Monday, March 16, 2009

Tancredo tells University Students "It IS About Race!"

Tom Tancredo finally outed himself saying Immigration (legal/illegal) IS About Race!
On Feb. 25, Tancredo was invited to speak at American University by the newly established, very small group, Youth for Western Civilization (an extremist Right Wing, ANTI Immigration Reform group).
More than 400 students from universities across the Washington metropolitan area converged at American University Tuesday night in a peaceful protest against Tancredo, waving signs festooned with a simple message written and occasionally shouted in more than five different languages: "America is multicultural."
Tancredo, responding to the peaceful protests, dubbed immigrants' tendencies to hold on to their own cultures as a destructive force in the "American fabric" that he said needs to change to preserve the union. "Throughout history, people who are NOT white Anglo-Saxon have become American by adopting a white Anglo-Saxon culture," Tancredo said.
Tancredo's speech singled out both Latinos and Muslims as "problem" cultures that are contributing to the fragmentation of American society. "We are forcing children to participate in a world that promotes Muslim sensitivities," he said. "We are losing the relevance of citizenship. Being an American used to mean something. We have every right to be proud of who we are. And this is not something I think we can survive."
While the American University and other groups were quick to chastise Tancredo for his racist views, National Policy Institute, VDARE and other Republican/right wing extremist groups are now saying Tancredo did not come out strongly enough.
Tancredo’s apologetic tone and his harping on the necessity of “assimilation” exemplify why immigration patriots have won only short-term defensive victories against mass immigration, diversity and multiculturalism. In a clumsy attempt to appease the overwhelmingly unsympathetic students—idealistic American proponents of a multicultural, multiracial, pluralistic society; a sizable contingent of young non-Westerners—Tancredo, flustered at times, struggled to define his message. Do we really want a massive influx of non-Westerners to “assimilate”, in a rather superficial way, into our communities? Do we need non-Western refugees from Third World countries settling in vast, largely homogenous areas or Michigan, Maine and the upper Northwest, currently stable, safe, highly livable, neighborly communities?
Meanwhile, the more extremist VDare rolls out Sterling's complete text:
Opposing mass illegal and legal immigration, multiculturalism, and diversity while disregarding the role of race and ethnicity—above all in establishing the criteria for immigrant selection—is largely why we’re in the mess we’re in. It is the equivalent of not only misdiagnosing a patient but prescribing the wrong treatment—treating someone who has advanced throat cancer with Listerine.
The way out of this mess (if there is a way out) will depend on a multifaceted long-term strategy. A sizable increase in white birthrates; stripping out the incentives for non-traditional immigrants to relocate to the U.S.; reversing the cultural pollution of our “entertainment industry”, which promotes diversity, multiculturalism and white demoralization—all would make for a good start.
Tancredo should have been more forthright about the necessity of preserving our Western heritage and emphasized the following measures to accomplish this objective:
1. the elimination of key government agencies and programs.
For starters, let’s shut down the Department Of Education. The
Department of Education is the single greatest promoter of multiculturalism and eliminating the department would terminate a number of multicultural initiatives.
2. enforce border security.
Build a high-voltage electric fence with concertina wire, a
concrete barrier, and an alligator and diamondbac rattlesnake-stocked trench complete with quicksand that sends a message: cross at your own peril.
(OK, that’s a joke. But you get the point.)
3. strengthen our immigration laws and enforcement.
We need a
second “Operation Wetback”, regardless of the cost. Deport those who are here illegally; give ICE more enforcement authority to shutdown businesses who hire illegal aliens. This should have been a major part of Obama’s “stimulus package”.
4. eliminate the
Earned Income Tax Credit, the various entitlement and empowerment schemes, Affirmative Action programs and dismantle the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission.
5. declare null and void the
"citizen child" clause of the 14th Amendment.
6. reverse the anti-European bias of the 1965 Immigration Act. Encourage immigrants from the
founding-stock countries to immigrate to the U.S. Follow the lead of businesses and small merchants on North Carolina’s Outer Banks and encourage Europeans to fill out service-industry jobs that go unfilled.
7. stop state-sponsored
8. remove and destroy the Emma Lazarus poem
belatedly added to the Statue of Liberty.
Let’s finally recognize it as the
snare and delusion that it is.
Once the perverse incentives are removed, once the U.S. is no longer receptive to populations that seek to displace native-stock Americans, once the risks of relocating to America outweigh the incentives, then we can begin to reverse the destructive impact of diversity and multiculturalism.
If we make America an undesirable place for undesirables, then we can be well along the way on the long process of rescuing our nation’s heritage and re-establishing a robust majority culture.
“You can't separate the two (Immigration, Race) issues”. I second the motion.
Mr. President. I think Tancredo, VDARE and the Right Wing/ANTI Extremists have made their views Very Clear!
These are their goals.
They are NOT America's Goals.
They have outed themselves as the Racist Extremist Fringe Group that they are!


Vicente Duque said...

Wonderful post Dee. I laughed a lot at your proposals of alligators and rattlesnakes. And closing the Department of Education. That shoud be the first step.

I can not pollute your blog with my own ideas to save the White Race, because you are a Great Lady.

And sometimes my writings can be careless and reckless. And not polite for morals and decency.

Today I am in my own "tortilla wall and cave" of rattlesnakes in that matter or propriety and not offending Ladies with this matter of Sexism, a word that may be so despicable as Racism.

But what can I do ??? It is impossible not to offend the "fair" sex.

Women are very important for reproduction and if we want to save the White Race, we need Women.

I can not save the White Race only with men.

See my proposals here :

Vicente Duque

Dee said...

These are not my proposals. These are actually the ANTI website VDare's proposals. Very Scary AND Racist!

As far as Women are concerned, remember your sainted Mother. Then you will remember how to respond to all women.

Vicente Duque said...

Dee :

My mother is too much of a saint.

Now I have big proposals to save the White Race.

And I have some Videos, since we are in an Era in which people do not read but see Images.

Specially if the images are somewhat fascinating and invite you to dance and fun.

Vicente Duque

Tomasina Tancreepo said...

dear tom tancreepo

son, your 15 minutes are up. time for a new trick pony. the old one has died.

mrs. tomasina tancreepo

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