Sunday, October 18, 2009

Immigration Debate Stirs Up Interesting Costumes This Halloween!

Halloween is just around the corner and retailers are taking advantage of the political atmosphere. This year, retailers are selling Minuteman and Illegal Alien costumes. Retailers are obviously speculating that Immigration Reform is on many people's minds.
The motives of costume wearers vary. Last Halloween, Derrick Donchak, one of the perpetrators of the Luis Ramierez - Kick in the Head Murder, wore a Border Patrol costume on Halloween. This came out during courtroom testimony. Imagine Donchak's motives for wearing this costume so soon after the murder of Ramirez. Pictures of Donchak in that shirt laughing tell the whole story.

In an article in USA Today, Immigration Rights Activists are asking retailers not to sell the illegal alien costumes. Why? One look at the illegal alien costume makes the answer obvious. This obviously Latino "illegal alien" has a big "Cheech" style mustache, ballcap and green card. Not only is this disrespectful, but it is racial profiling. Retailers, however, are not taking it off the shelves. Some say it is because it is a big seller. While some people are offended by the costume, others are having a field day, laughing and enjoying the attention. Good Ole Boy Willie Gheen, Alipac's head honcho, said he intends to buy the costume, and calls the reaction unfounded. "The only people getting upset are the hyper-sensitive, over-politically correct, pro-amnesty, illegal alien-supporting nuts," said Gheen. "You can't attack people's freedom in this country."
Obviously ole Willie has some comprehension issues. The PRO Voices have as much right to ask the retailers to stop selling as the Retailers have a right to say No. The PRO Voices also have a choice not to shop at their retail outlets. It's all a matter of choices.

Incidently, I advocate that Latinos wear the Ole Boy Minuteman Costumes this Halloween. I wonder what the Ole Boys in the Illegal Alien outfits will do if the Latinos in MM Costumes harass them at the Home Depot? Hmmmm.. Interesting Thought!


pcorn54 said...

Yeah, Weird Willy has his little willy all atwitter over this costume.

Vicente Duque said...

Baby Crunch and Immigration - Implications for Racism, Raciality, etc ...

Here we have another article of this Great Writer Matthew Taylor about topics of Sociology, Psychology, Politics, etc ...

Matthew Taylor is a a British Intellectual, and former adviser to Tony Blair.

There is a big "Baby Crunch" going on in Europe. It is very amazing that Catholic Countries like Spain and Italy refuse to have Children and lead the charge for Extinction of the Human Race.

This, of course. has big implications for Immigration, Raciality and Racism. The White Race may be contracting in numbers, at least in Europe.

Low Birth Rates in Europe :

Prospective Magazine - United Kingdom
What are children for?
British Author Matthew Taylor
The cult of self-fulfilment is in conflict with the urge to have children. They are our last link to communal values. Matthew and Laurie Taylor suggest we "fuck for the future."
June 20, 2001

What are children for?

Some excerpts :

It is not only the capacity to pass on one’s name, position and occupation that has been subverted in the modern world. One of the incentives to have children in the past was the knowledge that they would be inheritors of one’s moral code. Parents could still confidently believe that their life had equipped them with a set of precepts for living that were a more important legacy than the family silver. Advice to one’s children, whether delivered by Polonius or by Lord Chesterfield, was not regarded as a set of take it or leave it tips for getting by in the world, but as the manner by which one generation could help secure a better future for the next. The problems for today’s parents is that their current domestic and occupational lives do not provide this type of master script.

Nor is there much comfort to be found in the idea of “betterment.” A generation ago we could take pleasure and extract purpose from our children’s role as agents of social mobility. Unlike their parents they could continue their education to the sixth form, go to university and secure a respectable job. But when we asked parents what they wanted for their children in later life, they were likely to be far less specific, far less committed to the idea of their offspring’s material advancement. All they wanted for their children was contentment, possibly happiness.

Nobody has better captured the relationship between these disappearing forms of inheritance and the reluctance to bring children into the world than the French writer Michel Houellebecq in his novel Atomised: “Children once existed solely to inherit a man’s genes, his moral code and his name. This was taken for granted among the aristocracy, but merchants, craftsmen and peasants also bought into the idea, it became the norm at every level of society. That’s all gone now… there’s nothing for my son to inherit. I have no craft to teach him. I haven’t a clue what he might do when he’s older. By the time he grows up, the rules I lived by will be meaningless-the world will be completely different. If a man accepts this… then his life is reduced to nothing more than the sum of his own experience-past and future generations mean nothing to him. That’s how we live now. For a man to bring a child into the world now is meaningless.”

I am doing my own research on these "fucking" matters :

Links to topic "Decay of Nations", Demography, Baby Crunch, Immigrations and other Factors - Economic Depressions and Genetic Change of Nations

Vicente Duque

I Travel for JOOLS said...

