Monday, October 26, 2009

Shawna Forde and Her Associations with the Minutemen and Other Dangerous Border Watchers!

As my blog has previously reported, Shawna Forde is incarcerated and charged with the crime of murdering 9 year old Brisenia Flores and her father in Arivaca, AZ. For months, we have been discussing the relationship between Shawna Forde, the Minutemen, and other border rogues. Yesterday, Scott North, a reporter from HeraldNet Daily, published an amazing article which details the obviously demented Shawna Forde's connections with the Minutemen and other dangerous Border Watchers, including a former CIA agent.
Highlights describe Forde's relationships with:
1. Bob and Kathy Dameron, minutemen from Washington, participated in border watch events with Shawna. They befriended her, helped her build her website. Participated in Arizona border watches with them. Shawna acted as the MCDC's spokesman. The Damerons were witness to Forde's many lies, exaggerated boasts, her craving for glory and attention. Shawna destroyed their relationship when she was caught stealing from them.
2. Chris Simcox promoted Shawna to statewide leader of the Minutemen in Washington. However the members revolted and voted her out of the group.
3. Doug Parris, director of conservative group The Reagan Wing.
4. Jim Gilchrist, leader of the Minuteman Corp. and their long time relationship.
5. Joe Adams, border watcher. He is a former private investigator from St. Louis whose tough-guy credentials include combat tours with the Marines and federal prosecution for his activities linked to the CIA during the Iran-Contra scandal of the 1980s.
6. Scott Shogren, Minuteman leader from Florida.
7. Mike Carlucci, Seattle are private investigator. Has dozens of emails showing contact between Forde and numerous Minutemen leaders from around the country.
8. Andre Ong, photographer who joined her on a Border Watch. Ong shared the following disturbing event: "One night, tagging along with a few of Shawna Forde's team, the young photojournalist witnessed something that still troubles him. The patrol stopped to check a brushy area for smugglers. In the dark, Forde picked up a couple of rocks and tossed them over the heads of her Minutemen. One rock hit something hard. It sounded like a ricocheting bullet. Convinced they were being shot at, the Minutemen scrambled for cover. Forde quietly laughed behind their backs.
Ong was appalled. "'Have some fun, Andrew,'" he said she told him. "'Have some fun.'"
Later, Forde had her group report to the U.S. Border Patrol that they had been shot at. She also posted a video of the incident on YouTube as evidence of the risks Minutemen were taking to protect the nation's borders

Please Read Scott North's entire article on for the details:


MMPete said...

Still bound and determined to use Forde as an example of the entire MM organization's views and actions I see. That is simply false and the law abiding MM who represent the majority of us did not know of her violent tendencies at first and on discovery was exiled from the original group.

Your problem is that you can't stand the enforcement of our immigration laws by anyone including the Border Patrol, ICE, MM or local law enforcement because you want as many of your ethnic kind to enter and take over this country. From your writings it is apparant that you hate the white majority and culture in this country and wish to make it disappear or diluted to insignificance. Admit it and you will feel better rather than trying to hide your true agenda.

pcorn54 said...

POSTED ON THE HERALD SITE in response to Jim Gilchrist and Pat Young's comments:

To answer your question Pat, evidence suggests just the contrary of what Jim Gilchrist keeps claiming.

From the time Scott North published accounts of Forde's "rape" and my site raised questions about the doctored photos, Gilchrist and others were quick to come to her defense.

If you read his response here, he is still defending her, alleging the actions of those of us keeping the truth before the public, is the reason for her actions in murdering 9 year old Brisenia Flores.

Shawna Forde is a cold calculating piece of scum that planned her crime and knew exactly what she was doing. She appears to be a pathological liar, as are others in the MM movement, who had the ability to con her way through life, on her feet and on her back.

Gilchrist and other's continued denials emphasize their involvement with her.

One would wonder, had she not been arrested, that the support for her would have continued withing the MM movement.

The person writing as San Diego Patriot appears to be Jeff "Bikini Boy" Schwilk. Even with the large settlement he received from the state of California, he apparently can't pay to keep his SDMM website active. But he has established the propaganda site he promotes in his post. An amateurish effort at best.

Glichrist mentions ALIPAC and Schwilk in his comments. And again, the high drama, as he and Gheen were once friends. But as often happens with these drama queens, when they have a falling out, they go for the jugular.

Sure, ALIPAC warned people about Forde, simply because Gheen thought that was in his best interest, publicity whore that he is. However, had the tables been turned and there was no animosity between Gheen and Gilchrist, ALIPAC would have been 110% in support of Forde, as was Gilchrist.

