Sunday, October 11, 2009

Glenn Beck Gets Joe Arpaio to Admit he IS Racial Profiling Latinos!

Glenn Beck's ONE Good Thing: While interviewing Joe Arpaio, skillfully got him to out himself as a RACIAL PROFILER! Beck's Motivation? My guess is, he sees that Arpaio is "going down" and as we know, Beck will do ANYTHING for ratings! Even attack his own side!

From the video: (at minute: 4:30)
"I'm just trying to understand this," Beck wonders at one point. "They say you can't enforce the federal laws. So how are you going to enforce it and still be a man of your word?"

"Because I'm going to enforce the state laws," responds Arpaio. "And there is a federal law that they don't seem to understand is there, that I will enforce also."

"Which is what?" asks Beck.

"Which is, if local law enforcement comes across some people, that have a erratic, or scared, or whatever, you know, they're worried," Joe responds, "and if they have, their speech, what they look like (Latino), if they just look like they came from another country, we can take care of that situation. But I don't need that anyway, Glenn, I can still do the job."

"Hang on," says Beck. "When was that law written? Because all I hear about is that sounds like profiling. And the government is saying you can't profile anybody."

at minute 6:30: Beck: What are they doing, wearing sombreros??

Joe Arpaio on Glenn Beck


Dee said...

Some anonymous commenters are getting their chonies in a bunch attempting to defend arpaio and his goons for their RACIAL PROFILING!!

Tuff! Too Bad! So Sad!

Here is what the anons are ATTEMPTING To Defend Arpayaso with:
"State and local law enforcement officials have the general power to investigate and arrest violators of federal immigration statutes without prior INS knowledge or approval, as long as they are authorized to do so by state law."


And the biggest irony of all:
Your FRIEND Glenn Beck OUTED HIM!!!


Vicente Duque said...

Raciality or Racism : U. S. Congress Reports about U. S. Trade from Sept 2009 - Are "Third World Nations" despicable ?? - Useless Backward Nations ??

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European Union 18.9%

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China is the Terrible Giant and "Sleeping Dragon of Trade", a Gulliver surrounded by Little Liliputians

Source :

Congressional Research Service
Prepared for members and committees of Congress
U. S. Latin America Trade : Recent Trends and Policy issues

J. E. Hornbeck - Specialist in International Trade and Finance

U. S. Direction of Total Trade - From 1996 to 2008

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Vicente Duque said...

I forgot to say this super important paragraph :

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Vicente Duque

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