Saturday, May 2, 2009

Justice Denied: All White Local Jury Acquits Murderous Kicker Piekarsky of Murder Charge!

Justice has been denied! An All-White Local Jury, loaded with friends and acquaintances of the murderous defendants, acquitted the murderous kicker Piekarsky and the brass-knuckled aggressor Donchak of the serious murder charges. Instead, the biased jury merely slapped their "boys" on the hand by delivering a misdemeanor simple assault charge.
The prosecutors case was strong. Colin Walsh was the strongest and most credible witness. The night of the assault against Ramirez, Walsh stood immediately next to Piekarsky as he delivered that final kick to the head and Walsh testified to these facts in court. Brian Scully, another eye-witness, testified to the same.
The Jury foreman Eric Macklin said, "'I think it's absolutely horrible what happened to Luis Ramirez. I was very, very close to finding them both guilty on every serious count, but due to the evidence presented, I was not sure beyond a reasonable doubt. I do believe that all four boys involved are racists.'' Unfortunately the eleven other jurors were quick to vote dismissal of ALL of the charges for the defendants and soon overpowered the testimony-focused Macklin.

Piekarsky and Donchak KNOW they got away with murder. The LIVE BLOG reported that Piekarsky was JUBILANT when the all-white jury brought back their verdict. Murderer Piekarsky was laughing and jumping for joy with his getting one over on the Justice System.
As the jury was deliberating, outside, on the local city streets, friends of the defendants and the crooked cops were patrolling the area close to the courthouse.
Comment from LIVE BLOG:
10:06: [Comment From pizza ]I was just in Shenandoah (downtown) - lots of kids and lots of police presence...Officer Moyer, Officer Gennarini and Officer Hayes (two of which were involved in this trial.)

Heaven help any minorities in that racist town with the likes of Moyer and Hayes on the street. Hayes, as you may recall from the testimony, is Piekarsky's mom's boyfriend. He assisted Piekarsky with the LYING Cover Story. Piekarsky was instructed to bring all the boys together to "get their story straight." And, according to testimony, that is exactly what Piekarsky did. Now, Hayes is patrolling the streets. God SAVE any Latinos in that town if Hayes is patrolling the streets. Given the testimony, I don't know why he hasn't been charged with corruption.
The local blogs are rife with racist and deplorable remarks including:
. sick shiet wrote: our founding fathers killed plenty of brits to get them out our country---and they spoke the same language!
. berks iraq vet wrote: If he would not have broken US Immigration Laws he'd still be alive.
. disgusted wrote: The only good illegal alien is a dead illegal alien. Deporting them does not work because they're back here - breaking the laws and stealing our jobs - within a few short weeks. These guys merely did what our criminal justice system and our government should be doing to protect us, but don't.
. sick shiet wrote: GRACIOUS FOR TELLING THEM MEXICANS IN MEXICO CITY.gringos need more americans like you to tell them mexicans in mexico city and tijuana---that's why those two scumbag towns have the swine flu to begin with, and all the mexican drug cartel murders.mexican heroin-cocaine cartel is nothing but losers, scum, and killers!
. b lew gumbs wrote: Those jurors, except the poosey foreman, are to be commended. They stood strong in the face of the whiney liberal loser threats of rioting and pillaging (which is what they do best), and delivered a just verdict.The worthless, pedophile, illegal got real justice, not some academic Obamaesque version.
. jim chunk wrote: Cinco De Mayo in Shenandoah should be fun to watch!
. skeeter wrote: The skunk got what he deserved. Good job Shenandoah.
. fatboy2 wrote: Here is another silly story. I grew up in Philly. There are many parts on Philly a white man should not be in broad daylight let alone at night. I am walking through with my arm around a 12 year old all happy because we are headed to do the deed. As we walk arm in arm past a basketball court were 4 teens are drinking 40s and smoking a blunt one of them yells out "Hey little girl shouldn't you be in bed?" and another yells out hey Fatboy shouldn't you be at Jenny Craig?" I am furious and rip off my shirt and go charging in and one of them stabs me and I die. Isn't that just Darwin's way of weeding out the mentally challenged?
. coaltrain: God bless you good folks up there in coal country!! Somebody buy them boys a beer.
The DANGER with this verdict is these types of crimes will continue. The racist HATE Criminals will know they can kill Latinos and not worry about suffering any significant penalty for their murderous acts. As you can see, with this verdict, the local comment sections are spewing hate towards all Latinos. (It is ALL Latinos because in their hate-filled eyes, ALL Latinos fit the racial profile of an illegal immigrant.) You can see the scandalous lies passed around by the Shock Jocks like Dobbs and Beck including "illegal immigrants spread the swine flu, and all Latinos are members of drug cartels." The "dirty cops" just complicate the situation for those in Schuylkill county. What protections do any Latinos living in that area have? With Moyers and Hayes, based on the testimony, it is obvious! None!!
The only hope for the end of these HATE CRIMES is to ensure the criminals are held accountable for their crimes. That is the only way they will stop. It is imperative that the DOJ continues to investigate the Federal Charges and also look into Corruption charges for Hayes. They may also want to investigate the Jury for their bias. Are there questions in the jury selection questionnaire they LIED about? We know about the Driver's Ed Teacher alternate. But how close were the eleven (not including the foreman) to the defendants? I believe the DOJ should and MUST investigate and initiate charges where warranted!