As far as Jeff Schwilk is concerned. Anyone who has an enemies list which counts amongst his enemies, Cardinal Mahoney and the LA Archdiocese, Ruben Navarrette, The Mayor of San Diego and Los Angeles and others, well, his opinions and comments are totally irrelevant.

Great job Scott. You got them scrambling once again like cockroaches under a bright light

Dee said...

Nope. You are wrong. I support and appreciate the trained Border Patrol, ICE and local Law Enforcement.

The issue is with the armed, untrained, often dangerous and sometimes wacko Border Watcher Minutemen. This includes the wannabe BP Aux.

Your problem is you have visions of grandeur pretending you are the trained Border Patrol. You are NOT.

Additionally, it has been PROVEN that Shawna Forde, Gunny Bush, and many of her associates were well entrenched and supported by the Leaders of the National Minutemen groups. Try reading Scott North's article at Heraldnet. The prove is ALL there. It will ALL come out in court. That is what you are really afraid of. The court documents PROVING the relationships.

Pro Immigration Reform advocates are the MOST PATRIOTIC of All! We love our USA and want to see the broken immigration laws resolved so we can all move forward, as one. No more racial profiling. No more workers incarcerated in heinous detention centers. No more gun happy untrained border watchers hurting people on the border or murdering small children.

MMPete said...

What utter BS that most of the members of ALIPAC would have supported Forde. These lies and slams of law abiding Americans opposed to illegal immigration as advocating violence towards illegal aliens or Hispanics in general have got to stop! Has your side no shame at all?

Law abiding MM (which are the majority of our organization) are not scurring like cockroaches to distance themselves from people like Forde. She was already distanced way before she committed any alleged violent crimes.

There is so much hate on your side against Americans opposed to illegal immigration that you will stop at nothing to demonize us so you pick a few examples of violent Americans and use them as examples of the entire anti-illegal immigration movement. It really is disgusting!

MMPete said...

Dee, by your own written words in here you have demonized both ICE and local law enforcement who are trained by the way, for enforcing our immigration laws. You have stated you don't want 287g which is a local law enforcement program to arrest and detain illegal aliens. You don't throw out the whole program just because there "may" be some who are racial profiling. You fix it! I also read your very own words demonizing ICE and calling them abusive. Who do you think you are kidding? I read this blog from time to time and read your very own words.

For the umpteenth time, we do not act like Border Patrol. We only report sightings of illegal aliens trying to enter our country to the Border Patrol. Some of us only carry weapons for self protection from drug cartels, etc. We do not use our weapons in any other manner. Why do you continue to say otherwise and use examples of some within our ranks that have violated our rules and smear the entire organization for it? It is just as I said it is because you demonize anyone who tries to help secure our borders and enforce our immigration laws because you have a personal and anti-American agenda in this. As I said, just admit it and be done with it.

Again, those who knew Forde and like members are not denying it so why do you keep acting like we are? There is a difference between being associated with criminals and not knowing it but distancing oneself from them once the truth comes out rather than agreeing with their views and remaining associated with them. Why don't you get that? It is because of our above agenda, that is why.

Vicente Duque said...

Dear Dee :

Thanks for your research and investigations on the Minutemen.

I post in many liberal and tolerant forums, some of them are populated with the most idiotic racists.

They tell me that the Minutemen are law abiding citizens, honor students, good sons and daughters, little angels of grandma, peaceful sweet doves, little angels of heaven pushing the beautiful and young Virgin Mary to Heaven from under a cloud.

I don't eat that BS, that is why your investigations and research into the "Heart of Darkness" is so useful.

We need another Great Novelist like Joseph Conrad to tell us this story of Hatred and Imbecility.

It all amounts to LOSERS and FAILED LIVES, looking for an easy business ( that is millions of village idiots sending their donations and contributions in money )

That many of them like Shawna Forde are the sons and daughters of Dysfunctional Families doesn't surprise me or any student of criminology.

Finally, hundreds of Fools call me stupid when I write Science Fiction about Tom Tancredo POTUS, and Mike Huckabee VIPOTUS.

And this is my reply post :

Sounds Stupid ????

Yes, indeed, extremely Idiotic and Stupid.
Like so many comments in the Internet
Like Fox News, Rush Limbaugh, etc ....
The Number of Idiots is Infinite - The Bible says.
Racists have been losing for a long time, are losing and will continue losing.

Vicente Duque

Laine Lawless said...

I could find at least one bald-faced lie on North's article. He would have you believe that Shawna was negotiating a book deal with me while she was allegedly on the run from the law. That's absolute fiction. See for yourself:

Dee said...

