Friday, May 1, 2009

May 1 Mayday Marches Across the Nation

May Day Demonstrations For Immigration Reform In Several Cities

Immigration marches are planned for several cities on May Day to encourage the Obama Administration and Congress to enact comprehensive immigration reform. Immigrant advocates are persuading the president to follow through on campaign promises to reform the nation’s immigration system. They also want a stop to ICE raids and deportations.

Students, who are praying that the first phase of immigration reform passes with the DREAM Act bill currently before Congress, know that a public march underscores to government leaders how seriously people are taking the issue of immigration reform.


Vicente Duque said...

Dee :

There are one million reasons to march on May First. All your articles and posts that you have written for years are an invitation to this march, same for everything that I have written in many months of the Obama-McCain Race and later.

Same for All the posts that friends have written in years in these blogspots :

IndigenousXicano, FakeMexican Dave, Marie-Theresa of Dream Act Texas, Dr Angela Valenzuela of US Mexico Blogspot, Gerry Vazquez of "Ya Basta" ( taino-red ), "War on Racism" blogspot, Hispanic / Latino Anti-Defamation Coalition SF blogspot, and many others.

I have turned my three blogs into Propaganda machines with the selections of the most beautiful videos on May 1st marches.

I select videos for family value, friends value, joy value, happiness value, enthusiasm value, artistic value, music value, bliss and elation value, ecstasy value, spiritual value, rapture value, etc ...

You can see the May First Marches videos here :

Vicente Duque

Anonymous said...

I like the graphic.

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