Sunday, May 3, 2009

Shenandoah, PA under Gestapo Rule: People who oppose Acquittal Do Not Speak Out for Fear of Repercussions!

Brandon Piekarsky's mother's boyfriend, Officer Hayes, patrolled the streets of Shenandoah Friday night with his partner, baton in hand, ready to pounce, in case anyone protested the Acquittal of "Kick in the head" murderer Piekarsky. Followers of the trial may recall Hayes colluded and coached Piekarsky to bring the "boys" together and "get their stories straight" after the murder. With Hayes and his partner goose-stepping the streets, Shenandoah Police said they had no reports of incidents related to the verdict.
Cynthia Riddick, who moved to Shenandoah from Allentown with her three children in 2006, said Shenandoah Valley school administrators sent out electronic phone calls warning that anyone who protested would be punished. Somehow the administration knew in advance the all white jury would acquit their "boys." Riddick also said police made a ''show of force'' Friday night, standing uptown to discourage trouble. One can only imagine the fear in the hearts of all those opposed to the wrongful acquittal when they saw Hayes patrolling the city streets in full battle attire. Riddick said she thought the verdict was ''terrible'' and had people of color been on trial for beating a white person, ''I think they would be in prison right now, convicted of everything.'' Few people are speaking out for fear of ''repercussions,'' she said.
Jeremy Knorr, another Shenandoah resident, said the community remains split, and while there is quiet now, he expects there eventually will be ''a big fight in town. There's going to be a riot.'' Loretta Lipsett, 30, who is of Puerto Rican descent, said race relations have soured since Ramirez's death, and her 7-year-old daughter has been teased by other children because of her dark complexion. ''I just tell her to walk away,'' Lipsett said.
Gladys Limon, an attorney with the Mexican American Legal Defense and Educational Fund, said the acquittal was a complete outrage. ''This was murder. Luis Ramirez was murdered. A father, a son, a brother, a partner was murdered. The message the verdict sends is you can kill a person, you can stomp on their head until the person dies, based on their national heritage.'' Limon, who attended the five-day trial with Crystal Dillman of Shenandoah, who had two children with Ramirez, said the Los Angeles-based MALDEF, ''urges the Department of Justice to continue their prosecution of these individuals.'' The Justice Department has acknowledged it has an open investigation in the case, but has declined to be specific. Another teen who was with Donchak and Piekarsky that night but wasn't charged, Ben Lawson, testified at the trial Monday he has been a witness in the case before a federal grand jury in Scranton. Grand jury testimony is secret.
Not all on the jury supported acquittal. Jury foreman Eric Macklin of Schuylkill Haven said he was the lone holdout when the jury voted 11-1 for acquittal after deliberating just two hours, but voted with the others six hours later because he felt there was reasonable doubt as to the teens' guilt. He did believe the accused were racists. Annette Holopirek, who was among the four alternate jurors dismissed said ''I think there's guilt involved.''
When the verdicts were read, the locals in the audience cheered for the defendants getting away with their racist attack and murder. No remorse was shown for the man that they knowingly killed, and kicked while he lay unconscious on the ground. There was no justice for Luis Ramirez or his children. In Shenandoah, the town just doesn't care what their racist hooligans do in the streets when the lights go out.


Anonymous said...

Time to write the local federal attorneys in that area to urge them to pursue federal charges against the killers. While some may argue that Ramirez may not have constitutional rights as a non-citizen, there may be precedence in undocumented immigrant's rights in cases in Arizona when immigrants were illegally detained by nativists.

It is also time for different groups to put their energies and forces together to plan a huge national march in Shenendoah. While the local politicians may try to stop a March, it is our constitutional right to gather.

It is also time to start a national petition to demand justice for Luis Ramirez and to demand that any police officers involved in covering up this crime are fired and charged with a crime.

Dee, I urge you to write daily about this injustice. I plan to mention this in my blog in a sidebar, daily.

Dee said...


I agree.

I encourage all viewers to write to local policitians, especially those in PA. Let them know that you disagree with the wrongful and biased aquittal.

There is a facebook account we in the PRO blogosphere have started on this issue.

Please email me on
and I will send you the facebook link so you can join us! I will also provide you the list/emails of politicians we are focusing on.

Love and in Solidarity,

Dee (not the article's author) said...

This case breaks my heart. As the mother of a young Mexican-American child, I fear everyday for the things she may go through in her life as she ages. She has a lot of challenges ahead of her but I intend on making her strong enough to face them head on while still being able to hold her head high and take pride in her culture.