I thought you said somewhere on your website that you were investigating writing a book for Shawna. Maybe the confusion is, on that website, many of the posts are in 1st person and we don't know if it's you or Shawna talking.

Dee said...

It is arpaio's abuse of the 287(g) program that I rail against. He and his masked goons have abused the entire process. I have written that I support the changes in the program, especially targetting felonious criminals, drug cartels and gangs. I have applauded Eric Holder's raids of these cartels.

What I am opposed to is the abuse of power by arpaio and his goons and his racially profiling of so many Latinos in Maricopa County.

There are plenty of examples of abuse and HATE Crimes by extremists including MMs. These HATE CRIMES against Latinos MUST BE STOPPED.

As the SPLC reported: "Hate crimes targeting Latinos increased again in 2007, capping a 40% rise in the four years since 2003, according to FBI statistics released earlier this week."

Dee said...

The biggest issue is the MMs patrolling the border with guns and setting up camps with their night vision goggles and cans of beer. This is shameful!

Read the article about the border watches shawna forde attended and her throwing rocks at her own minutemen to scare them into thinking they were being shot at and reporting this to the BPs. Shameful!!

Laine Lawless said...

What North is suggesting is that I was somehow "in the know" about the crime of which Shawna is accused, by saying that I was "negotiating" with her to write a book BEFORE she got arrested. The timeline is critical. This is slander and innuendo of the most vile type. He is setting me up by implying that I have secret knowledge of the crime. I was shocked to learn of Shawna's arrest, and I learned of it and the prior crime only when the rest of the public found out about it. I was in so stunned that I had no idea what to do, so I did nothing for weeks. Then I analyzed the situation, based on what little I knew of Shawna and a lot about the political situation in Pima County.
I correctly concluded that there was a huge political agenda to rid the border of the MM, and that she was selected as the fall girl for a reason. If you will read the Politics section on, it will begin to make sense.

MMPete said...

It is only an accustation that Sheriff Joe has been racial profiling. There is no real proof of that and he hasn't been prosecuted for it. No matter what law enforcement group was trying to enforce our immigration laws you would still find something to b@tch about and you know it!

The law abiding MM that I know of do not drink beer while having a weapon in their possession. What is wrong with night vision goggles? Surely you jest! Again, you listen to propaganda websites and bring up a couple of rotten apples in our ranks that we weed out and use it as example of what the entire MM organization does.

How would you like it if I said all illegal aliens are rapists, thievies and murderers when we all know that most of them are not like that and I kept harping about the few who are as you do in here about the MM? Doesn't feel good when the shoe is on the other foot, does it? There is not "plenty" of examples of MM who are bad, you are exaggerating. There are only a very few examples and we kick those kind out.

ICE and other law enforcement have every right to arrest and detain illegal aliens whether they be felons or not and they should. With your way of thinking law enforcement shouldn't go after petty thieves and only persue bank robbers. That isn't the way our criminal justice system works and thank God for that because we would have an awful lot of petty thieves running around freely then.

The numbers of so-called hate crimes against Latinos will go down with a mass exit of the illegal kind and when their entry into our country is greatly curbed but you don't want that do you? Well you reap what you sow then because there will always be kooks around who are frustrated with illegal aliens and they don't ask for one's legal papers as you well know.

MMPete said...

Another thing, why do you keep repeating that the MM patrol the borders with guns when I already told you that only some do and they have permits for them and they only use them for self-defense and that is all? Why do you do this?

Dee said...

I did not read that Scott was saying you were involved in the murder at all.
What I read was that after the murder, Shawna was in communications with you about writing a book.
He never said you were involved in the murder at all.

Laine, I respect the fact you stand behind your friends, but there is a problem. Shawna has a long history of lying, stealing and other crimes. Who knows why but it's true. She is also starved for attention. You know that. Probably due to her childhood. Now a little 9 year old girl is dead. That is wrong! And Brisenia needs justice.

I know the other MMs dumped on you and Christie and others. I know you believe in your causes (even though I don't agree with you). However I do believe in strong women and women's rights. But Shawna is a whole other situation.

Maybe you should take a step back and study the entire situation before you get any more involved and taken advantage of.

Dee said...

Maybe you are not keeping up with the lawsuits lost by arpaio and his crew but he has lost over $40M in law suits due to wrongful deaths, abuse, etc. in his gang ridden tent cities. Google it for yourself. (arpaio lawsuits lost)

I saw his tent cities on a Discovery Channel documentary. He divides up his prisoners by race. They have gangs in his prisons. Many murders. Many deaths. Many diseases. Rats. Vermin. People Die.

