Monday, May 4, 2009

Piekarsky = 1 vs American Public = 100, America Supports Justice for Ramirez!

I have been researching blogs and discussion forums all day. The consensus is 100 to 1 in favor of Justice for Ramirez. The vast majority believe the murderers should be held accountable for the death of Luis Ramirez. I have studied blogs, newsgroups, discussion forums and it is all the same. The vast majority believe the all-white biased jury was WRONG in their decision to dismiss charges against the murderous Piekarsky and Donchak.
The vast majority of Americans support:
1. the DOJ filing Hate Crime charges against Piekarsky and Donchak
2. the Ramirez family filing a civil lawsuit against them
It is heartening to know the vast majority of Americans, over 90%, believe Justice was denied in the Ramirez murder case and advocate the DOJ seeks Federal charges and the family files a civil lawsuit against Piekarsky and Donchak. Sites from CNN, MSNBC, ABC comment sections, Huffington Post, DailyKos, to numerous independent blogs to numerous forums and newsgroups to many Facebook/Myspace blogs/tweets, ALL ADVOCATE for JUSTICE for Luis Ramirez!!
Here is just a small sampling:
. Such a sad day for America.My condolences to the victims family.
. Don't hate crimes fall under Federal jurisdiction & not state? Perhaps for this very reason?
. these teenagers were drunk and under the legal drinking age. I guess it's fine for them to act "mature" and drink irresponsibly, even if they kill someone while under the influence?
. I guess Mexicans/Immigrants are the new "Black". I wish I was surprised but not after reading what state/city it happened in. Stay classy Shenandoah, PA.
. Somewhere in this process the prosecutor and more likely the judge did not properly instruct the jury of what their responsibilities were relative to how they were to apply the facts to their process of decision making.I hope that the jury and the community eventually realize what harm they have done to the justice system of their town and to the nation.
. Now, the reason I consider your comments racist, full of bigotry and completely insensitive to the case at hand, is you've done nothing but make assumptions and heap all blame possible upon the Mexican victim.
. It's pretty clear that they've goaded him, he's tried to call for help. 6 drunken football players.
. Justice has been far from served.
This is just a small number of examples. However, it is very heartening to know the vast majority of True Americans believe Justice was NOT served, the jury was biased and the young murderers did, in fact, get away with murder. They also believe the DOJ should now step in and charge them for a Federal Crime! They are NOT like the Hate sites or like the local Shenandoah comment sections at all!!
Just reading their heartfelt concerns reminds me that America, overall, by vast majority, is, in fact, a Land of Welcoming Immigrants! Land of the Free! And the Home of the Brave!
God Bless America!


Vicente Duque said...

The "Mission Accomplished" Generation
Six Anniversary of the Most Famous Speech of the Third Millennium
Shaping and modeling the neurons of kids

Have you ever thought of this ??? :

We have a New Generation of Children that are "Mission Accomplished"
They watch every day on Television a War or many Proliferating Wars that never end.
That means Eternal War, Eternal Revenge and Eternal Genocide.

These children were 5 or 6 years old when the most famous speech of the Third Millinnium was given by George W. Bush on board of the "Abraham Lincoln" aircraft carrier.

These children have been watching Television during the last six years, everyday they see a never ending conflict, always growing and expanding.

According to Tom Ricks, the most prestigious analyst of the Washington Post, this conflict is going to last during the whole eight years of Mr Obama and beyond.

And Retired Colonel Douglas Macgregor tells us that sending more troops only enrages the Islamists or Arabs or as many people think with overbearing arrogance "The Third Worlders".

Can you imagine how the neurons of this young generation of "Mission Accomplishers" are shaped by the daily repetitious events on TV ??

Nothing more natural than violence. Murder against Minorities has been legalized by courts.

Here there is a lot of opportunity, work and research for Scientists in Universities. Lots of Money will be spent by investigators of children and adolescents.

And those like me that are inveterate and unrepentant writers will have a lot of occupation for our many idle hours and during many years. We will never stop writing about the "Mission Accomplishers" and the "Mission Accomplished" Generation.

If you want to see these videos of the Retired Military, other Experts and TV anchors then look here :

Vicente Duque

Vicente Duque said...