All I can think of is "What if this were my precious baby?" Luis Ramirez was someone's precious baby and someone's precious Daddy. My heart bleeds for his family and what they must be feeling and thinking. I just hope they know that not all of white America feels the way these kids and this jury does. Some of us are appalled and outraged by the outcome of this case and we wanted justice just as much as they did.

Someone needs to step in and right this wrong to thwart further violence toward Hispanics given the already prevalent anti-Hispanic sentiment that runs rampant in this country.

Dee said...

This case breaks my heart too.
I am also totally appalled by the anger and hatred towards Latinos in the comment sections of the Shenandoah PA newspapers. It is scary and doesn't seem like it should be happening in modern day America. It is like we reverted in time to prior to the Civil Rights Act. Very, very heart breaking.

Vicente Duque said...

What Latinos and Minorities should do after the acquittal ot the Terrorist Cowards of Shenandoah Pennsylvania

I am going to tell you what Latinos and Minorities should do after this Circus of Perversion that was the Trial of these Acquitted Terrorists, absolved by their own sympathizers, a town filled with Racists, Cowards and Terrorists. ( not all but many, if not the majority of this sadistic town ).

It is very simple : Do not cooperate with a System of Bastardy, Racism and Terror. Do not cooperate with Cruelty, Sadism, and Evil.

Do not go to foreign countries to kill innocent people. Do not go to Iraq, Afghanistan and Pakistan to commit more crimes and murders. Do not go to foreign countries to kill innocent people. Do not go to Iraq, Afghanistan and Pakistan to commit more crimes and murders. Do not vote or applaud for the U. S. terrorizing of those poor nations.

Practice the teaching of Great Americans like Henry David Thoreau and Ralph Waldo Emerson that taught Civil Disobedience. Those teachings were later applied by the Sufragettes to obtain the vote for Women ( they were beaten and tortured ), Gandhi in India and Martin Luther King.

You do not have to practice murder even if the system is Murderous.

Why should you kill innocents in Islamic Countries ??. Why should you go in a "Crusade" ( the word is from George W. Bush ) if your safety is not assured in your own country ??

Wasn't three million Asiatics murdered in Vietnam not enough ??

Better to be killed than to kill, better to be deported anywhere, better to be jailed than to be another bastard of the system.

Do not be a fool, do not believe the lies of the system about you living in a paradise and the other countries to the South being Hell. That is not true, that is totally false, that is idiotic, I assure you.

And do not be a coward terrorist working in a prison of "Enhanced Interrogation" and torturing others, with waterboarding and other tortures, so much appreciated by those Racists of Hate TV and other Perverted clowns of the system.

Vicente Duque

The Arizonian said...

"Do not be a fool, do not believe the lies of the system about you living in a paradise and the other countries to the South being Hell. That is not true, that is totally false, that is idiotic, I assure you."I would suggest that others see for themselves, as I have, and find out that parts to the south are indeed hellish.

And I shall never return.....

Anonymous said...

It's sad but true that Schuylkill county has a rep for being racist. Even so, the verdict shocked me - I am Caucasian but have only lived here about 10 years. My home community is about 35 miles south in another county. The village is home to many farm businesses that rely heavily on a labor force comprised of dozens of hardworking Mexican Americans and immigrant workers, most of whom also live in town. I have had no problems with members of the Hispanic community, but have experienced plenty of aggression from long-time white residents who live near by (white trash IMHO).

green card visa said...

This is just an overall terrible situation. The gruesome murder itself was brutal and now the town is torn apart. For the sake of the citizens, closure is due.

Anonymous said...

Believe me all of these racist people in this town will reap what they sow. One day soon, the organized ex-military chicanos will visit this deranged city and show the bullies what cowards they really are. These tactical teams will show the nation that you can't push people around just because they are minorities. Blacks allowed this type of crime decade after decade. The mexicans or whatever you call them will not tolerate these cowardly tactics. You guys know who you are and may even be on the police force or government. Rumors are flying that vendication will come to this little town. The death of a little poor mexican berry picker will be revenged. You guys wanted a fight; I believe big brother is coming. Big brother is bilingual, educated, military-trained and execute to ask questions later. Get Ready To Tumble.

The Dutchman said...

I live a couple hours south of the "coal regions" of Pa, where Shenandoah is located, and have been up there many times. One time I almost got the sh*t beat out of me in a bar in Shenandoah, not because of my race (I'm white), but because I was an "outsider". Several young guys against one, and when the Mexican guy is down on the ground helpless he gets kicked so hard part of his brain oozes out of his skull--and they couldn't even get AGGRAVATED ASSAULT convictions--much less voluntary or involuntary manslaughter convictions! What the HELL is going on here?!!!!!

The Dutchman said...