He racial profiles entire cities (eg.Guadalupe AZ) and incarcerates car wash employees along side the most vicious gang members and cartels. They are left to be raped and sodomized. Vicious. Despicable. Evil.

He accepts volunteers and allows them to wear hooded masks as they racial profile the latino neighbors.

And, it isn't sufficient to provide your drivers license if you are latino. You have to produce your birth certificate, ss card and passport. Do you have them on you? Of course YOU don't need them because you are NOT latino. And when you don't provide them, jail time in Tent City.

and the hooded goons wear their masks. 50 years ago they wore pointed white hoods. Deplorable!

Dee said...

Nope. I do not demonize ICE or the BP or local law enforcement. I only publish the truth. I support them. I fully support Janel Napolitanos change to targetting felonious criminals vs car wash workers. I fully support trained border patrol agents protecting our borders. I fully support Napolitano's change in checking cars going into Mexico too..the cars loaded with guns to give to drug cartels or loaded with cash to pay them for drugs. Yep. She she has made many arrests and stopped some of the trafficking. This is what ICE should be ALL about. Target the drug cartels, gangs and stop the drugs.

Dee said...

One other thing. The vast majority of Americans DO NOT SUPPORT Mass Deportation of the 12M here.

It is only the extremist restrictionists that support and promote Mass Deportation policies. Can you even imagine the costs of such a policy. the 12M plus their children = 20M, the size of the state of new york. And even if you extend the mass deporation over 4 years, you are talking 5M a year.

Where would you incarcerte them when you send them home? You would have to set up the state of Idaho to incerate them all on their road to mass deportation. This would cost trillions and trillions.

Then imagine the lost revenue in sales tax in each state. In TX, the comptroller said the contribute $18M annually. Plus income taxes. plus they never request refunds. More Millions and millions.

It is unimaginable to even consider.

But then, you never think of the process or the consequences do you?!?

MMPete said...

Isn't this about Shawna Forde and not Joe Arapio? He hasn't been prosecuted for one offense of our laws...not one! The other claims you are making well there is another side to the story and they are all within the laws of this country and that is all that matters...not your biased view or stretching of the truth of things. Are his deputies wearing masks for the same reason the KKK wore white hoods? No, they aren't as they aren't killing anyone but of course being who you are you would make that comparison to fit your agenda.

You can talk till you are blue in the face but I have read enough of your posts to know that any attempt at enforcing our immigration laws against migrants doesn't meet with your approval. Our immigration laws dictate that we arrest, detain and deport ALL illegal aliens in this country not just drug cartels or felons.

Their was a recent CNN poll that disproves your claims that Americans don't want illegals deported either voluntarily or involuntarily. Americans are realizing more and more everyday the net losses we are incurring due to their presence here. I will let the government figure out how to go about removing them. It isn't my job. They created the problem not me nor any other Americans. You will see once CIR comes up again that you won't get your wish of a Hispanic utopia in this country through illegal immigration. Our politicans won't commit political suicide.

lainelawless said...

Dee, if all you've been doing is reading the lame-stream media, of course you will believe Shawna is a bad person! Take a look at the FAQs on the website,, and then follow the link at the end for a lengthy FAQ which Shawna wrote on She had trouble as a juvenile, but she straightened out just fine as an adult. She is a woman with NO history of violence, yet Pima County wants us to believe that she planned the murder of 3 ppl! That's bullshit.

Dee said...

Well Laine,
I am going to wait for the court case. I promise to publish the day to day court proceedings LIVE, here on my blog, as I have done with previous court cases.

I think we all should.

Dee said...

Nope. You are the one who took the left turn and started saying I was demonizing BP, ICE and local law enforcement when I have not.
arpaio falls into an entirely different category. He is such a media hound, he wants it that way. Fine. Let's drop arpaio from the discussion. Back to Shawna Forde. As I said to Laine, I am going to continue to follow the story until court date and during the court proceedings, I will report on the court proceedings LIVE on my blog, as I have done for other court cases.

Pete, let's do one thing. Let's agree to disagree. I will never convince you. You will never convince me.

Let's both wait to see what happens with Immigration Reform. I will continue to report on any new news.

Perhaps we CAN Agree to both abide by however the Obama Administration agrees to proceed with CIR.

I am a Loyal, honest, hard working American. I want what is best for the country. I think you believe you are supporting the same.

WE can both agree to support the President and his Administration on CIR.

lainelawless said...

About the issue of all the money that illegal aliens allegedly put into the economy and how they don't ask for tax refunds: they bleed the welfare system dry, and they abuse the EITC credit which gives money to low income parents. I have worked as an H&R Block tax preparer, and I have had couples come in singly, and claim the same children by double filing as single, head of household! We did not allow this kind of fraud at H&R Block when we knew about it. But those illegals are very resourceful; they just keep on going to another office until they find a tax pro who doesn't know the game they are playing.