You and your ilk have this all wrong, Dee. Imagine for a minute Mexico is where all the jobs and prosperity are. Imagine Mexico where is where you can go and have a baby who is immediately a Mexican citizen with access to all social programs. Imagine Mexico is a lush paradise where you can cross the border on a visa and never return if you don't want to. Imagine Mexico is a plade where Spanish is a seocnd language. Imagine you are a Mexican citizen and you will pay for all the white gringos education who don't speak Spanish, medical care, social programs, that come to your country, no matter legally or not. Imagine that you find out that American citizens are getting in-state college tuition in Mexico and you don't qualify.

Imagine that.

Dee said...

Ilk? You have the chutzpah to comment on my blog and say "you and your ilk" ???

What you and "yours" never bother to remember is that "me and mine" have been here over 200 years, much longer than your illegal immigrant ancestors. We BUILT THIS NATION with our blood, sweat and tears. You say "imagine" this or that and I say my ancestors "REMEMBER" our history of nation building.

We are a kind people. We are a welcoming people. We welcomed you and yours here. And look at how you treat us now!

I say you should be ASHAMED of yourselves. Remember the Bible. Remember the teachings of Christianity. Do unto others. Whatsoever you do to the least of my brethren, you do unto me.

That scares you, doesn't it.
Because YOU do NOT Want to be treated like Latinos have been treated by you and yours.

JS said...

So have white and black people been here since our country's founding so what do you mean? Many different racial groups built this country. Whites, blacks, Asians and Hispanics. So what do you mean "we" built this country? I don't recall a bunch of hispanics as a welcoming committee when the European immigrants came here. Even when the first pilgrims came here they were greeted by the native "American" indians, not Hispanics. The word Hispanic came from the European country of Spain. The Spanish also migrated here. They weren't indigenous to this country. Guess that would make them illegal too then? What history book are you reading?

Most American's ancestors that came from Europe came here through Ellis Island they weren't illegal immigrants.

The Civil Rights Era is over. Our country does not discriminate against people of color anymore so what is this mistreatment of Latinos you are claiming, today?

Perhaps you should tell Mexico and other Chrisitan nations that they aren't really Christians because they have immigration laws? What does the right for a country to control its borders have to do with Christianity? You do realize that our country takes in more immigrants than any other country in the world, don't you?

I wish you would have answered Jools question. Would Mexico as a Christian nation put up with the same thing? Word has it that they really protect their southern border. Does that make them un-Christian for doing so? The kind of remarks you made in this topic really surprised me especially your remarks about this country's history.

Dee said...

What you and Jools fail to understand is, WE ARE NOT IN MEXICO. American Latinos/ Hispanics People have been here ALL ALONG!! Much longer than YOUR relatives. Most are also Native American. WE ARE AMERICANS!!! WE NATION BUILT OUR COUNTRY, OUR GREAT USA!!
(Read this over several times until it sinks in!)

Once you understand this very simple statement, then we can begin our discussion.

Then, perhaps you can understand, we AMERICANS do NOT have ANYTHING to do with the rulings of the country of Mexico. We are AMERICANS!! We have been here ALL ALONG! WE NATION BUILT THIS COUNTRY, OUR USA, OUR AMERICA!

So for you to have the AUDACITY to call us "ilk" or tell us to tell Mexico what to do only illustrates for all readers how LITTLE you understand about our country and about Immigration overall.

Additionally: Your comment about white black brown makes no sense since latinos are of all colors. Regarding Northern Europeans and Asians, sure, other countries Immigrated here and also help nation build.

Dee said...

Here is the largest issue you FAIL to understand.

The USA is a land of immigrants of ALL colors, of all ethnicities. We are multi cultural. We are a Melting Pot!


Dee said...

Here is the largest issue you FAIL to understand.

The USA is a land of immigrants of ALL colors, of all ethnicities. We are multi cultural. We are a Melting Pot!


JS said...

Hispanics came from Spain though. They weren't indigenous to any part of this country and they migrated here just like the rest of the Europeans did. The Spanish came here and conquered the native indians who lived south of our border aka the Mayans, Aztecs, etc. Even those tribes were not indigenous to our country. It was the Cherokee, Apaches, etc. that were. Yes, the Spaniards did form a new ethnic group by mating with those tribes south of our border and some migrated north into what is now the USA and chose to be U.S. citizens rather than Mexican citizens. I just don't get your point and I would appreciate a civil answer, ok? This shouldn't be an argument about who was here first but that we are all Americans now. You do believe in equality for all Americans don't you regardless of longevity here?

Yes, WE Americans did build this country. Americans of all races, nationalities and ethic groups. Are you disputing this?