I live a couple hours south of Shenandoah, which is in the anthracite mining regions of northeast Pa. The mines, which were the bulk of the economy, have been closed for decades, though, and they've never recovered economically. I've been up that way many, many times over the years. Once I almost got the sh*t beat out of me in a Shenandoah bar, not because of racism, I'm white, but because I was an outsider. Somehow they can tell. Anyways, how can it be that one guy gets beat up by several drunk teenagers, and after he's down gets kicked in the head so hard part of his brain oozes out of his skull and, there's witnesses--and nobody even gets convicted of AGGRAVATED ASSAULT, much less voluntary or involuntary manslaughter?!!!!

Dee said...

I agree with you Dutchman. The area is very dangerous for outsiders or minorities.

The murderers would not have been charged by local police. It wasn't until media attention brought attention to the crimes that they were charged.

The Dutchman said...

I've gotten lost trying to google this issue. Has a federal investigation begun? Even though they were acquitted on murder charges (state law) could federal murder charges under the heading of civil rights still be brought? Everyone involved in that beating should be an accessory to some some kind of murder charge, whether it's manslaughter, 2nd degree murder, or whatever. I'm not a lawyer, so I can't precisely spell out the possibilities. Some people in the town say it was "just" a street fight, as though "just" kicking someone to death isn't that big a deal! I think a lot of the locals are horrified by what happened but may be afraid to speak up. Dutchman.

Dee said...

Piekarsky and Donchak are in prison right now. They only received 6 months. They went in prison in July and should be out in December or sooner. Piekarsky is the one who delivered the kick to the head. Donchak is the one who hit him with brass knuckles. The youngest one got off with probation.

Walsh did a plea deal with the feds, but no one knows what it is. From what I understand, the feds are still investigating all of it. They can still come forward with charges. I want them to investigate the corruption within the local police dept., especially piekarksy's mom's boyfriend who led the coverup.

Many of us bloggers are keeping track of this to see what happens next.

Anonymous said...

Honestly Shenandoah is a disgrace of a town to our country. Lack of human behavior, justice and aswell human standards. Im half white and mexican and i just cant believe how these rednecks think they can call shots in their little made up courts, sadly they will pay the price. U can find the the piece of sh#@ colin walsh on myspace drop him a line or two. Let him relize that he's scum a waste to society like the rest of his fellow townies. They need to go out and see the world and relize the world isnt white lol.

Anonymous said...

The Dutchman said...

Thank you for your info above, anonymous. Sweeping federal indictments just brought against some of the cops & perpetrators. Hate crimes that could get life in prison max, but probably won't. Conspiracy to obstruct justice, extortion, etc. Some could be going up for decades.

They're shi**ing bricks in "Chendo" today!

Anonymous said...

If you are not white you need to get out of Shenandoah!!! You do not belong in our beloved hometown. You mexicans and blacks just bring drugs and murder into our area and us white people are sick of it! There will be a war. Are you prepared?

Dee said...

Anon Shenandoah,
You should be ashamed of yourself for your very racist comment.

Anonymous said...

Shenandoah resident and PROUD OF IT!
It is ashame what has happened to our community that is filled with all kinds of wonderful people. Loo aroun you ...OUTSIDERS...
How many crimes of this nature take place all over the world in every city... We are just one little Borough on NE PA. We have a low crime rate...compared to many of the people of many communities that ae pointing a crooked finger at us!
I have a small business here in Shenandoah... I have every kind of diverse person in my plcae of business, I experience the REAL SHENANDOAH EVERY DAY...IT IS NOT what every one thinks out there.
So you out there looking for all the bad things in our little town, check out the statistics in your own town.
I do not know all the police officers personally, I do know William Moyer, He is a good guy. He was set up to take a big fall. I am sure, in my heart, that someone who is there anytime he is needed by anyone of any race of age in this town...he is there.
I am sorry that things got out of hand and that Louis lost his life. It was a bad street fight gone bad.
The boys were good students that were involved in helping better the community. They are also kids with terribly bad judgement who were antagonized into a fight while the were intoxicated. Let's not be blind, let's not act so shocked Ohhhh No high school boys having a bush party,and drinking here in the coal region??? unheard it right or good? NO but mix young macho men, Anger, and booze, and you will have a bad situation.
Look at the real reason for the fight...
What the heck was a 14 yr old sister of Louis' girlfriend doing having sex with him and getting pregnant by him...A mom who knows the situation and doing nothing about it...them keeping a know illegal in their home, Louis having been kicked out of the US because of violent crimes in the past.
I have Hispanic friends, Black friends, White friends...If the person is legal, and doing the right thing our great USA is still the land of dreams. But do it right my Grandparents...Every person I know especially in Shenandoah, has an immagrant background.
This is NOT a town of HATERS...I know I live here.

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