Sunday, May 24, 2009

President Obama to Meet with Congressional Leaders About Immigration

Our President will meet with Congressional leaders in two weeks, on June 8, 2009 to finally begin Immigration discussions. The ANTIs are already up in arms and preparing to attack Congress via emails, phones and fax machines. Get Ready to Call your Senators/Congressman to support our President.
President Barack Obama will gather congressional leaders at the White House next month to launch a policy discussion on immigration, according to an administration official, but legislative action isn't likely until next year at the earliest. The June 8 meeting is meant to show the White House is moving on the issue -- which is key for Hispanic advocacy groups that helped Mr. Obama get elected in November. The issue remains politically fraught among Americans frustrated by illegal immigration, particularly as the U.S. unemployment rate nears 10%. Unlike some other White House sessions on key issues, this one will be behind closed doors.
White House officials have made clear they don't expect action on immigration this year. The administration official who discussed the meeting said it was aimed at having "an honest discussion," and meant to identify points of agreement and "areas where we still have work to do." Mr. Obama has embraced the general concept of creating a program to provide a path to citizenship for illegal immigrants already in the U.S., while continuing to tighten the border with Mexico. The administration official said the White House intended to invite a small bipartisan group of lawmakers from the House and Senate, including party leaders and people who have worked on immigration issues.
"Earlier this year, the president asked Homeland Security Secretary Janet Napolitano to develop principles to help guide congressional action on immigration, one White House official said. But another added that there were no plans to distribute a set of principles at this meeting. At a briefing with reporters Tuesday, Ms. Napolitano gave few hints about the administration's tenets for an immigration initiative. But she did say strong enforcement needs to continue, arguing that the government can't afford to lose "operational control" of its border with Mexico as it did in the 1990s.
Federal data released Wednesday suggest illegal immigration into the U.S. is approaching a low for modern times, a decline analysts have pegged to the recession. Apprehensions along the border with Mexico are down 27% during the current fiscal year compared with the same period a year ago, even as enforcement efforts have been increased. If the trend continues, this year's decline would be steeper than the 24.5% drop in the wake of the Sept. 11, 2001, terrorist attacks.


Vicente Duque said...

Inside the Mind of Mr Obama and his friends - The need for Expediency and Pragmatism for a Great President

I am sure that Mr Obama is a very intelligent and cerebral guy.

Mr Obama is also a very moral and ethical person. But he has endured a lot of things in life, being "black" in a society that is filled with a million of little nuances, subtleties, and hypocresies about skin color.

Of course Mr Obama is not "black" ... nobody is 100% black or white, ask a physics or optics professor. But the World is full of Village Idiots.

The Millions of Village Idiots that elected twice Mr Bush, Village Idiot Number One.

Mr Obama is not only an intelligent and suffered person that has experienced pains that perhaps we have never experienced and can not understand.

Mr Obama is also a shrewd "Chicago" politician or "politico" ( taken from Spanish ), a pol.

He can not ignore the Big Tsunami of Racist Hate .... He can not ignore the Many Millions of Village Idiots that have not yet been medicated for Brian Activity.

Obama can not contradict that Tsunami of Imbecility, and add the Military Industrial Complex, earning millions of dollars by means of Idiotic Wars.

That Military Industrial Complex has wonderful representatives like Dick Cheney and Donald Rumsfeld, also shareholders that become richer with wars.

They naturally dislike Minorities and love Money above Ethics or Morality.

That is why CIR = Comprehensive Immigration Reform may not be Number One Priority in the minds of Barack Obama and Ralph Emanuel, even if they are not bigots but statesmen.

The Great Prophets that pushed Obama to the Fore : Senator Tom Harkin, Steve Hildebrand, David Plouffe, David Axelrod and other pollsters and political market observers know this very well.

They are very smart and intelligent. They are not Village Idiots.

They have to be pragmatic and practice expediency ... they can not create many enemies in Congress. They can not wake up the Republican Party that lies in his coffin.

Best rallying cry for Republicans is Racism and Hate.

So forget about CIR or Sonia Sotomayor. Because that will only infuriate the millions of Village Idiots moved by Hate TV and Racist Radio.

What Minorities need is a guarantee of not being killed in the floor by six Coward Football Players.

A guarantee of not being exterminated by Bastard Scoundrels.

Small court and juridic victories are better than Big Victories in these times of Big Waves of Imbecility.

And Minorites should not participate in Genocide, Mass Extermination, Racist Murder of hundreds of thousands or even millions of innocents in Islamic Countries.

Why go to kill poor illiterate peasants in their poor villages ?? Why kill Women, Children and the Old ???

If you have no assurance of being respected inside the USA. ... Of your live being respected.

If the Whoreson Bastards and Terroriest Scoundrels can get away with murder ???

And the Sons of Whores in Shenandoah Pennsylvania continue their Racist Rallies and Demonstrations against "darkies" and "brownies" ... ??

Vicente Duque

Agent of Chaos said...

Mr Obama is also a very moral and ethical person.

If this is true, then he is the only politician to come out of the Chicago Democratic machine unscathed.

WIndy City Willie said...

Actually, Obama was never a part of the Chicago Democratic machine. He did live in Chicago and he is a Democrat but he was never in Emperor Nero Richard Daley's machine.

Obama had to beat Dan Hynes, the Daley-endorsed candidate of the Democratic machine and the son of a powerful Cook County politician in the Illinois Democratic Senate primary in 2004.

Obama endorsed Daley in his bid for his 2007 re-coronation rather than endorsing the African-American Cook County Circuit Court Clerk Dorothy Brown. It was a calculated move to endorse a political power who was a shoo-in for victory. Daley won with over 70% of the dumbest voters in America casting votes for the crook.

Like any shrewd ambitious politician would have done, Obama nurtured a relationship with Daley's power base.

Vicente Duque said...

It is perfectly natural that Obama attended Reverend Wright's Church.

He was probably sleeping during his sermons or making political calculations and adding votes.

Obama probably knew that Reverend Wright was angry at slavery and at Genocides against Vietnam and Islamic Nations that are also Human Beings and should also be counted as victims of War.

Reverend Wright acknowledged the Humanity of all "darkies" and "brownies", Islamic or not, and he understood the imbecile fallacy or "Terrorism" for all people in pajamas.

If my ancestors had been slaves, eaten by dogs, castrated, leashed, beaten and whipped, and chained, then I would be angrier and madder than Mr Wright.

Mr Wright is inocous and can do no harm. He does not kick people in the head while they are unconscious on the floor.

The Wright Congregation : Black people dancing and singing and somewhat hysteric or frenetic, with wonderful beautiful music, those Blacks represents zero danger for American Society.

Dick Cheney or Donald Rumsfeld or Idiot George W. Bush are one million times more dangerous.

Or the Racist Rednecks that are killing "darkies" and "brownies" as sport, fun and entertainment.

Politics is a tough business, and Mr Obama learned a lot form Chicago then I applaud.

He needs to be somewhat shrewd to resist the charges of People so mean and debased morally as Dick Cheney, the businessman of War and Genocide, getting richer with every bomb that falls on a poor illiterate village killing children, women and the old.

I still believe that Racist Rednecks have three powerful enemies : Demography, Science and Intelligence.

Against their Imbecility use Intelligence :

Vicente Duque

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