Saturday, March 28, 2009

New Introduction of DREAM Act a Make Sense Solution!

I constantly hear from a few of the logical ANTI commenters that they are in favor of make-sense Immigration Solutions.
U.S. Senator Richard Durbin and Senator Richard Lugar are expected to re-introduce the DREAM Act, which was first introduced to the senate in 2000. Durbin represents Illinois, which has a state version of the proposed federal legislation. This is a make-sense solution.
Under the bill, undocumented immigrant children would obtain citizenship by meeting certain criteria: They must have come to the U.S. before they turned 16, are below the age of 30, have lived in the U.S. for at least five years, graduated from high school or passed an equivalency exam, have “good moral character” and either attend college or enlist in the military for two years.
An estimated 360,000 undocumented high school graduates between the ages of 18 to 24 and 715,000 undocumented youth between 5 and 17 would be eligible for “conditional legal status,” according to the Migration Policy Institute. MPI also estimated that 50,000 undocumented youth are higher-education students.
Under U.S. law, all residents are guaranteed a free education from kindergarten to 12th grade, documented or not. In California, undocumented students can qualify for in-state tuition at higher-education institutions because of the passing of California Assembly Bill 540. However, only legal residents are offered financial assistance by federal and state governments.

For all of the ANTIs who harangue on and on about gang bangers and free tuition, isn't this a far better solution?

DREAM Act May Help Foreign-Born Students Become Legal Citizens


Dee said...

I constantly hear of the call for more educated Immigrants. The re-introduced Dream Act will fulfill this request. All these young people will be in college or in the military. This is a reasonable solution.

Vicente Duque said...

California Senate Majority Leader Gloria Romero and other CA legislators are fighting a system that stops and traps the Minorities.

There is an "Exit Exam" for youngsters that finish "High School". But the exam is a trapdoor to catch "disabilities" that Minorities may have in California. It may be culturally biased and does not measure real skills and potentials.

Even entrepreneurs are angry because they need the new employees.

They have sued and challenged the system in court and many legislators are joining the California Senate Majority Leader.

The research firm squandered the state money miserably and stupidly and Ms Gloria Romero is very angry.

Education is the future of Minorities, including Latinos and Latinas.

There are predictions on the Internet that Latinas will go upwards in Corporations and Business faster than Latinos for Marketing Reasons and also because of Demographic Reasons.

More Information here :

Vicente Duque

Tamale Chica said...

When I first heard about the California Dream Act, I thought it was a great idea. When immigrants are socialized as a result of going through our school systems here, they become acculturated much faster. Four years of high school would be like having four years of acculturation, which rapidly acts as an integrator and socializer. It makes sense that this would open the door to citizenship, creating an environment of inclusion, service, and higher education. It is a more positive way of addressing the children of those who entered illegally and investing in them, rather than trying to throw them away.

The Indigenous Xicano said...

There are generations of Latino Americans who have proudly chosen to serve in our military. I salute these brave men and women who willingly decided to put their lives on the line for their beliefs in protecting our freedom. With that said, I have strong reservations about an act that will benefit only a small percentage of the targeted group without "forcing" the only other option of military service onto the remaining segment of the undocumented youth.

Historically, Latinos have been underrepresented in the student bodies of universities across our land. I recently attended college in Ogden,Utah which has a Latino population of over 40%. Yet, the university has only a 3% make-up of Latino students.

Any proponent of the current bill is beyond naive to think that these cultural barriers will disappear for these undocumented students without long-term dedicated interventions from their respective communities.

Obama is seemingly driving us into a deeper quagmire in Afghanistan. There will also need to be some continued military presence in Iraq. These currently undocumented youth who do not care to go to college, or perhaps believe that they are not equipped for college due to lack of resources,the absence of familial role-modeling and/or the lack of esteem, will believe that they only have the option of facing death in Afghanistan or Iraq.

It can be argued that this bill is more a bill for providing bodies for the military than it is a bill for providing an opportunity for higher education.

Citizenship is one hell of a carrot. For many it is a carrot worth dying for. Freedom should be worth dying for, as many who came before us proudly and bravely paid the ultimate sacrifice to provide us the freedom we enjoy. But is our occupation in Iraq and our deepening engagement in Afghanistan about OUR freedom?

Implementing policy is never a perfect process. The fact that a national service option was NOT included in this version of the bill should be evidence that the military component was necessary to win support from the more conservative, anti-amnesty legislators.

When Ed McMahon comes knocking on my door with the Clearinghouse check I do not turn him away.

