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Minuteman Leader Shawna Forde Linked to Former CIA Covert Operatives - Now Minutemen!

We've all known a "Big Talker" with delusions of grandeur who talks about the famous people they know and how important they are. In the above video taped last February by Scott North from heraldnet daily, Shawna Forde talks about the "covert operations" into drug cartels she and other minutemen are involved with and her contacts with CIA Operatives.

Well maybe be wasn't such a big blowhard afterall. AZStarnet is reporting Shawna Forde's involvement with a former CIA Operative and Minuteman Member Joe Adams. In March of 2008, she camped out with other minutemen at a campsite north of Sasabe, Arizona known as Caballo Loco. There she met the notorious CIA covert operative Joseph Adams of "Nicaraguan Contra/Crack Cocaine Scandal" fame. Joseph Adams also presently operates a domestic as well as an "international private security company" and has travelled extensively throughout the world on covert missions. Also present at the camp was Wes Fleming, an employee of the infamous anti-Mexican bigot Glenn Spencer, according to journalist Art Ricker of the Galena Gazette in a report he published on April of 2008.

Listen to what Shawna Forde is saying on the above video, especially towards the end. She is talking about Joe Adams when she said her contact "worked for the government and has contacts in homeland, epa and has his own crew."

Check the Azstarnet interviews with Joe Adams. Adams attempts to distance himself from Forde. However, he does acknowledge the relationship. Additionally, if you go to the comment section, comment #8, Christie C (Jeff Schwilk's ex-girlfriend), Christie appears to confirm a sexual relationship between Forde and Adams.

In the past few months, Arizona has had numerous hijackings of suspected drugs smugglers along its major highways involving well armed vigilantes. There have also been numerous home invasions of the type that took place in Arivaca, Arizona by the Minutemen American Defense vigilantes. These raids have been carried out with paramilitary precision utilizing assaults rifles and military style gear. Are these simply CIA covert operations led by the likes of Joe Adams which are utilizing the Minutemen in order to raise funds for unauthorized projects in the same manner as they were raising funds to fund the Contras in Nicaragua? The American Public has a right to konw. A 9-year-old innocent Mexican-American child has been murdered. These types of activities cannot happen again here in America.
To ex-mercenary, Shawna Forde 'was just a pain'
Forde describes investigative activities, including ties to somebody she says is linked to the CIA.
Minutemen killers, drugs and the CIA


ultima said...

Maybe you are overlooking a far more important threat to our freedom of speech

ultima said...

Here is a cause more worthy of your pen.

MM Pete said...

Please stop trying to make a connection between Forde and the original MM organization. She ventured out on her own and we don't approve of violence. We believe in helping to protect our borders by only reporting illegal aliens to the Border Patrol as they try to cross. We do not detain illegal aliens nor attempt to harm them. Thank you and please no more smears or attempt to link us with those who are violent. Many of us are retired vets who have served our country honorably and continue to do so to this day.

Dee said...

I am sure there are nice minutemen out there who believe in what they are trying to accomplish.

However, to deny Shawna Forde and Gunny Bush were Minutemen is wrong. There is countless documentation which shows their ties to Jim Gilchrist, Glenn Spencer, they trained at Chris Simcox border camp and now their association with Joe Adams is proven.

The facts are there are many bad apples in the MM ranks. You know it as well as I do and they are still there.

I say if you really want to help, take off your guns and stop your border patrols and for Heaven's Sake stop the violence by some in your ranks.

Vicente Duque said...

The History of the Minutemen is linked to a lot of Racist, Harassment of Latinos, Indians, Blacks and others with a lot of Racial Profiling, Illegal Detentions, etc ...

And a lot of Racist and Violent Propaganda, bordering almost in the Ku Klux Klan or Nazi Skinheads.

Lots of smears, vilifying of the "Lower Races", White Supremacism to fill many Trains, Wagons and Locomotives.

Lots of people appear in the desert killed by bullets.

It is extremely simplistic to blame the coyotes .... But how can your business prosper if you kill your customers ??

Take the case of Joe Horn killing two Black Guys by shooting them in the back. That happened in the street, Pasadena, Texas.

The Police told him repeatedly on the phone not to shoot, but he disobeyed.

Later a pacific march of Blacks to protest these murders was disrupted by Supremacist Whites.

Joe Horn wasn't even indicted. He was absolved and acquitted by White Supremacist Prosecutors and Judges.

Since the two black guys were "illegals" then they weren't human and had no rights. That is the Idiotic Philosophy of the Minutemen.

The Minutemen are a Paramilitary Organization, like the "Paras", murderers in any Latino Country.

Like the SA brown shirts of Hitler, the Sturm Abteilung, meaning the Attack Department.

