Thursday, October 8, 2009

NASA Bombing Moon Friday Morning In Search of Water to Support Lives of Illegal Aliens On the Moon!

NASA is “bombing” the Moon tomorrow morning -- not once, but twice. The NASA LCROSS mission will slam a spacecraft into the Moon’s Cabeus crater at 7:31AM EST time on Friday morning (that's 6:31 Central -- Texas time).

The mission will happen in two stages: a rocket delivering the "bomb" will send the payload craft at close to 6,000 miles per hour into the moon crater. The delivery rocket, specially equipped to detect the presence of water will chase behind, fly through the debris cloud, and then smack into the crater approximately four minutes later. The hope is, that by kicking up enough Moon stuff into the “air,” scientists will be able to detect the presence of water that may be hidden just under the surface. The Moon's Cabeus crater was chosen as a likely candidate because it lives in the shadows and hasn’t seen sunlight in millions of years. It’s cold temperatures may have allowed for frozen water to remain locked away, whereas moisture exposed to the heat and light would have boiled off into space countless ages ago. It’s likely the moisture itself was delivered from violent impacts in the past, when ice laden meteorites crashed into the lunar surface.

So what’s the point? The discovery of water on the Moon may mean it can support life. Not life native to the Moon of course but it could help support HUMAN LIFE e.g. Illegal Aliens on the Moon! (Note to ANTIS: We are ALL Illegal Aliens on the Moon!)

A “Space Base” on the Moon may some day make use of the moisture for drinking water, and even splitting it into its constituent parts to make breathable air. If moisture is detected, NASA has plans for follow up missions to drill several feet into the Moon to get a better look.

Aside from being able to detect moisture, the chase craft is also equipped with high definition video cameras. NASA has an entire event planned, including a stream of the live footage. The event can be seen on the NASA channel on cable, or live at the NASA LCROSS website. It begins at 6:15AM CT. The debris cloud from the impact is expected to be large enough that it should be visible to the amateur astronomer with a typical hobby telescope.


concerned American said...

How can humans be illegal aliens on the moon when there is no indigenous life there? How dumb!

I have a better idea than searching for water on the moon to sustain human life. Stabilize our planet's population growth and live within the natural resources we have on this earth. That would mean that certain cultural practices to breed irresponsibly would have to change. But outdated religiious creeds and those who consider each new human they produce as another ticket to freebies like here in the U.S. don't allow for common sense.

Vicente Duque said...

Obama is Nobel Peace Prize

This is beautiful News - We like and love Mr Obama, and he deserves it, but if he Vietnamizes Afghanistan then he would be Lyndon Baines Obama. And professor Chalmers Johnson of the University of California would be right in talking about the decline of America.

Unfortunately or Fortunately ... I am a superpessimist about Wars ... I consider War the Supreme Act of Imbecility. Before the Invasion of Iraq by Bush, I said that this was the Most Supreme Act of Imbecility and Stupidity. Total Idiocy. Lack of Intelligence on the part of those that ruled the USA.

Of course the guys that initiate wars become extremely rich by profiteering, defense contracts, mercenary contracts, etc .... There are many economic forces that drive the Wars.

And Religious Imbecility !!

Viva Mr Obama !!

But don't be an idiot in Afghanistan, if you do foolish things then DR Chalmers Johnson would have to write

"The Last Days of the American Empire"

Vicente Duque

Amy said...

I really hope that there are no bad effects from bombing the moon. It just seems insane.

Proletariat Defender said...

I guess we would be considered 'illegal aliens' on the Moon if there is some existing population already on the Moon. Which is possible I suppose. Many people already believe that a civilization resides there, just web search "Moon People" or "NASA hides evidence of moon base".

I just find it funny that people are using the term 'bombing' the Moon....

But in that case, maybe you would be interesting reading this:

constant gina said...

When will they leave nature alone....

Vicente Duque said...

Dee :

Congratulations to all American Scientists and Engineers for New Finds with these experiments.

But I am more interested in the new "Ardi" missing link that is the super grand daddy of Lucy, the australophitecus.


Morning for America without Ronald Reagan.

I like to read the pessimists like Professor Chalmers Johnson of the University of California ( Pessimism about America )

But I consider those theories extremely exaggerated. We are not living in the last days of the American Empire or the American Republic.

There is a new Spring under way for America. A morning for America without Ronald Reagan or the Republicans.

I hope that the Democrats lose very few seats in the House and Senate for the 2010 elections. ( Ideal : zero losses )

If Mr Obama can stop these absurd and destructive Wars, then he will be a Great President.

He is not the kind of fool that George W. Bush was.

I hope the best for America.

Vicente Duque

Dee said...

I read this article that indicated there were earlier missions which identified there IS water on the moon:
"The long-standing theory of the moon being bone dry is now all wet.

That's because large swaths of the lunar surface are saturated with water—or at least the ingredients needed to make water, a suite of new studies confirm.
Moon Crash, New Maps to Aid Search for Lunar Water Moon Exploration Pictures, Facts, More Moon Water Found, Raises Questions About Origin Theory A trio of satellites—including India's recently lost lunar probe, Chandrayaan-1—picked up the light signature of water (H2O) or hydroxyl (OH) or both while mapping the moon.

The other two probes that found moon water are NASA's Cassini and Deep Impact spacecraft. "

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