Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Napolitano/Holder Keep to Promise! Feds partner with State/Local Authorities to Crack Down on Gangs vs Workers!

Janet Napolitano and Eric Holder, are keeping to their promise to focus on incarcerating Employers and Drug Cartels/Felonious Criminals versus workers. Last Thursday, Federal Authorities in partnership with Local/State authorities in cooperation with Hawaiian Garden's Mayor Michael Gomez, captured and arrested 147 gang members. The charges, part of a massive racketeering case dubbed Operation Knock Out, were outlined in several indictments charging the 147 members and associates of the Varrio Hawaiian Gardens gang with murder, attempted murder, drug trafficking, weapons trafficking, extortion, kidnapping and witness intimidation.
Sal Hernandez, the FBI's top agent in Los Angeles said, "The gang, also known as VHG, is so pervasive in Hawaiian Gardens that it is estimated one in 15 people living in the square-mile city just north of Long Beach has ties to it. With these arrests, the good people will be able to live in peace."
The probe into the gang initially began in 2005 after Los Angeles County Sheriff's Deputy Jerry Ortiz was fatally shot by a Varrio Hawaiian Gardens gang member he was trying to arrest in connection with the shooting of an African American man. The shooter, a veteran gang member with devil's horns tattooed on his forehead, has been convicted of murder and sentenced to death. U.S. Atty. Thomas P. O'Brien, speaking at a news conference at the Lakewood sheriff's station, where the slain deputy had been assigned, touted the case as the "largest gang takedown in United States history. Today we honor Deputy Ortiz by coming together to crush the outlaw gang that took his life and make a positive difference for the law-abiding people who live in Hawaiian Gardens," said O'Brien, who stood in front of a memorial to Ortiz and other officers killed in the line of duty as he spoke.
The Federal/State/Local policies focusing on felonious criminals and drug cartels are the right path to follow vs the 287(g) Arpaio type policies and ICE Raids focusing on arresting migrant workers. Both PRO and ANTI agree that law enforcement at all levels should focus on capturing felonious criminals vs Racial Profiling of Latinos or targetting workers who have not committed any felonious crimes.


Dee said...

I like this article. One of the ANTIs initially "dared" me to publish it. What I like best about this story is it proves that Latinos are just like any other ethnic group. We have good people we have troubled people. FBI's Agent Hernandez, special agent John Torres and Mayor Michael Gomez all led the charge to capture and charge the bad guys.

They remind me of the movie High Noon. Good vs Evil.

The problem I have with the ANTIs is they take one person or one group of "bad guys" who happen to be Hispanic and blame the ENTIRE Latino community for their deeds. That is just plain silly. There are good and bad in all groups. We don't blame ALL white northern europeans for the crimes of BTK, Gacy, Bundy or Poplawski or Piekarsky. If we did, the ANTIs would call that claim ridiculous. I call the ANTIs ridiculous for attempting to blame ALL Latinos for the crimes of the few bad apples who are Latinos that commit crimes. Alipac has entire threads on their discussion boards making these types of baseless accusations. They are ridiculous!

Vicente Duque said...

Thanks for posting these important informations ... There are good policemen and FBI Agents that risk their lives to combat crime. Without being intoxicated by Racism and Hate.

Kudos to the guys that make arrests of real criminals instead of being cowards jailing grandmothers and little children. Becoming rich and being employed by Fox News, just because they are cruel and lack feelings and humanity.

Let us admire courage and bravery and let's despise cowardice, sadism and brutality.


Vicente Duque

The Arizonian said...

Let's not forget the fact the investigation started..... when again?

ultima said...

While it follows that the entire group should not be blamed for the acts of the few, it must be pointed out that illegal aliens flout the immigration laws and thus create an environment in which broader lawlessness can prevail and prey on everyone. Without illegal aliens and with more respect for the rule of law across the board, we would all be better off. But some of us won't be able to admit that until one of our family members are victimized or our home invaded.

Dee said...

Yes it started some time ago, led by Latinos. And it has come to its conclusion now, under the staunch support of the Obama administration.

Dee said...

Such a broad brush.
We all know the Immigration laws have not been enforced for some time. That is why we have 12M here.

These folks come here to work. The ratio of criminal to total is much smaller than criminal to total of US citizens. We all know that.

I agree with the new policies. Our govt should be focused on targetting the felonies criminals, the drug cartels, vs ice raids and targetting the workers. With CIR, the crime free would be able to get in line to apply for citizenship.

The bottom line is, the cartels and felonious criminals should be targetted immediately and deported as appliable. I think everyone would agree to that.

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