Dear Dee :

Beating Witness Questions Verdict - Eileen Burke, a former police officer, was subpoenaed but never called as a witness - Gang of Terrorists Murders

Newswatch - Marisa Burke - Scott Shaffer
Outrage of Absurd Trial Decision

The most important witness for the Prosecution was not called. A Retired Policewoman and Witness of this murder is astonished that these guys got away with Murder.

A Racist Trial, Racist Jury, Racist Prosecutors, Racist District Attorney, Racist Judge, Racist Policemen, Racist Authorities.

A gang of Brutal Terrorists kills a man that is on the street unconscious. They kick him in the head. Topmost in Bastardy, Cruelty, Sadism.

Everything has been irregular to absolve the Coward Murderers.

This is the license to kill minorities. The "brownies" and "darkies" are the new Helots for these Whoreson Spartans.

This is the legalization of Terror and Terrorism. There is no right of life for Minorities.

The "Inferior Races" can be killed at any time by their "Superiors".

Vicente Duque

Dee said...

I was also curious about Eileen Burke not being called. She is a former police officer. She called 911 and is on tape with reports of racial epiteths being screamed at Luis Ramirez. Why didn't the prosecution call her? Very curious.

Dave said...

Thanks Dee! I'm glad you posted this, because it is easy to get lost in the negativity and lose sight that there are many non-racist, just humans in our country who think that this stinks, too.

If you haven't done so, you can go to MALDEF's website and sign MALDEF petition, urging the DOJ to investigate this hate crime now.


Vicente Duque said...

There is a way of Deceiving People, that is hiding the REAL IMPORTANT NEWS and filling the time with Racist Garbage and with Hate Rants against Minorities and Gays.

Fox News pratices that Deception and Swindles us every time that we turn on the TV in this station.

Injustice Served - The Murder of Luis Ramirez - CNN's Anderson Cooper is a gentleman. He is telling the story and not hiding the facts, that is what Fox News ( the Network of Racism and Intolerance ) does.

Jeffrey Toobin, CNN Senior Legal Analyst
John Amaya, Mexican American Legal Defense Fund
With Anderson Cooper 360
The Heinous Crime - Does Justice exist in this World ??

The Brutal Beating and Kicking in the head against Luis Ramirez that produced his death on July of 2008. By a Gang of Football Players.

These Coward Terrorists are criminal murderers and should not be free.

May 05, 2009

CNN analyst calls for federal hate crimes investigation
By David Edwards

Brandon Piekarsky and Derrick Donchak were acquitted of various state charges resulting from the beating and murder of Luis Ramirez. CNN legal analyst Jeffery Toobin is calling for a federal hate crimes investigation. The facts and circumstances of this case certainly call for at least a federal investigation because it is possible when a group of individuals are acquitted on state charges, that federal bias charges can be brought, explained Toobin.

This video is from CNNs Anderson Cooper 360, broadcast May 4, 2009.

I have been following the story with many videos, excerpts from newspaper articles and pointing to all the sources.

Vicente Duque

Dee said...

I agree.
Thank you for posting the link to the petition. I've completed it and forwarded it and the Luis Ramirez Facebook page to them as well.

A number of new viewers have been emailing me asking me what they can do to support this cause so I have been emailing them information and asking them to keep updated on my blog since I plan to keep writing the latest info on this case.

There is another latino association that wants to stay closely linked and they are based in PA. They said they want to join in on any local marches for this cause.

I am asking all readers, particularly the local PA readers, to share all local news/updates with me and will be glad to provide the local viewers/supporters an opportunity to be a "Guest Voz" and I will post their personal blog here.

Anonymous said...

Hi Dee --

Just came across your blog, as I heard about this verdict Monday and have wanted more information on the collaboration between Shenandoah Officer Jason Hayes and the defendants in this case.

I'm glad you gave me his last name, but it would be helpful if you included his full name every time you reference him - this will make it much simpler for googlers to ID him.

Also, in addition to the probe against the current defendants, I hope that MALDEF will add Officer Jason Hayes to their to-do list.

If Officer Jason Hayes did in fact return one of the defendants to the scene of the crime and help coach testimony he should be named in a civil RICOH suit for the coverup. It sounds as if the defendants may have reached a deal whereby the youngest of them would be facing the most serious charges, making it less likely that he would be convicted and/or sentenced appropriately. I suspect that Jason Hayes may have helped them develop this strategy before their arrests and deposition.

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