Thursday, October 1, 2009

New Hero Congressman Grayson Speaks the Truth About Republicans Advocating "Die Quickly!" Nutty Republicans Get their Chonies in a Bunch!

There's a new Democratic Hotshot in town and his name is Congressman Alan Grayson (D-FL). I like this guy because he is not afraid to speak the truth. On the House Floor Tuesday night, he gave a brief floor speech where he said: "If you get sick, America, the Republican health care plan is this: Die quickly. That's right. The Republicans want you to die quickly if you get sick."

The freshman congressman said the statement was triggered after he read an article by Harvard scientists claiming 44,000 Americans die every year because of a lack of health insurance. "The speech I gave (Tuesday) was meant to underline the fact that we can't wait any longer. America really needs affordable, comprehensive, universal health insurance," Grayson said in an interview Wednesday. "And the speech (Tuesday night) was, I think, motivated by my sense of urgency." I agree Congressman Grayson. We cannot and should not allow status quo to continue. We cannot let the status quo process allow 44,000 more Americans to die every year. That is EXACTLY what the Republicans want when they continue to be the party of NO and continue to follow the biddings of the Healthcare Providers and their Lobbyists.

So how did the Republicans, the party of "No" react to Grayson's Truth Telling? Remember, Joe "You Lie" Wilson never apologized for screaming out at the President. Remember, various Republicans, including nutwad Michelle Bachman, screaming on the floor the LIE "Death Panels" was in the Healthcare bill. (Now Nutwad Bachman is shouting out Abortions in Clinics LIE -- more next post) THEY ARE LIARS!!!!!!! and they Continue to shout out LIES!!

These Republicans have their chonies in a wad. They are using Glenn Beck's blubber tears to demand Grayson apologize for TELLING THE TRUTH!!

Congressman Grayson, I am proud of you! Stand up to those two-faced nutjobs. It is about time Democrats stood up and gave it back to them! Please keep it up for the sake of the American People!
PS: Congressman Grayson is a freshman. He has already gone head to head with Cavuto and others. My hats off to this strong proponent of Truth, Justice and the American Way! My forecast: We will be hearing much more about this "tough as nails" Congressman! He walks the talk!


Vicente Duque said...

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Immigration has become an obsession in America. We can study the History of France and learn something about low birth rates and Immigration.

Who can deny that France was considered very charming throughout History ??. That France was a Magnet for Artists, Philosophers, Intellectuals, etc .. ??

"Happy as God in France" - Historical German Proverb

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The French Economy in the Twentieth Century

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The end of French exceptionalism?

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The first Western nation historically to have undergone a demographic transition (a drastic reduction of its birth rate), France saw its population virtually stagnate for close to a hundred years from the middle of the nineteenth century onwards. In 1936 it numbered thirty-nine million people, barely more than in 1836 (thirty-six million). ‘Malthusian’ behaviour (the voluntary limitation of family size) has been linked to precocious and widespread birth-control practices, conceived as a strategy to maintain property holdings intact since the Code Civil (1804) stipulated the equal division of the family estate between siblings. As a result, the single-child family was especially prevalent in France before the Second World War.

Up to the Second World War the prolonged stagnation of the French population had far-reaching implications. In terms of numbers France was no longer a ‘heavy-weight’ on the Continent as other countries caught up with her; this affected the relative size of her army and therefore her military potential). But it meant also that France’s population was ageing much faster than that of other comparable countries. The falling birth rate sometimes prevented the replacement of generations: from 1908 to 1912 and again between 1935 and 1939 France experienced negative population growth.

Both before and after the First World War, foreign immigrants – first, Italian and Belgian, and later Polish and Spanish – came to fill the consequent gap in the workforce. France’s ailing population was further hit by the hecatomb of the world wars. In the first, of all belligerents (bar Serbia) France suffered the highest casualty rate relative to its population. In addition to its 1.4 million dead, a vast majority of them young men, the number of wounded (2.5 million) and the birth deficit in wartime (1.7 million) caused a gender imbalance in the interwar years which further depressed the birth rate. France paid a less catastrophic toll in the Second World War: less than half the number of lives lost in the first war and merely 400,000 births forgone (as a result of the internment of 1.8 million prisoners of war). But, unlike after the former war, the consequences of the latter were soon erased by the ‘baby boom’ which swept Western Europe in the aftermath of the Second World War.

More studies of Demography, Birth Rates, Genetics and Immigration :

Vicente Duque

Vicente Duque said...

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This is Great Wisdom.....

And I can add this : We have to love ourselves and respect ourselves .... If we have spent a lot of time in Libraries reading books on History, Politics, Novels, Fiction, Science ... they why should we discuss things with perfect ignorants and fools, that are also Psychological Monsters filled with Hate, Failure and the Frustration of a LOSER ??

There is another thought that crosses my mind continuously : We are becoming old, minute by minute, and life is very short.

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The worst use of time is dicussing with ignorants or fools, or with people that are in deep Psychological trouble.....

They would end up going to a gym to kill Women, or to a Museum to kill Blacks, or they will gather with a gang of thugs to kill an Immigrant by kicking him in the head while laying unconscious on the floor.

Vicente Duque

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The Russian Poor People turn to Religion, while the Super Rich live like potentates. The New Russian Serfs.

All the problems of comunism are left : Police State, abuse of Authorities, Dictatorship.

May 17, 2007
Since the collapse of the Soviet Union in 1991, the West has purposefully ignored the devastation which resulted. The West merely shrugged it's shoulders or pulled faces in 2005 when Putin called it "the greatest geopolitical catastrophe of the 20th century."

A once great country is now nearing terminal collapse. By 2050 Russia may have lost 50% of its population.
Male life expectancy has plummeted like no time in recorded human history (now 56).

In this chaos opportunism has reached new depths. Oligarchs stole billions of dollars of assets which under Soviet times had belonged to all people. These are like new tzars, embraced by church and state.

Violence and the rise of the far-right is turning Russian against Russian on the basis of ethnic origin.

Drug abuse, alcoholism, suicide, abject depression flow from a people who once worked together for a better and brighter Communist future. In its place is emptiness.

"The rise in mortality is unprecedented in a developed country. Its as though the country is at war"

See the six videos here :

Part 1 (of 6) Death of a Nation - Russia

More about Baby Crunches, Demography and the Decay of Nations, Immigration, Minorities, etc :

Vicente Duque

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