If the U. S. Department of Justice and the citizens don't intervene, they will have their Kristallnachts to destroy the businesses of all people of Latin Origin.

And they would be the happiest organizing Progroms, that is evictions and expulsions.

Fortunately, the U. S. has Economists and Planners that are intelligent and care for the Economy, or have a sense of morality that the Minutemen lack.

They don't share that miserable imbecility of Redneck LOSERS and people failed in life, begging for alms and donations pretending that they are like the heroes of The American Revolution and Constitution.

They are more Himmlers and Adolf Eichmans, more Josef Mengeles than Paul Reveres.

Vicente Duque

webmaster said...

Christie suggesting that Shawna had intimate relations with Joe Adams HARDLY is proof of same. Christie's been on the run for the better part of 2 years, changing locations frequently. She doesn't know Shawna personally, and has no clue who Shawna was hanging out with. Funny how Joe Adams sets her up, then disappears, isn't it?

Dee said...

Is that you Laine?

Christie has NOT been on the run. She has been very brave in standing up to MM Schwilk and his cohorts who are relentless in their demonization of her. She has stood strong and posted her videos and pictures of him in his TRUE form! The woman has guts even if I don't agree with her viewpoint!

Anon4 said...

MM Pete said…Stop connecting Forde to the MM. We don't approve of violence.
Ultima said…You are overlooking a far more important threat to our freedom of speech… And…Here is a cause more worthy of your pen. (to which he leaves no open connection).
This reminds me of the old movie, “The Wizard of Oz.” When the old man behind the curtain realizes that his secret has been discovered, he says, “pay no attention to the man behind the curtain.” Dee, you must be on to something. Don’t divert your attention from the track you are on. It is entirely plausible that the MM really does not approve of violence. On the other hand, if there is any “precision” to this violence, it is not a stretch of the imagination to see a CIA connection. In the meantime, Fox News continues to blame illegal aliens for this violence. All of the undocumented Mexicans that I have met here are only interested in finding work, no matter how hard it is.

MM Pete said...

The key word here is Forde "was" a member of the original MM organization. It appears you have chose to forget that little tidbit.

No, there are not "many" bad apples in our organization just a very few of which we have and will continue to weed out. We cannot stop violence from those who are not members of our organization anymore. Only law enforcement can do that.

We don't carry guns as offense but as defense. The border is very dangerous especially with the drug cartel operations down there. That is the only reason we carry any weapons at all. We do not shoot people. Anyone found to have done that would be reported to the proper authorities and would never have a place in our organization again.

Dee said...

Shawna was the LEADER of the Minutemen of America the day she and Gunny Bush murdered Brisenia Flores. Everyone knows that. Everyone knows there are hundreds of minutemen groups, some associated with each other, some not. We do know that even on the dya of the murder and the cover up days afterwards, Shawna was in constant contact with Jim Gilchrist. He even said so on his website and didn't take this info down until after her arrest.

Additionally, she was arrested while leaving Glenn Spencer's ranch.

No use trying to deny any of this. It will surely come out in court.This info is already in the warrant documentation that was posted by heraldnet daily a few months ago.

Regardless, I still do not agree with armed MMs patrolling the border. This still goes on today and you know it.

Let's agree to disagree regarding motive. Other than that, let's wait until this all comes out in court. No use disputing the evidence.

MM Pete said...

I think you know that Jim Gilchrist also left the original MM organization so why bring him up? He was a nutcase just like Forde. You still seem to be confusing the offshoot organizations of the MM organization with the original one. You might want to stop doing that. I don't know who keeps in touch with who but I do know that the non-violent, law abiding members of the MM do not associate with these cast offs. Glenn Spencer has nothing to do with our organization either. I see you are still trying to make all kinds of connections to non-violent MM to the violent and subversive ones. Is there a motive involved here?

Americans are allowed to carry weapons as long as they have permits for them. You cannot deny them that just because you don't like that. We are always within the laws on that and have permits and we have a right to protect ourselves. It is no different than having a gun in your home to protect yourself and your family. It is for defense only.

Laine Lawless said...

Dee, you know where to reach me:
You can send me a personal email if you want to talk. Christie told me a couple of weeks ago that she moves frequently, uses a proxy something or other to diguise her real ISP, etc., so that those who are looking for her cannot find her. I think I know where she's living, but it's not for me to say. She's been thru a lot of crap as a Targeted Individual, and it is now happening to me since I have taken an unpopular stand for Shawna's innocence. Time will prove me right. LL

Dee said...

I know many of the old time MMs are trying desperately to disassociate themselves from Shawna and from Jim Gilchrist. But how can you? Gilchrist formed the initial MM group with Simcox. He is the face of the MMs. He even represented the MMs when he stood next to Huckabee in the last presidential campaign. Deny as you will, it is what it is.

