Thursday, April 30, 2009

Republicans have Lost Their Minds: Boehner(R) Inserts Pic of Congressional Hispanics in Terrorist Montage.

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Over the Line: Boehner Inserts Pic of Congressional Hispanics in Terrorist Montage.
Latino members of Congress are up in arms because the Leader of the beleaguered and aimless Republican House caucus, John Boehner, released a new web video ad today that associates them with terrorists and controversial foreign leaders. The topic of the web ad is terrorism and the question is do you feel safer after 100 days?The web ad inserts a pic of Barack Obama sitting with members of the Congressional Hispanic Caucus among pictures of terrorists, Obama bowing to the Saudi Prince, and the President shaking hands with, super villain to the right wing, Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez.After years of immigrant bashing, recent over heated rhetorical statements about Latin American leaders, and even a renewed claim by Republican pundit Pat Buchanan that Hispanics threaten the very survival of the country, the patience of CHC towards GOP leadership members may be used up.

As I write this members of the CHC are reading a response. We will continue to follow.
See YouTube for Boehner's deplorable video.


Vicente Duque said...

Why March on May First ??

Well, Dee has given has hundreds of Reasons, each post is a reason to march on May 1st.

People should march on May 1st - Not to obtain CIR ( Comprehensive Immigration Reform ) which is extremely difficult and could be a Pandora's Box for Mr Obama.

March for Dignity, for Worthiness, that is for being useful, valuable.

March because you are honorable and have value and merit.

As a honest person you are distinguished.

As a Minority, you deserve esteem or respect.

March because of Self-Respect !!

March to push small projects of bills like the DREAM Act. March to show Numbers and Force.

March to protest the deaths of 25 policemen in the last years after Tim McVeigh. These deaths due to Racist Right Wingers.

March to protest the brutal deaths of Many Latinos and Minorities. March to protest against the harassment and mistreatment of Minorities.

Vicente Duque

The Arizonian said...

What a load.

I don't know who this congressperson is, but these people need to grow up.

Associated 'Latinos' with terrorists? It was just a picture of BO with his hand over his mouth. I guess I would have to know ahead of time that he was sitting with the 'Hispanic caucus' to come to the silly conclusion that Boehner was saying 'Hispanics are terrorists'.

As far as Chavez is concerned, does no one remember his meeting with Mahmoud Ahmadinejad, the psychotic leader of Iran? A radical Muslim nation (meaning a nation that feeds Radical Islam, not all Muslims are radical) seeking nukes by their own admission now, and called for Israel to be wiped off the map? with Venezuela
See also: Iran-Venezuela relations
Ahmadinejad has sought to develop ties with other world leaders that are also opposed to U.S. foreign policy and influence like Hugo Chavez of Venezuela.[165] Venezuela voted in favor of Iran's nuclear program before the United Nations,[166] and both governments have sought to develop more bilateral trade.[167] As of 2006, the ties between the two countries are strategic rather than economic;[165] Venezuela is still not one of Iran's major trading partners.[168]
Some people need to grow up....

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