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LIVE BLOG 5/01/09: "Kick In The Head" Murder Trial Underway - Piekarsky and Donchak - Ramirez Murder

1. Piekarsky: guilty of simple assault. Acquitted on all other charges.
Kicker Piekarsky Jubilant!
2. Donchak: guilty of simple assault, and 3 charges each for corruption of minors and selling/furnishing alcohol to minors, acquitted on all other charges.
NO JUSTICE! MURDERERS ONLY Slightly slapped on the hand for murdering a young father by brutally kicking him in the head as he lay unconcsious! And the KILLER is JUBILANT!

The Ramirez (Kick in the Head) Murder Trial began Monday 4/27/09, and continues today. The Republican/Herald is running a LIVE Blog. They have a reporter in the courtroom who is sending summarized updates which I am posting to this blog.
The Prosecution and Defense deliver their Closing Arguments.
Friday, 5/01: (all times Eastern)
8:37: Piekarsky and Donchak have arrived in the courthouse.
9:03: Markosky (Donchak's lawyer) begins closing arguments for defense. Markosky: Redmond is the only one who was sober and did not change his initial statement. Markosky: Redmond said Donchak didn't arrive until after the initial exchange of comments. Markosky: "make no mistake: those two (Donchak and Ramirez) engaged in a fist fight." Markosky: There was no metal, and Donchak's involvement ended when he pulled Ramirez to his feet after their altercation. Markosky: testimony says Donchak and Ramirez grabbed each other--tough to do with a weapon in hand. Markosky: no testimony puts the weapon in Donchak's hands at the scene. Markosky on Walsh and Scully: "they want others to take the fall for their actions." Markosky on "Border Patrol" shirt: "a t-shirt is not an expression of what that person believes. It's a t-shirt." Markosky: I didn't question many of the witnesses because they didn't mention Donchak. Markosky: it was Donchak who called the police--you don't do that if you're guilty.
9:38: Fanelli (Piekarsky's lawyer) begins closing statement. Fanelli: prosecution "shaped" evidence to fit their story of racially motivated crime. Fanelli: prosecution alleged "sophisticated cover-up" but called no investigating officers. Fanelli: no testimony said Piekarsky used slurs. Fanelli: prosecution was rude on cross-exam to police in open court--imagine the pressure the kids they called must have felt. Fanelli: Schlack's testimony said a beating, but her 911 tape said fighting "each other". Fanelli: prosecution did not call Arielle Garcia, who saw white shoes on kicker. Fanelli: "not calling the that in helping you determine the truth?" Both defense lawyers have spoken about responsibility for one's actions, mentioning Ramirez attacking after the boys walked away. Fanelli: Lawson was scared too--he'd drank, lied to police, and beat on the Garcias vehicle. Fanelli: "Ben Lawson would blame that desk if he thought that's what he was supposed to do." Fanelli working to discredit some of the boys in the group. Fanelli: Scully was first at the police station the next day; "his plan from day 1 was to distance himself from all of this". Fanelli on Scully: "this is the same kid who told an FBI agent 'shred one of my statements'". Fanelli: Walsh had charges dropped in return for testifying about Piekarsky's and Donchak's involvement. Fanelli: Arielle Garcia on white shoes: "it's a picture that plays out in my mind". Fanelli: Arielle's 911 tape said "someone kicked him in the face...I know the names". Fanelli: Garcia said "you killed him" to Scully and does not recall a denial. Fanelli: prosecution "didn't call the cops to testify, they attacked the cops when they testified." Fanelli: Bollinger told us "it's in my report, you go figure it out" yet was a a paid prosecution consultant and met with them 7 to 9 times. Fanelli: it was implied Shen. cops were "in on it", yet D.A. Office was on case at 2:30 a.m. and started interviews at 9 a.m. Fanelli: it's unfair that Det. Carroll didn't have eyewitnesses examine the shoes. Fanelli: "You know that the key to their freedom is in Brian Scully's bedroom, and you don't go and get it?" Fanelli: "There is not only reasonable doubt in this case--there is overwhelming doubt." Fanelli to jurors: would you decide something important in your life based on testimony by Scully, Walsh and Lawson? Fanelli's final point: if you think it is possible Scully kicked Ramirez, there is reasonable doubt.
Recess until 11:10 a.m. Defense's closing arguments ran nearly as long as the entirety of its' direct examination.
Note: The item in question in Scully's bedroom was the shoes.
11:14: Frantz delivering closing arguments for the prosecution. Frantz: defense's version of events is "fiction." Frantz: this case is not about boys who were concerned for Roxanne Rector--Scully's comments were "sarcastic". Frantz: Ramirez called for help, not back-up--a husband who tried to break up the fight and wife who broke down on the stand. Frantz: BB gun was a red herring; this is not about self-defense. Frantz: "We got the right guy." Frantz: we have walked jury through evidence puzzle "piece by piece by piece until you saw the picture".
Sent to Jury
(video footage)
8:42pm: Fatigue is starting to set in for members of the press and public who have been at the courthouse since 8 a.m. and 9 a.m.
9:01pm: liveblogrh: Six hours have passed since the jury began its deliberations.
10:07: liveblogrh: Jury recalled for a question--they asked Baldwin to go over the charge of reckless endangerment.
10:30: liveblogrh: The jurors returned for another question, and Baldwin again explained the definition of ethnic intimidation.
10:31: liveblogrh: Sources are starting to buzz about a verdict coming tonight.
10:39: liveblogrh: Verdict is in.
10:48: liveblogrh: Piekarsky: guilty of simple assault. Acquited on all other charges.
10:50: liveblogrh: Donchak: guilty of simple assault, and 3 charges each for corruption of minors and selling/furnishing alcohol to minors, all others acquitted. Note: Consumption of liquor by a minor is a summary offense and Baldwin will rule.
10:53: liveblogrh: Both ethnic intimidation charges and Piekarsky's criminal homicide charges were dropped.
11:06: liveblogrh: The defendants had no comment. Donchak's eyes seemed watery, Pierkarsky was jubilant. liveblogrh: Look for comments from Fanelli, Goodman and the jury foreperson in our wrap-up article.
11:14: liveblogrh: This concludes tonight's coverage and the trial as a whole. Thank you for following our live coverage this week.


The Arizonian said...

"10:48: liveblogrh: Piekarsky: guilty of simple assault. Acquited on all other charges." I had a funny feeling about that....

Now I'm just waiting for the "He was an illegal, child rapist" comments....

Vicente Duque said...

Coward Terrorists acquitted in Horrible Murder
Complicit Complacency of Juries and Authorities with Sadistic Racial Murder
Miscarriage and Perversion of a Racist Justice System

Luis Ramirez was killed for Racial Reasons in Shenandoah Pennsylvania, in July of 2008. The conduct of many people in the town afterwards was of sheer BASTARDY, RACISM and SADISM. The Topmost in TERRORISM.

Instead of feeling ashamed, they have become more violent, brutal, racist and sadistic.

People applauded and cheered the Coward Terrorists in court. Great Enthusiasm for Racism, Sadism and Bastardy.

The man Luis Ramirez ( not an animal but a man ) was kicked to death while being unsconscious on the floor, he was kicked on the head by the Coward Bastards.

Complicit Complacency, Leniency and Impunity beget more murders.

Vicente Duque

pcorn54 said...

Open season on Mexicans apparently, unless the USDOJ gets involved and files Civil Rights violations against these bastards.

American society has gone straight to hell!

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