility and Serenity
A Cerebral and Rational Guy is the President of the USA

The President uses Intelligence more than Impetuous Emotions and Reactions

Assuring that the banks can loan to people for consumption.

"Filling the gap in Demand" that affects the Economy

"There is still fragility in the Financial System, but we are working hard to solve the problems"

Rachel Maddow shows how Hypocrite are Republicans voting for AIG Bonuses to be paid and not taxed.

Michelle Bachman should be shouting "YOU BE DA MAN" to Obama and not to Michael Steele.

See the videos here :

Vicente Duque

Anonymous said...

If we do not write our stories someone else will and they will not write our stories with the accuracy and authenticity that we can.

What is "ethnocentric" about sharing your experiences about being a Mexican-American? It is not like you can write about being Asian, African, or from any other group.

I think evil anon's hemorrhoids act up any time he reads about any group that he hates.

It is quite sad.

Vicente Duque said...

Racism and Sexism - Why I agree with the most Furious Ladies of Feminism and Anti-Machism ( that is anti Male Chauvinism ) - And I accept any rants or scolding against me in kneeling humility

I was preparing a Gallery of Notable Latinos in the Media, I started with John QuiƱones, Geraldo Rivera, and their videos.

Their work was presented with "What would you do in this situation" of QuiƱones, and Geraldo fighting with fists agains KKK idiots and against skinheads scoundrels.

And then I started with Julie Banderas, and was amazed at the quantity of sexually frustrated perverts that place videos in YouTube about an anchor woman.

Instead of focusing on her work and her achievements in being an intelligent woman that overcomes bias and prejudice to be a star in TV, the pervs focus on the hips, the skirt, the legs, bossoms and bottoms, etc ...

They treasure any movement of clothes and any square inch of skin. Any revelation or discovery.

So I agree with the most Furious Feminists and anti-Macho Ladies of the World.

And since I do not want my readers to go to Hell via the Sixth Commandment, they I only post the most decent and chaste videos about Julie Banderas. Males and Lesbs won't have any risk of having "Sins of Thought", and they can still be saved.

Vicente Duque

Dave said...

Thanks for your post, Dee. It's nice to see this as a remake, I love this musical, one of my favorites, second only to Jesus Christ Superstar. When I grew up in Guam, my older brother played one of the sharks. My dad soon got a VCR, a betamax, and we had a copy of WWS, and ended up watching it quite a few times, along with JCS. Soon my head was filled with music from the two musicals. Thanks for bringing me back to those memories. I'm also amazed at the likeness of the pictures to the original.

pcorn54 said...


Natalie Wood was hot! J-Lo! Yessssss! Now, where's Selam Hayak in all of this!!!

The Arizonian said...

J-Low and Angelina Jolie in the same comment.....?

I disagree, I find them both mediocre actors. Just my opinion.

Brad Pitt is getting better, and expanding his range.

Hugh still needs some work, but I generally like the movies he does (except swordfish).

And I still believe Forest Whitaker is under rated.

Vicente Duque said...

Movie : Iron Jawed Angels ( HBO 2004 )

Women`s Civil Rights - The Right of Women to vote in elections - Suffragettes,

Director: Katja von Garnier

Hilary Swank as Alice Paul, Frances O'Connor as Lucy Burns, Molly Parker as Emily Leighton

Synopsis : young beautiful ladies put their lives at risk to help American women win the right to vote.

When Woodrow Wilson was president, Suffragettes and the First World War

Racism is about Unkindness, lack of Compassion, lack of Identification with the Other, lack of Empathy and Sympathy, lack of Commiseration and Condolence.

Racism also expresses Subjection, Subjugation, Oppression, Bondage.

That is why the Beautiful HBO movie is pertinent to Websites that touch on those topics.

I collect Short Videos and Trailers. Also a Big slideshow of antique photos of the Actual and Real Suffragettes.

I am also gathering pieces of Amazing History like a Coalition of People with many Respectable and Wealthy Ladies of High Society, Clergy and a Catholic Cardinal opposed to Women's Right to vote :

Vicente Duque

JJ said...


I'm Anglo and I agree with what you say about J-Lo. She has a sexy attitude and amazing curves!

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