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Dannie Baker, Chilean Student Murderer: Deranged Psychopath Fueled by Right Wing Media

Local news reports and blogs have provided more information about Dannie Baker, the murder of innocent students Racine Balbontin-Aragondona and Nicolas Pablo Corp-Torres.
Update: Baker remains in the Walton County Jail awaiting his plea date set for April 21. His attorney, Buddy Gissendanner, said he plans to enter a written not-guilty plea at that time.
nwfDailyNews reports:
Most Deny Knowing Baker:
. Attorney Bart Fleet, said he didn't realize he'd met Baker until the Daily News called him recently to ask about the corporation. Fleet's office is listed as the registered agent for the ministry and had helped Baker file documents with the state.Fleet said he hasn't spoken to Baker since the fall of 2001."I'm probably a registered agent for thousands of corporations that we have set up over the past years," Fleet explained. "I don't remember anything about him other than this. We basically set up his corporation and filed his paperwork with the Internal Revenue Service."
. When Baker volunteered with the local Republican Party headquarters during the 2004 election campaign, other volunteers remembered that he traveled to Atlanta once a year to help with the Atlanta Fest Christian music festival. But festival organizers said there are so many volunteers that no one remembered Baker specifically.
. Cleaning Lady Remembers: Cheryl Rhoads cleans the town home directly across from where Baker lived. "He must have been sitting at his window, looking out all the time." She said it didn't matter if it was 6 a.m. or 2:30 p.m., Baker would ring the doorbell after she arrived at her job. "He wouldn't wait to be invited in. He would just come in when you opened the door." Rhoads said sometimes Baker would ask her how much she would charge to clean his home and sometimes he only wanted to talk about religion. He even gave her a copy of his book "Man's Perfection before God." Rhoads said she discarded the book because, although she is a Christian, the ideas were too extreme for her taste. On, Baker described his book as "my testimony of being a disciple of Jesus Christ, and by my covenant with God, walking in man's perfection before God."
"We had all decided he must be harmless," Rhoads said. "We were wrong."Rhoads said Baker seemed nice, but there was something about him she didn't trust."I told my neighbor and I told my son if anything ever happens to me when I am out cleaning, you go after this man," Rhoads said. "That's just the way he made me feel." Rhoads said Baker mentioned that he was trying to publish another book and expected to get more money from some source to buy a condominium on the beach. She said he asked her how much she would charge to clean up his old home because he planned to leave his birds there and not take them to his new home. "I thought that was strange," Rhoads said.
Igor: He used to be my landlord for two summers (2003 and 2005) while I was there as a WAT (Work & Travel) student so I dare to say that I know him quite well. In general, Dannie has been a mentally ill person for a long time (it's not important for how long). His health has been deteriorating dramatically since 2003. While in 2003 he was still quite OK although I have seen dramatic mood swings and outbursts of agression mainly against weaker persons, usually girls in his house who were also WAT students. But it was much worse in 2005. Dannie was taking a lot of medications and sometimes he was absolutely out of his mind. He became more and more convinced that he has a direct contact with God in his third form of Holy Spirit. For some weird reason he had to find a scapegoat for his miserable life so he blamed my brother for erasing his "important emails". It was an absurdity and I tried to convince him that he would never do such a thing, there was no rational reason. But Dannie just made me speechless when he told me that "Holy Spirit told him that John (my brother) was the Evil in his house and he was the one who deleted his mailbox". I couldn't object to that. It was an irrational realm of on absolutely insane man. After this event my brother rather left his house...So, here I am offering you a brief picture of Dannie R. Baker (used to call him Dannie R. Boy), a self-proclaimed preacher who wrote a passionate book about his personal journey of perfection before God which ended with shooting 2 innocent people. And I am not even talking about his dreams to marry some young Russian women. Dannie is a sick and pitiful man.
I would never expect him to kill someone. I would not consider him as an anti-imigrant radical or some xenophobic extremist. His life is just a miserable story of a man who never really had a woman and never really worked. He has suffered enormously from an inferiority complex and feeling of absolute uselesness. Although it might sound absurd to you, I think his killing was a desperate act of a man who wanted to be useful. I think he wanted to say that he is ready to bring sacrifices (in other words to be useful) in order to defend his beloved country from (mainly Hispanic) immigrants. He wasn't very intelligent so I assume that he just didn't have a clue about the difference between Chilean exchange students and Mexican immigrants.So, it has to be considered as an desperate act of a man possessed by an inferiority complex and not a murder fuled by some ideology of hatred.
Dannie Baker, the murderer, convinced by the ANTI Immigration extremists that "illegal immigrants" are evil. His claim to fame for his "useless life" was "protecting his beloved country from mainly Hispanic immigrants." How many weak-minded desperate people listen to the hate-filled rhetoric of the ANTI Immigration Reform extremists? How many read their websites? How many more will be desperate for attention and act out their aggressions? We have seen the results of their actions against so many innocent Latino victims.
Examples: These FIVE Hate Crime Murders occurred in the last six months--
1. Marcelo Lucero, American Citizen from Ecuador, murderered for being "Mexican" by high school students naming themselves the Caucasian Crew: Nov. 2008
2. Luis Ramirez, Mexican National, murdered by high school students screaming"Go Back to Mexico", Aug. 2008
3. Jose Sucuzhanay, American Citizen from Ecuador, murdered by 2 young men screaming "Mexican, Gay", December 2008
4. Racine Balbontin-Aragondona, Nicolas Corp-Torres, Chilean Students, murdered by Minister "saving U.S. from illegal Immigrants" Feb. 2009.


