Sunday, May 24, 2009

West Point Class of 2009 - An Impressive Picture of Diversity

The West Point Class of 2009 is an Impressive Picture of Diversity. ALL Americans, particularly the ANTIs, should understand that our country is no longer a country of Northern European Immigrants controlled and ruled by White Males. We are evolving into a beautiful, multi cultural, multi-racial, multi-ethnic, male/female, equal Society! Once the ANTIs understand this, perhaps at that time, they will finally embrace Comprehensive Immigration reform.

God Bless America!

West Point Class of 2009 a Diverse, Impressive Group


Dee said...

A few of the ANTIs are going hog-wild over this post.

They are screaming all kinds of atrocities, using profane language at this post.

They know I do not allow profane language and obviously know I will not post their obscene rants. However, apparently they are taking joy at screaming at me. They are beside themselves.

For the most part, all they are saying is I am wrong. They say we are not a multi cultural/multi racial society. As soon as they get rid of all the Latinos in our country, things will go back to how it should be.

They are just not accepting reality and the future.

Dave said...

Silly Antis...getting their panties in a bunch, and that's not even saying anything about gay diversity. Because I'm sure the Antis also don't believe that there are gays in West Point. DADT needs to be repealed!

The Arizonian said...

Just my opinion, but if we were truly becoming an 'equal society', wouldn't the chart merely be a solid circle stating the number of people (albeit humans) that attended West Point?

The idea of a pie chart showing different sexes and 'races' just reinforces the notion that people are different based on physical characteristics.

But again, just my opinion....

JJ said...

I am a white, "anti", and a veteran. I can tell you, Dee, that Hispanics are a great asset to our military. I know first hand. Even though I am an anti, I may becoming an ex-anti, due to your formidable logic and solid evidence. My hometown used to be lily white, but now their is a huge and ever growing Hispanic/Latino population there. The old shopping center where I used to get my school clothes is now all Hispanic businesses. La lavanderia, La Dentista,, etc. It is wonderful and very impressive. It is very common to hear salsa played in traffic. The welfarism, crime, etc. is overhyped. Latinos are industrious. Yes, "Mexicans" are still bashed, but I think the whites in my town are becoming more accepting of Hispanics. It is not uncommon to see Hispanic/white couples. More and more whites are believing that Hispanics are not only hardworking but are sexy folks!!, apparently.

Dee said...

You are such a refreshing voice! I think we should all embrace diversity, discuss these issues and be accepting of each other's differences.

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