Are you also disputing that we have a white majority country? I think you know better than that. That doesn't mean that it is a country only for whites and no one has said that either. All of our ancestors were immigrants but most Americans are not immigrants themselves. They were born here.

Why do you sound so angry all of a sudden? When I stared posting in here a couple of days ago you weren't like that. There isn't one single thing that I have said that isn't untrue either. Calm down, ok?

Dee said...

From a US perspective, Hispanic is a made up term. Interchange it with Latino or Chicano.

And Yes, WE Americans did build this country. Americans of all races, nationalities and ethic groups. I said this first!

JS, I never get angry. How does the written word sound? Like beauty, it is in the eyes/ears of the beholder.

JS said...

Maybe you should just go back and read your own words then from the start where you used the word "we" at the very beginning. I asked many questions that you didn't answer either. I can give you a link to the CIA World Factbook and to the last Census report that shows that we still have an overwhelmingly white majority. Does that bother you for some reason? Why would you deny such a thing?

What is this about our ancestors coming to this country illegally? Does Ellis Island ring a bell?

Hispanic is a culture. Mexican is a nationality. Latinos are those from South American countries and other points south of here. When you said "we" then who were you referring to?

Yes, you obviously did get angry for some odd reason. CAPS is one indicator and how one expresses oneself and how one talks to others is also an indicator. The indicators were all there.

Vicente Duque said...

Immigration and the Low Birth Rates in Europe - History of the Fall of the Roman Empire, Genetic Change and Mix, Foreign Settlers, Adaptation, Acculturation and Accommodation

Immigrants, and the Sociological Problem of Accommodation. It is illuminating to study Roman and Greek History.

Remember that the Roman Empire had big Genetic Change, the conquered populations were brought as slaves, as artisans, artists, merchants, tutors, pedagogues and intellectuals, and in some special cases as Adoptions.

There was a lot of "Religious" Immigration, the Roman soldiers before others, adopted the Foreign Religions and brought foreign priests and priestesses, later the Romans fell to the Foreign Religions and Cultures.

Some Roman Emperors were foreign and adopted ( from Hispania, Gaul, and even from the Orient )

And before Rome fell many barbarians have been settled inside the Empire as "Peaceful" Immigrants, allowed by the Roman authorities.

During the Roman Republic and in the first years of the Empire, the barbarians adopted Roman Names, Roman Dress and Attires, and Roman Customs. During the last years of the Roman Empire it was the other way around, and the Romans adopted the foreign names and cultures as more "chic" and more "charming" that the Roman name or custom.

As a very young student, a very old British book of Statistics and Population fell into my hands in a Library. It was extremely learned and erudite ( Cambridge or Oxford ), the author had conversed with the best British Historians of the early 1900s and they had told him that the Great Roman Families had become extinct, because of infertility, repugnance to reproduction or reluctance to divide legacies and inheritance, wars, plagues, adoptions, etc ...

Another factor could have been the impoverishment of the last heirs of the Great Consuls and Roman Magistrates. A kind of competition among humans with new genes appearing on the scene.

Can the same problem be detected for other Royal Families, Dynasties, etc ... ?? ..... In other countries and Epochs ??

Vicente Duque

Dee said...

Go back and read my answer. I did not say "white". I said "We are NOT WHITE NORTHERN EUROPE and we NEVER WERE!"

This is a key point!

JS said...

The majority of American's ancestors were from white nothern european counties and their descendants are still the majority in this country. I have given you two sources to check it out for yourself. One was the last government's census results. Are you disputing that?

JS said...

As a matter of fact most Americans of Mexican ancestry are also of white northern european stock because of their Spanish heritage.

Dee said...

You are missing something.
I say we in America are a multi cultural society. We are not all white or black or brown or yellow. We are multi race, multi ethnicity, multi cultural. And I say that is what the founding fathers intended all along. We are a Melting Pot! Our beautiful American Culture is a salad bowl/melting pot of cultures, ever evolving over the centers as we have nation built our country.

The problem is, there are many in the ANTI and extremist ranks that believe our American culture is strictly White, Northern European and they choose to call this American culture and want all minorities to assimilate to this so-called stagnant, never changing white northern european culture.

I don't think you think that way.

I think we are ever evolving and improving over the years to become one American culture.

Dee said...

And I do agree that today, we are majority caucasian Americans. However, we are continuing to evolve into a multi cultural, multi racial and multi ethnic society.

JS said...

Then I don't understand your statement here. Please explain.


Who is "we"?

JS said...

i disagree with your assesment of what this country is and what we are supposedly evolving to. My description of America is the melting pot. Out of many, "one".

Dee said...

I agree. We are NOT White Northern Europe and we should NOT assimilate ourselves to that standard.

Too bad Tancredo cannot learn from you. Read this Tancredo comment:

"Throughout history, people who are NOT white Anglo-Saxon have become American by adopting a WHITE Anglo-Saxon culture," Tancredo said."