I have to support the Dream Act and the opportunities it gives to the undocumented youth. Policy is never a perfect process. There are gives and takes for everyone. Just the fact that someone is finally knocking on the door with the check is reason enough to answer it and snatch the check.

The groups opposed to this specific bill should consider to look beyond their initial reactions and focus on how "we" can make college attainable for as many of these youths as possible. College, especially a two-year junior college program is attainable.

In a give-and-take world the pro-immigration factions that are opposing this bill should consider that thousands of lives will be negatively impacted if this bill fails to pass. No one will win but the egos of the anti-immigration groups. Take the good from this bill and turn the bad into good. Use your organizing skills and resources to develop programs that will help these kids maximize their chances at success in college.

The good that I envision from this bill is that the energy created by all groups involved will create a focus on the continued disparity of college enrollment for people of color with discussions on solutions to the problem.

Education is attainable for all. We create our own obstacles that prevent us from achieving. Please, do not let this bill create unnecessary obstacles that keep innocent youth from coming out of their shadows. Give them a path for education. Give them a path for citizenship. For those who do chose the military option, I salute you and pray that you safely return to your home-The United States of America.

Vicente Duque said...

Our Common friend the Indigenous Xicano has reappeared in his Wonderful site, with New Look, Colors, etc ... Here :

The Indigenous Xicano

He posts Beautiful stories, Art, songs and music to make important points in Racial Politics.

I think that ART is a powerfull tool in the struggle for Humanity, Humane Treatment and Behavior and Kindness as opposed to Racism, Sadism and Brutality.

I admire his Fight and also his Sincerity and Honesty in telling us Sad but also Beautiful Stories about discrimination

The Story and the History must be told.

Thanks to Xicano and Dee ( my heroine ) for so much Necessary Work for Human Dignity, Kindness and Humane Behaviour..... You express things better than me, that is why I use Movies as my "armoured vehicles".

Vicente Duque

Vicente Duque said...

I found a Big Story about Latino Education :

Video at YouTube : at the Center for American Progress Organization.

Several Panelists including Henry Cisneros, former Mayor of San Antonio, Also Janet Murgia, Sarita Brown, Nicolas Caneros

"Latinos and the Nation's Future", a new Book - a very excellent Long Video with several panelists

This book is less about Latinos and more about the Future of the USA, Latinos are the biggest Minority. "Latinos must succeed", and that would be good for the USA, otherwise the consequences are grave, economic backwardness in competition with China, India, etc ...

In 2025 the USA would be very diverse, and those working will be in great part Latinos. Most people in retirement will be White.

The American Latino Community must understand, that beyond Justice, Latinos have a commitment to a Great Future for America. They should integrate to the Larger American Society. This is the wrong time to build fences and block Minorities or the Middle Class.

This is a useful book for Planners of the Future, and for Futurologists.

The Presidential Election of 2008 was a test for Latinos. Big Latino turnout making a difference in many States. More that 10 million Latinos voted, three million more than in 2004.

Colorado, Nevada, New Mexico, Florida went from Red ( Republican ) to Blue ( Democratic ).

A move in the right direction to start a Political Fight, that will help America for a better future.

We have to continue fighting to register new voters and growing the 10 million of voters. We have to continue with marches, emails, letters, phone calls, more Latino participation.

Latinos should work hard for Leverage and Clout.

Education is fundamental for the Future. Latinos should concentrate on Education, to produce a growing proportion of graduates.

Universities and Colleges need the Latino Youngsters to form a Great Future for the USA. Youth can not squandered. They have to receive Latinos not as "Specials" but as "Regular" and "Normal" students.

Latinos have been here much before the Mayflower and the Plymouth Rock. And America should stop thinking about Latinos as Foreigners and Immigrants.

Even in the Southeast Northeast, there were colonies of Spanish Speaking People before the United States was founded.

Nicolas Caneros : "We have to relax from the debate on Immigration for a minute and think this : "Latinos have been always here and they will stay""

Henry Cisneros : "The Election of Obama is a Techtonic Shift, it is Multicultural, it is Youth and for the Youngsters, Obama's Focus on Education and Health."

A Civilized country can not leave 12 million people in the shadows.

Young Children have been touched by a Person of Color as President, It is a push for diversity. A new sense of how a President can look like. All Children can be president, they can aspire to be president. Hope and Aspiration for Children.

Obama is the most Multicultural President that we ever had. He has lived in many cultures.

To compete with Great Technological Giants of the Future like India and China, the USA will take advantage of his big Population of Latino Youngsters.

Video : Latinos and the Nation's Future, New Book - Center for American Progress - Several Panelists including Henry Cisneros

Vicente Duque

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