Dee said...

Dannie Baker, the murderer, convinced by the ANTI Immigration extremists that "illegal immigrants" are evil. His claim to fame for his "useless life" was "protecting his beloved country from mainly Hispanic immigrants." How many weak-minded desperate people listen to the hate-filled rhetoric of the ANTI Immigration Reform extremists? How many read their websites? How many more will be desperate for attention and act out their aggressions? We have seen the results of their actions against so many innocent Latino victims.

Dee said...

The White Nationalist Extremist group has already posted a video about Baker quoting him saying "Ready for the Revolution to begin."

Dee said...

What bothers me most about Baker is that he reminds me of Shawna Forde. Both are weak minded individuals captivated by the ANTI Immigration rhetoric by the Right Wing extremists.

Remember, Forde herself admitted to bearing arms on the border. Who knows what unknown crimes she and her equally weak minded cohorts may have committed.

Dee said...

from mightminnow blog:

"Baker’s emails were so disturbing that they were reported to the local sheriff’s department but, because the emails did not contain threats against a specific person, the sheriff’s department took no further action against him. The actual text of these emails has not yet been released.

Until more information comes out, there’s no way to know what Dannie Baker wrote in those emails that so troubled people that they reported him to the police. Hopefully, he didn’t write about killing immigrants because that would mean the sheriff’s department screwed up big-time by not investigating him further and putting him someplace where he could not be a threat to others. A direct threat against a specific person should justifiably be grounds for police action, but so should threats against a specific group. After all, a hate crime does not target a specific person but it does target a specific group, identified by race, nationality, sexual orientation, or some other collective identity marker.

Dee said...

Dee said...

More from mightyminnow:

hate speech is not free speech, but it seems many Americans have trouble distinguishing the two. Or perhaps, with more Americans joining hate groups and anti-immigrant rhetoric—to say nothing of anti-immigrant action—becoming more mainstream, the question should not be whether Americans can recognize hate speech but whether and to what extent they are bothered by it. (The fact that several news outlets have mentioned the victims’ immigration status—as if that is relevant to the case!—further illustrates this country’s obsession with immigration. God only knows what the news coverage of this hate crime would look like if the victims had been in the country without the proper immigration paperwork!)

Now, twenty-three-year-old Nicolas Corp-Torres and twenty-two-year-old Racine Baldontin-Aragondona—two of Dannie Baker’s victims—are dead. But they might still be alive had local law enforcement understood, or cared about, the difference between hate speech and free speech the first time they had to deal with Dannie Baker.

Vicente Duque said...

Dee :

All this is very tragic, but we are not alone in this World.

I just discovered a Wonderful Journalist and Investigative Reporter. A Black Man.

It is Zennie Abrahams "zennie62" and he has many videos on YouTube.

He investigated the murder of Black Man Oscar Grant by a police officer in Oakland California, on a Train Platform, while being quiet on the floor. Shot in the back. On January 1, 2009.

Zennie talks with a Black Friend, a Great Poet from Oakland and they tell us how the Police is "easy trigger" with Blacks, Hispanics, Asians, etc ...

The Police is very very very often absolved of any killing of Minorities. No problem !

So, these Black Guys realize that this is not only their problem but a General Problem of Minorities.

That is why I always repeat that American Politics is centered on Race, there are other issues, but Race is the Main Card, the highest ranking Card, the Overtrump that decides the game.

So Racism is the Kernel of Politics.

See the videos of Zennie Abrahams here :

Vicente Duque

Vicente Duque said...

Dee :

In the last days we have witnessed a lot of Police Brutality against Latinos in Virginia ( where a lady suffered a lot of harm ) and in Prince George County, Maryland where the Video clearly shows the sadism, brutality and cowardice of two Policemen against a man that is clearly peaceful and pacific.

The man begs the Policemen not to do harm to him, and he says that he can not do harm to them. He is extremely passive and meek. And the Police leveled terrible accusations of assault on them.

Even worse, the policemen are also mocking the man for his accent and playing dirty words and tricks on him. The camera does not lie.

If they have such bastard behaviour with cameras can you imagine if there were no surveillance cameras.

In England a White Hero of the Iraq War was peaceful and three British Policemen started to beat him and to scratch him against the pavement.

If that is the treatment to White War Heros, can you imagine other scenarios with other hated "subspecies" ??

I have made a very big list of Police Brutality Dossier and Documentation. Many Videos of Police Brutality.

here :

Vicente Duque

Anonymous said...

"hate speech is not free speech, but it seems many Americans have trouble distinguishing the two."

Yes, and thank you for bringing this tragic event to our attention, Dee. My heart goes out to the victims and their families. I look at their beautiful faces and feel the pain of the loss their families must be undergoing right now. There have been too many victims. How many more before the antis wake up to the consequences of their hate? I don't have words right now...


Anonymous said...

Que ???? Nicolas y Racine NO eran inmigrantes ilegales ... eran estudiantes universitarios que estaban de inetrcambio en EEUU, asesinados por un demente.
Estudiantes al igual que muchos norteamericanos que residen por un tiempo hoy en Chile.

Dee said...

All of us here know the students were in the country legally. We feel sad for the families. This crime should NOT have happened.

However, Baker, with all of his insanity, did not. He assumed, because they were Latinos, that they were here illegally. These assumptions were fueled by hate groups against illegal immigration in our country.

I think these hate groups should be stopped from promoting hate. As stated, Hate Speech is NOT Free Speech. Whether those children were here legally or not, they should NOT have been murdered and no one has a right to incite hatred or violence.

Dee said...

From another blog:

While you may want to just dismiss Dannie Roy Baker as a disturbed soul, I will contend that he intentionally selected a group of people that he felt did not belong in America. He took it upon himself to remove them permantely based on his xenophobia. He made that decision without ever making the effort to find out why this group of people were here.

What really useless after a situation like this has occurred. The need to distinguish the difference between free speech and hate speech has been long running.

Realities like this one makes the idea of Post Racial America totally out of synch with our reality as a society.

Dee said...

From OldHickory weblog:

The media stars like Rush and Michael Savage, or in the case of anti-immigration fanaticism, Lou Dobbs, who do so much to create that social context are not legally culpable for the killings of Baker and Adkisson. But they are responsible for creating a political and social environment in which individuals of that inclination feel themselves encouraged to take action against liberals, or immigrants, or the various other targets of this poisonous outlook.

Dee said...

This deplorable HATE SITE is writing about this article on their forum pagess.

Vicente Duque said...

Don't get a tan on the beach, and you won't be mistaken as a "Minority"

Dye your hair blonde and color your eyes blue, it is easy !

How to be safe from Racial Attack or Police Brutality ( For Dummies )

Bertold Brecht said about the Third Reich : "since I wasn't a Jew, I didn't worrry, Since I wasn't a communist I didn't worry", etc ... Or something like that.

And you know or can guess the rest of what Bertold Brecht said, We don't mind if other communities or ethnics are attacked until we receive the attack of Coward Terrorists and Bastards, that believe to be superior Ethnically, Racially or as a Police or Authority.

Most People naively believe that Racism or Police Brutality is something that they will never experience.

In Elections Day November 4, a White Man was left crippled for Life, when some coward thugs believed that he was a Black Man, that was a confusion.

Any man can be mistakenly profiled as Gay and suffer grave beatings or even death. Same for any Woman. It has already happened that somewhat is killed for being confused as gay.

Don't get a tan on the beach, and you won't be mistaken as a "Minority" ....

True or False ?

But remember that the Ku KLux Klan has killed thousands of White People for being sympathizers of the "Inferior" Races, The KKK has even killed neophyte White Women during Initiation.

And people have been killed for being confused as "Jews" or "Comunists"

In a movie the Blond Husband of Jane Fonda is profiled as Latino and detained by the "Migra" because he got some Hispanic Friends while being desperately unemployed. His Anglo Friends had good jobs and abandoned the Friendship of Jane Fonda's Husband, and the Guy became friendly to other Races, finally he ended in Jail.

This was a comical movie to make you laugh, but sometimes Reality is more Fantastic than Fantasy, and you may be confused as Not Perfectly Aryan, and not Racially Correct.

And even beautiful Blond Women with dreamy blue eyes have been attacked by Brutal Policemen. Just look inside my "Main Pages" for Police Brutality.

Vicente Duque

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