Friday, May 22, 2009

Hate Groups to Rally in Shenandoah! More Insults to Luis Ramirez' Memory!

UPDATE: THE RALLY IS OFF!! Rally Organizer Joe Miller said he didn't realize some of the speakers he invited were actually white supremists. The Republican Herald reported one speaker, John DeNugent, was a racist White Supremist. As I previously reported, the previous rallies included members from the Skinheads and KKK. One commenter on this article said DeNugent had affiliations with the Nazis and the KKK. Most commenters want an end to these type of rallies!
The ANTIs are at it again. Their Hate and their Gall hold no bounds especially when it comes to disrespecting the memory of Luis Ramirez.
Nine speakers are confirmed to shout out their grievances at a Protest Rally being held in Bicentennial Park in Shenandoah on May 30 at 5pm. Speakers include Dan Amato from the ANTI website Diggers Realm, Jeff McGeary from ANTI group UPAP for Immigration Control and Tom Lingenfelter from the PA Minutemen.
Additionally, they have two members of the ANTI group "You Don't Speak for Me." For those of you not familiar with this group, they are a particularly despicable group. Supposedly, their group is meant to represent Americans of Hispanic descent who do not support illegal immigration. They pretend their group was formed by Hispanics when in reality the group was formed by the Hate Group F.A.I.R.
If you go onto the You Dont Speak for Me website today, Ira Mehlman is their Media Director. He is also the media director for F.A.I.R. The Anti Defamation League and the SPLC have labeled F.A.I.R. an Immigration HATE Group. F.A.I.R. not only opposes illegal immigration, they also advocate limiting legal Immigration, particularly from Latin Countries.

This month's rally in Shenandoah is a reprieve of two other protest rallies held in 2008 by most of these same outside ANTI groups. During previous rallies members of the Skinheads and the KKK were in attendance holding deplorable signs.

The rally organizer is Joe Miller. He is the President and Founder of a new ANTI group he recently formed and he named "Pennsylvania Americans for Legal Immigration." Miller said he hopes the inclusion of You Don’t Speak For Me will draw a larger part of the area’s Mexican community to the rally. Miller said, “My main concern is getting these illegals off the streets, out of this town, and bringing forth the legal Mexican-American community. That population, have them step forward and say ‘you’re screwing us up, you know." Miller also told reporters he is the author of a petition against MALDEF (petition author is titled Anonymous on the form). The petition alleges MALDEF “maliciously vilified, slandered and attacked” Shenandoah and Schuylkill County with comments in the wake of the death of illegal Mexican immigrant Luis Eduardo Ramirez Zavala.

This Protest Rally being held in Shenandoah, so close to the unjust Jury verdict towards the murderers of Luis Ramirez, is appalling. What gall. What contempt do these radicals have towards the victim's children, family and towards ALL the Latino and Humanitarian members of the Shenandoah community. This is a shameful, shameful event.

I am curious whether the local police, particularly Officers Hayes and Meyers will be attending this hate-filled rally. Will they be monitoring for violence or will they be carrying the hate filled signs of the ralliers? We will see.


Dee said...

Miller told reporters he wants the area's "legal Mexican Americans" to attend this protest rally.

I wonder what he will do if "illeeegals" show up. How will he be able to tell? Is he going to ask every Latin person to provide a driver's license? Birth Certificate? SS Card? Passport? Will he ask for the same IDs of all the non Latinos? What about the illegal Canadians? Will he kick them out?

Dee said...

From the Republican Herald comment section:

To Disappointed wrote on May 22, 2009 1:40 PM:

" Thanks, Disappointed, for bringing this to light here on the computer comment page. However, I wonder how many people in Shenandoah will know or find out about these radical YDSFM extremists before May 30th? I'm afraid not many. Pity.

Most of the people in Shenandoah don't even know the truth on groups such as VOPUSA, Diggers Realm, Illegal Protest and of late PALI. They are all doesn't matter if Mexicans (or people of color), are legal or illegal. When you read their web sites you can see through all the smoke and mirrors of who and what they really are. They're brainwashers.

This protest will be the sheep being lead to slaughter. This is sad for Shenandoah - I sincerely hope a higher power will keep the real people of town away from this racist protest.

The man from Shenandoah starting this group, protest, bringing on this nonsense on the heels of this trial...shame on you, shame, shame, on you. Mr. Miller, organizer, why don't you go home to home with printed copies of what each group REALLY stands for, their real agenda, early next week before your protest. Give the residents time to read and research who you all are and sees what you really are - and with that done, your groups would be run out of town. The majority of the people aren't racist and are not looking for attention and headlines proclaiming their hate for their neighbors. Most people want to heal and that won't happen with this protest.

And, these protests are not peaceful. They're loud and angry and yes, even disrespectful with name calling. After the protest, you'll have residents/young/old/teens/children, walking by Mexicans/Puerto Ricans/all those different from themselves with anger in them, chips on their shoulders and harsh words and looks thrown out to the minority.

There will be mistrust and unfriendliness in a town looking to heal. I hope you'll all be proud of putting fear into all the residents of town no matter of their age or ethnic race. You will have teens and schoolchildren all riled up and confused as to what is right and wrong. Don't brainwash our children. Stay home!

At 5 PM I'll be praying for a hard rain storm! "

Vicente Duque said...

I am going to tell you what Latinos, Minorities, Asians, Native American Indians, and all those considered as "darkies" or "brownies" should do.

They should avoid being recruited for Wars, that is for Racist Genocide, Racist Extermination and Mass Murder. Do not go to collaborate in more Holocausts.

Three million Asiatics were exterminated in Vietnam like flies, with airstrikes and with Orange Agents, Defoliants and Dioxins.

The land was poisoned for generations, Vietnam is very cancerigen.

Wasn't three million deaths enough ??
Wasn't that Genocide enough ??
Wasn't Vietnam enough ??

Now Bush with Bible Quotations has declared a Terrorist "Crusade" ( Bush Words ) against other "darkies" and "brownies", primitive tribal people in pajamas.

Latinos, Minorities !!
Do not collaborate with that Coward Genocide.

Thousands of Children, Women and the Old killed in Airstrikes.

If your life is not guaranteed inside the U.S. ... Six Coward Bastards can kick you to death while you lie unconscious on the ground !

Then why are you going to kill innocent people in Iraq, Afghanistan and Pakistan ??

Not a single person killed there new about September 11.

And to think that George W. Bush is a poor idiot manipulated with Bible Quotes !!

Manipulated by people that are shareholders of Contractors and the Military Industrial Complex as defined by President Eisenhower, also shareholders of Oil Companies. And that are becoming richer with these Whoreson Bastard Wars.

Vicente Duque

Anonymous said...


I e-mailed Joe Palubinsky the day of the verdicts inquiring about obtaining a permit for a peaceful march. He wrote back and asked for my phone number. I sent it to him and he has yet to call. It is obvious that the government of Shenandoah favor the racists in sheep's clothing when they issue permits to these hate groups and refuse to issue permits to people with Spanish surnames like myself.

This is a scary, backwards community.

Dee said...


Will you email me and forward me a copy of the email you sent Joe Palubinsky? My email is


Dee said...

The Hate Group Rally is OFF!! See update!

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