Dee said...

If you want to talk about lost $$, think about Bernie Madoff, the billions he lost, or Jack Abramoff, all the real estate bankers who lost billions and billions. What about those that hide their money offshore? The crooks are at all ends of the spectrum. Sure there are a few who scam but do not blame the entire group for the crimes of the few.

MMPete said...

"Sure there are a few who scam but do not blame the entire group for the crimes of the few."

Isn't that what you are doing with the MM organization? Pot, kettle, black.

As for any scam artists whether it be Madoff or illegal aliens or the employers that hire them costing our citizens billions, two wrongs don't make a right. Let's organize to do away with all corruption, shall we?

JS said...

Nope. You are the one who took the left turn and started saying I was demonizing BP, ICE and local law enforcement when I have not."

Dee on 287g - No! even taking Arapio out of the picture she only wants law enforcement to go after felons under this plan. Wants law enforcement to leave the other millions of migrants illegally here in our country alone.

Dee on e-verify - No! it isn't 100% accurate, it is only 99.6% accurate. Can't have that now can we regardless that it would stop employers from hiring illegals because along with that it would put illegals out of jobs.

Dee on ICE - No! Stop the raids! Close the detention centers. ICE is abusive.

Dee on the MM - No! We can't have law abiding Americans only reporting illegal aliens to the Border Patrol and only carrying weapons for self-defense because of the few rotten apples in their ranks. Throw the baby out with the bath water.

Dee on the fence - No! We can't have the fence for various petty reasons that are more important than our national security.

Does anyone see a pattern here?

Dee said...

MMs on the border are untrained vigilantes. Yes. I do disagree with having armed vigilantes on the border.

Dee said...

It is true. I do agree with a logical approach to the border.

Trained BPs.
Local local enforcement that abides with the 287(g) policies set forth by the administration that DO NOT Racial Profile.

Regarding Employment:
. I fully support employers completing identity verification tests. Check ss#, driver's license and birth certificate. Complete drug tests and do a background check.

Most employers who are serious about legally hiring citizens this. There really isn't a need for eVerify.

The answer is, people who want to hire legal citizens follow these steps.

employers who want to hire illegal immigrants do so because the want to and are side- stepping the law. they are doing so purposely. eVerify has NOTHING to do with it.

MMPete said...

How much training does it take to look into a pair of binoculars and call the Border Patrol?

I repeat once again that the firearms are for defense only. No one carries one who doesn't have a permit for it and that doesn't know how to use them if necessary. Retired military know how to use them.

Next lame argument......

MM:Pete said...

E-verify will keep all the employers honest. Isn't that what you want? It should be mandated everywhere.

No matter who enforces 287g you would still find a reason to claim racial profiling, abuse or some other excuse to cry foul. You are being discriminant by objecting to 287g applying to migrant workers also. Illegal is illegal whether they be felons or otherwise.

As JS pointed out you don't want ICE enforcing our laws either via raids. I agree with him, I see a pattern here with you.

Dee said...

You and I will NEVER agree on this.

We DO NOT NEED untrained, armed vigilantes patrolling the border.

There have been far too many crimes committed by them and too much violence.

Say what you will, but Shawna Forde and Gunny Bush are only the tip of the iceberg.

I remember the shenanigans by Shwilk demolishing the migrant camps which Christie caught on tape. I remember Mountain dog (or whatever his name was) videoing himself shooting migrants. I know he said it was a fake afterwards, but who is to say. I hear all the hatred and anger by the MMs. We sure do not need them armed and patrolling the borders. Sheesh!!

MMPete said...

Obviously we do need civilian patrol at our borders because our federal government is not securing them.

Why do you keep bringing up the bad seeds of the MM while completely ignoring that they do not represent the majority? Why do you keep bringing up the fact that some are armed even though I keep telling you it is only for self defense? Why do you constantly repeat yourself when I have explained things to you over and over? Are you not comprehending what I am telling you?

What if I used the bad seeds among the illegals and tried to use them as representing the majority of them? You won't answer that though, will you?

There is no real training needed to look through binoculars and to call the Border Patrol. Many of our MM are retired military personnel so they are already trained to deal with certain situations. Just admit that any attempt by anyone to enforce our immigration laws would not meet with your approval because you want these illegals to keep coming and you want them to be able to stay especially those who are Hispanic. The truth shall set you free.

Vicente Duque said...

I watched this story unfold in the National Geographic Channel : a Happy Birthday, