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Immigration Clearinghouse: Border Action Network scores big win against Minutemen and other vigilante groups

From Immigration Clearinghouse:
Border Action Network scores big win against Minutemen and other vigilante groups
Inter-American Commission Takes on Human Rights Case Against U.S. for Not Prosecuting Border Vigilante Groups
Residents of Douglas, Arizona remember a long history of racial profiling. In the early days, Minutemen drove through their small downtown area, randomly asking people walking down the street if they had their “papers.” Since those early days of border vigilante groups patrolling the border and border towns, harassment and racial profiling has continued. Currently, a Minuteman member faces charges for murdering an Arivaca, Arizona man and his child this summer.

The Border Action Network, an Arizona-based human rights organization, believes the U.S. government should be held to task for turning a blind eye to the groups. “Anti-immigrant vigilantism continues to plague Arizona and the border region,” explains Jennifer Allen, Border Action’s Executive Director.

We tried everything possible to get local, state and federal officials to address rights violations and criminal behavior of these groups who act like they are above the rule of law. We found that no one had the courage or political will to prosecute them. In some cases, we found collusion between the government and vigilantes.” The group filed a petition with the Organization of American States (OAS) in April 2005. Last week, the Inter-American Commission on Human Rights of the OAS ruled that it will hear the case filed by the Border Action Network alleging human rights violations by the United States for allowing anti-immigrant vigilante groups to operate along the US/Mexico border.

The decision, which allows the case to move forward to the merits stage, comes after four years of legal submissions and a hearing before the Commission in Washington, DC in March 2008. The Border Action Network has also asked the Commission for an interim order to stop vigilante violence while the case is heard, in response to the recent murder of the family in Arivaca by members of Shawna Forde’s Minutemen American Defense (MAD).

“The Commission only processes about 10% of the petitions they receive. This important milestone allows the case to move forward and the Commission to determine whether the U.S. government has a duty to prevent and sanction these vigilante groups,” says Se├ínna Howard of the University of Arizona, attorney for the Border Action Network.

The ruling by the Commission coincides with the launch of a new border vigilante group,
Al Garza’s Patriot Coalition, which was scheduled to patrol the border in Cochise County, Arizona from September 18th to October 15th. The Coalition’s patrols were cut short when the group’s leader, Al Garza, a previous colleague of Minuteman leader Chris Simcox, fell ill and was hospitalized. The entire decision by the Commission can be accessed here.


Vicente Duque said...

I would love if Mr Obama unpacks his turban, hidden deep in a closet ( unfortunately covered with dust ) and visits his muslim grandma. Be a good grandson Barack !

You don't have to go to Afghanistan, Iraq, Pakistan or Muslim countries to find a "terrorist" .....

Some terrorists don't wear turbans or long robes and some terrorists are not in the Middle Ages of a Backward Country.

Terrorists may be next door like these coward bullies "the Minutemen" ... that believe to be heroes of the American Revolution, when in fact they are the most coward despicable bullies. Like killing Brisenia Flores, a 9 year old girl and her father Raul, Arizona, June 2008.

They are now accused of several murders. And suspect in others.

Terrorists are the six guys that cowardly kicked Luis Ramirez to death in Shenandoah Pennsylvania on July 2008.

"While the men yelled racial epithets at Ramirez, they punched and kicked his head and body so severely that he lay foaming at the mouth with two skull fractures.

Once Ramirez was on the ground he was continually kicked until brain matter leaked from his skull."

They are now scot free after being slapped in the wrist. Killing a dog would have carried heavier punishment.

Let me add that it is useless, idiotic and imbecile to go to "Eternal Wars" exterminating Tribals in Backward Countries. These poor people in pajamas don't have the slightest idea of where America is located or what America stands for. ....

Only fools like George W. Bush and Profiteers like Dick Cheney or Donald Rumsfeld can initiate these wars against poor people that probably are more intelligent than them, and all the planers of the Pentagon.

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You see, muslims and arabs are human too, even if they have different ideas or customs from us. And I am sure that they are very intelligent and capable of "civilization", just give them a chance, with less airstrikes.

Here I prophesize the Future with 100% confidence and certainty :

Vicente Duque

Vicente Duque said...

"The Bounds of Law: Raciality and the Name of Evil" - By Denise Ferreira da Silva - The subjects of colonialism and imperialism, outside the "moral" community.