Tamale Chica said...

in 1982 Vincent Chin was killed by racists who beat him to death and cracked his skull with a baseball bat. His killers were initially let off with essentially a slap on the hand, similar to Piekarsky.

However, what happened later gave this case nationwide attention. The injustice became a rallying point for many Asian Americans who could no longer ignore the racism that was still growing after the US had been in multiple wars against Asian countries, racism that began from the 1800's against Asian immigrants. The similarities with their experiences here parallels that of Latinos.

The Luis Ramirez story must be kept alive as a brutal reminder of what needs to be addressed and how and why the case against Piekarsky was deemed to be weak. Thanks, Dee, for keeping this alive. And shame on all of those who would condone the murder of any innocent.

Vicente Duque said...

Dee :

It is not necessary to go to Iraq, Afghanistan or Pakistan to see terrorists.

You have them in Shenandoah Pennsylvania.

We have not seen the end of this yet !

We have to fight writing many letters, blogs, posts, commentaries, etc

I am gathering the best videos on this topic of Ultraviolence like the Scene of the Clockwork Orange when they beat an old drunken man, they beat him just for fun and entertainment, the old man calls them "Coward Bastards".

That is what the Shenandoah Gang of Football Players is "Coward Bastards".

There are also videos of angry people about these Shenandoah scoundrels and I am collecting them too.

The names of these Terrorists should be written in the book of infamy.

Here :

Vicente Duque

LMJ said...

this is truly tragic

The Arizonian said...

I'm guessing that there is something we were not told about the events that night. Or the Jury is simply crazy and naive.

It should have been manslaughter at the least, unless they could prove that the boys intended to kill him, in which case would be murder.

ultima said...

I think the acquittal is reprehensible but there is a lesson to be learned here. How many times have we heard the expression,"the rule of law, the very foundation of civilized society?" When one begins to tamper with that concept in any way, however small, we place ourselves in jeopardy for more heinous crimes. It's time for the Anti-America, pro-illegal crowd to speak up for the rule of law and all it entails rather than denigrating it for their own narrow purposes.

On Dateline NBC last night a white boy (bully)member of a street gang got 20 to life for throwing one punch that ended in the death of another young man as his skull hit the pavement. In that case, the holdout juror just before he capitulated was for acquittal but the other 11 stood firm and the holdout finally voted guilty.

Let us not forget the Jena 6 or 7 who attacked one white boy and put him in the hospital. That could have ended in a similar tragedy.

There are just too many macho hombres around with too much testosterone for their own good.

Anonymous said...

"10:06: [Comment From pizza ]I was just in Shenandoah (downtown) - lots of kids and lots of police presence...Officer Moyer, Officer Gennarini and Officer Hayes (two of which were involved in this trial.)"
This post was, in fact, a lie. I was at the courthouse all day Friday, and both Gennarini and Hayes were there, in my presence, the whole time.

Dee said...

You may have been there during the day, however the commenter on the LIVE BLOG posted this at 10:06 in the evening, while people were awaiting the verdict.

Moyer and Hayes being out on the streets the NIGHT of the verdict sounds even more dangerous for Latinos in the area.

Vicente Duque said...

I have a feeling and presentiment, a premonition that this is not the last time that we are going to hear of the Acquitted Shenandoah Murderers.

Nothing good comes out of Racism, Hatred, Violence, Brutality, Sadism and the Complicit Complacent Authorities that sympathize with the Criminals.

Nothing good comes out of Terrorism, Cowardice and Bastardy !

And of a town where many people applaud evil and demonstrate for cruelty !

An my hunch is that next time that we listen of Shenandoah it won't be good news.

Vicente Duque

The Indigenous Xicano said...

I will take the word of Dee over some anonymous troll who claims "he was there" any day of any week.

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