Friday, May 22, 2009

Ramirez Murder Instigator Gets Hand-Slap - Charged as a Juvenile

Brian Scully admitted his guilt in the Luis Ramirez murder. He said in court, “If I could take it back, I would. I admit to what I did ... to get this off my chest.” However, the accomodating prosecutors in Schuylkill County only charged him as a juvenile instead of as an adult. The good ole boy judge Baldwin found the teen Delinquent instead of guilty. The most serious penalty he could impose, IF he imposes it, will be confinement to a juvenile detention center and any penalty he imposes will not last beyond Scully’s 21st birthday, when the jurisdiction of juvenile court will end under state law.

Luis Ramirez will NOT receive justice. In fact, as if to add insult to injury, Baldwin ruled Scully’s actions, would have constituted aggravated assault, ethnic intimidation, hindering apprehension, simple assault, recklessly endangering another person and underage drinking IF the D.A. had properly tried Scully (who is older than Piekarsky) as an adult (not that a Schuylkill County jury would have convicted him). For these heinous crimes, Scully will only receive 90 days evaluation, a mere handslap.

The response from the accomodating Schuylkill district attorney was so typical of his previous response to this murder. He expressed "satisfaction" with the result of Monday’s hearing. “(my boy) Brian took responsibility for his actions. He admitted to the charges,” Goodman said. “I believe it’s an appropriate resolution.”

Scully was taken away immediately after the hearing. Then adding more insult to injury, Baldwin said Scully would be allowed to return to the county for his June 1 graduation at Shenandoah Valley High School.

What a travesty of Justice!



Vicente Duque said...

How can you heal your soul from a Racist Justice System ??

Well ART is a superb Healing System.

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I have seen a beautiful movie series in French "Voici venir l'orage..." (2007) about Russian Jews, The Bolshevik Revolution and later the Nazis, but I can not find it in English. Any Help ??

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Vicente Duque

Dave said...


Pardon me, but WTF? This was just doomed from the start, wasn't it? It started with the nonresponse of police to the crime scene, how two weeks passed before anyone was arrested, the choosing of who to try as a juvenile versus adult, the doubting and nonuse of relevant witnesses, the jury selection being all-white, the inept prosecution, etc. WTF? And then, it's as if saying sorry is all that one needs to do when on trial. It reminded me of how one juror said, "If I would have seen remorse, my heart would have gone out." when describing how she felt about the teens on trial. WTF? Murderers saying sorry, is all well and good, but they still need to pay for their crimes.

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