The Blacks and Browns that were subject to colonialism and imperialism are now accused of being outside of the "moral" community. The theorizing and philosophizing to exclude others from "Civilization", "Progress" and "Morality" and to accuse them of all Evils in the Planet.
"The Bounds of Law: Raciality and the Name of Evil"
By Denise Ferreira da Silva,
Paper presented at the annual meeting of the The Law and Society Association, Renaissance Hotel, Chicago, Illinois, May 27, 2004

The Bounds of Law: Raciality and the Name of Evil

Some excerpts :

Not too long ago ‘experience’ and ‘culture’ prevailed as the grounds for claims for the inclusion – ‘recognition’ and ‘incorporation’ – of subaltern ‘voices’ which reconfigured the theoretical salon, as knowledge was consolidated as a proper site of political struggle. As this re-arranging of the seats was still under the way, the announcement of a new political-economic order (globalization) that followed the demise of the Soviet Union also introduced “war” as trope to justify the need of new strategies of global policing.

Not surprisingly, the new subjects of policing were the same that demanded the recognition of their particular ‘experience’ and ‘cultural’ perspective. And yet, the fact that these racial subaltern collectivities as the main targets of the “war on drugs,” “war on crime,” and “war on terror,” seems to be of no consequence to those theorizing the reconfiguration of the political space globalization imposes.

Instead, the focus has been placed upon the abstract figure of the state – in notions such as ‘empire,” in the theorizing of sovereignty, etc., even as the argument for global policing privileges the need to protect national borders located in the Global North against transnational black and brown “evil doers” who thrive everywhere in the Global South.

In this paper, I argue that the renaming of the racial “others of Europe” as the subjects of evil acts constitutes as new moment of the analytics of raciality. I show that rather than displacing the racial and the cultural as global signifiers, the naming of evil relies upon their effects of signification to place certain global regions and collectivities – precisely the ones subjected to colonialism and imperialism – as outside the ‘moral’ community to be protected by the principles presupposed in national and international legal instruments and strategies.

More Infor on Raciality :

Vicente Duque

Vicente Duque said...

The Difficult to understand Racial Philosophy of Denise Ferreira da Silva ( UCLA/SD ) - US Constitution without Blacks - Brazilian Race, critique of Mestizos

I admire this Black Lady, Dr Denise Ferreira da Silva, Professor at the University of California at San Diego.

Her books and articles on Race, Racism and Raciality are extremely interesting and I am persuaded that there are many gold nuggets of Great Value to be found. This lady raises the most extreme and tough questions on Race.

Unfortunately there are many quotes of Great Famous Philosophers and other Racial Historians who are unknown to me and to most people.

This Lady Professor tries to explain such tough subjects as why the U. S. Constitution seems to exclude Blacks as not belonging to the Human Race. Remember that there were decisions of the U. S. Supreme Court in the Nineteen Century in which Blacks were not humans, or citizens, or whatever, and excuse, please my ignorance.

Dr Denise is "Black" ( I saw her photography ) and Brazilian and she doesn't seem to love the Racial History of Brazil.

It seems that the Black Race was appropiated for sexuality in Brazil, the female body, for the plantation owner. And so the mestizo was born, a shrewd strategy to avoid conflict ??? ( my question ).

The problem for Dr Denise with the mestizo, is that it is molded for Whiteness and for White values. Probably in Beauty contests, they approve some beautiful dark or brown skin, but select for White Features. You understand what I say, they want people that are not Milk-White but that have a trend or tendency to Whiteness, in Psychology and in Physical Presence.

Dr Denise thinks that the Brazilians want to produce a new race that ends the Blacks or Africans. And in which the White Psychological and Physical Values predominate.

All this is immersed in difficult philosophy and I don't reject it because of the difficulty. Who said that Gold Mining was easy !

I have to operate my site RACIALITY.COM and Dr Denise refers a lot to the word "Raciality", perhaps she wants to find a new term that carries a lot of meaning for the study of Legal Matters about Race, Philosophical matters about Race, History of Race, etc .... and the word "Racism" is no longer appropriate. So she loads the word "Raciality" with a lot of Historic, Legal and Philosophical difficulties and meanings. ( that is only my poor guess ! )

More information about the Racial Philosophy of Dr Denise here in this blogspot :

Blogspot was written on 12th March 2009 :

Breakdown of Denise Ferreira da Silva: TOWARD A GLOBAL THEORY OF RACE

I am trying to understand more about these topics that are studied in that Wonderful University of California ( UCLA ) .... How I love that University !

I am posting some articles and reviews about Dr Denise Ferreira da Silva, here :

Vicente Duque

Anonymous said...

It's actually quite legal to detain trespassers on private property. And when they come in groups as large as the ones in the picture I say having a gun handy is a wise move for the safety of the people arresting them. As long as they don't shoot them or beat them up without cause I'm fine with it. The police should be taking care of the border but clearly aren't.

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