Dee said...

It is interesting you bring up the "out of many one" quote.

My long time readers remember this quote I often cite:

"E pluribus unum: out of many one. One state made of many states. One culture made of many cultres. One tribe made of many tribes. One clan made of many clans. One family made of many families. Made of individuals as unique and precious as life itself. "

JS said...

You didn't answer my question who is "we"?

"We are NOT White Northern Europe and we should NOT assimilate ourselves to that standard."

If out of many cultures comes one then how are we multicultural? One means single not multi.

Dee said...

We = WE in the USA are NOT Northern Europe.
We never were. We never will be. We are our own unique country. We are a melting pot of cultures, including a cup of those who immigrated from Northern Europe.

"E pluribus unum: out of many one. One state made of many states. One culture made of many cultures. One tribe made of many tribes. One clan made of many clans. One family made of many families. Made of individuals as unique and precious as life itself. "

JS said...

You should have said we are not White Northern European in culture then. The way you wrote it, it sounds like a geographic reference instead.

Our language is English, we have a majority white race country so I am still not sure what you mean by "we are not white northern european." I think the majority does reflect that northern european culture and that would make them more than a cupfull in the melting pot. They started the melting pot with the basics and then other cultures added to it. Think of it this way. White anglo culture stared the stew with beef, vegetables and broth and then other cultures added their own seasonings to it. Out of that pot came one unique culture.

Dee said...

Please re read my responses. I have been very precise.

WE in the USA are NOT White Northern Europe.

Of course many who immigrated here are from Northern Europe and they bring into our melting pot their culture, language and habits.

No one denies that the COLOR/RACE of many of these European immigrants is white.

What I am saying is, our USA culture is unique and is our own and it is ever evolving. Our roots began with Native American. Many of our foods and cooking habits are native to our original inhabitants. Then, when immigrants from Europe arrived, the melting pot culture evolved to a combination of European and Native American.
We are not English or Danish or German or Italian. We are American. Our culture continues to EVOLVE!!!
Our culture today is much different than the 1700s, 1800s, 1900s, the 1950s, vs today.

And guess what. We will continue to change in culture and habits as we move forward.

I think that is a good thing.

Dee said...

The problem, there are many extremists who believe our culture was frozen in concrete in the 1950s. They believe everyone should ASSIMILATE to the culture of the white dominated northern european culture they believe we had in the 1950s.

As proof, here is what Tom Tancredo said:

"Throughout history, people who are NOT white Anglo-Saxon have become American by adopting a WHITE Anglo-Saxon culture," Tancredo said."

JS said...

"WE in the USA are NOT White Northern Europe."

Do you see what I mean about you not being clear about what you are saying? Stating what you did above implies that we are not Europe "geographically". Well of course we aren't. We aren't even on the same continent as Europe. If you are trying to claim that this country is not dominantly white northern european in culture then this would have been the proper statement for you to make..."We are not white northern European in culture." You should have used the word "European" rather than "Europoe" because one means a geographic location and the other means something entirely different. You really need to use proper English for clarity.

I stand by what I said and there is no denying it. We are dominated by the white race and an anglo saxon culture and language in this country. That was the culture that this country has been based since its founding by the Europeans and we became the USA, a country. How many native indians were left here after we became the USA? Not many and their culture and language had little influence on the majority after that.

As I said, the anglo culture started the melting pot putting in the main ingredients with other cultures adding their seasonings to it as the years went by. But the basics haven't changed only the flavor a little.

Dee said...

No. Sorry.
I purposely phrased this sentence this way.

WE in the USA are NOT Northern Europe and we never were.

Our culture in the USA is not White Northern European and never was. Our culture has always been "out of many one."
This includes Native Americans. We continue to evolve. We are not northern Europe of 1776, of 1865 or of 1950. We never were.

Our culture is a moving target. It always has been. It always will be.

So when you go back and listen to Tom Tancredo's view of assimilation, it is totally ridiculous.

Tancredo quote:
"Throughout history, people who are NOT white Anglo-Saxon have become American by adopting a WHITE Anglo-Saxon (Northern European) culture," Tancredo said."

JS said...

You are wrong and you know it. Our country was founded on white Anglo-Saxon culture. English is our language among other cultural practices brought from Europe that became the basics of our country's culture and still is. Our basic culture hasn't changed from that it merely continued to be the melting pot where other ethnic groups added to it. I don't know why you continue to deny the facts except to surmise that you want our identity to be Hispanic rather than Anglo-Saxon.

"Out of many, one". ONE means singular not multi. Surely as an educated woman you know the meaning of ONE, don't you? Let's keep Tancredo out of it. I am tryng to discuss the truth to you on a one and one basis. I can't help you though if you keep denying the truth.

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