Also, my opposition is to MMs patrolling the border with guns. That is what I said. Put down your guns and stop patrolling the border and perhaps your side, remaining civil, will gain some credibility again.

Dee said...

I do have to say I think Christie has been very brave in the face of all the violence, internet attacks and bad mouthing she has had to face from Schwilk, Little Dogs and other MMs. She has stood strong, outed Schwilk in his bikini boy pictures, and kept up website after website after multiple attacks. She even kept up her radio show. Even though I totally disagree with her Immigration perspective, I do have to give her kudos for standing so strong against those vicious attacks against her.

BTW, I was referencing her comment in the azstarnet link. She is talking about the connection Shawna had with Joe Adams.

MM Pete said...

We are not trying desparately to disassociate our group from people like Forde and Gilchrist. They have been long gone from our organization. Now if we were trying to deny that they were ever a part of our organization then that would be a different story and could be called "desparate disassociaton" but that isn't the case so why do you continue with this? Gilchrist is no longer the face of the MM and hasn't been for a long time now. So what am I denying?

As I said, we will not succumd to orders by ordinary citizens like yourself to put down our guns being used only for self defense or to patrol our borders within the laws of this country. Why wouldn't any loyal American be glad that there are retired vets and other citizens like myself who so love our country that we are willing to give our own time to help protect it? The Feds certainly aren't. I don't understand this reasoning at all from an American.

Dee said...


Let's just agree to disagree. Neither one of us are going to change our minds nor convince the other.

I know what I know.
You know what you know.

pcorn54 said...

This hardly acknowledges Fordes claims that she was undercover with the government with someone from the CIA. It seems Joe Admas is nothing more than a criminal like herself and many of the Minutemen that want to be seen as mainstream of America.

I too have a problem with these vigilantes roaming the border with weapons, whatever their mindset. That's the job for the border patrol, not old men trying to recapture the glory days of their youth or young punks looking to persecute people they feel inferior to themselves.

And as for Christies comment, it is apparent that from an early age, Forde made her way in this world on her back. And it is apparent that is how she conducted herself on the border and within the Minuteman organizations she was involved with.

Dee said...

Very wise assessment.
I agree!

MM Pete said...

"I too have a problem with these vigilantes roaming the border with weapons, whatever their mindset. That's the job for the border patrol, not old men trying to recapture the glory days of their youth or young punks looking to persecute people they feel inferior to themselves."

That isn't what we are about at all. The Border Patrol appreciates our help. They have told us many times. We stay within the laws of this country and as I have already stated we only carry weapons in self-defense if needed. The smears of the non-violent, law abiding MM need to stop. We do not condone the actions of Forde and other likeminded individuals at all and we never have. We weed them out as best we can before they break the law.

Vicente Duque said...

From the Brown Shirts of Hitler to the Minutemen Paramilitaries of Today's America and their project of substituting the Government

The Brown Shirts of Hitler : The SA Sturm Abteilung or "Attack Department" were probably within the law ( when Hitler was chancellor of the Reich ) ... That doesn't make them moral.

There were many nice guys inside the SA or inside the Hitler Youth.

Many people flocked to the SA because they were unemployed, they were alone without friends and wanted to be in an organization. Many just wanted a meal.

Many of them should have been nice guys to start..... Good sons and grandson, good brothers....

But that does not earn my appreciation for those paramilitaries of Hitler. They become a Force of Evil, Sadism, Racism, Cruelty, Brutality, Murder, etc ...

The Minutemen :

Many people may be for many simple reasons inside the Minutemen, they are lonely, or they just believe the Propaganda that they are Heroes of the American Revolution, Great Paul Reveres....

Many Minutemen are just extremely simple minds or fools believing that they are the top echelon of evolution, and forgetting that they are losers and failed lives, cans of inferiority complexes and dysfunctional family remains.

Many just want an adventure ....

But the Truth is that the organization operates inside a framework of Racism, Sadism, Cruelty and Brutality.

And you can see that in their papers, propaganda, announcements, advertising, actions, etc...

Wolves in Sheep skins do not persuade the people that are thinking and reflecting on this madness of this cult for Weapons and Racism.

Let the Government do the work that corresponds.... Not fools and the mentally deranged like Shawna Forde, Gunny Busy and any other Mentally Deranged Thug with Criminal Tendencies.

Vicente Duque

Vicente Duque said...

You see the Minutemen already killed a nine year old girl Brisenia Flores and her Father Raul during an invasion of their home, they are not statistics, they were human beings with a beautiful family of love, Brisenia was loved by all her classmates in Elementary School and strongly loved her parents.

A few other murders have been already strongly proved to the Minutemen Authors and there are many other murders in which the Minutemen are good suspects.

Vicente Duque

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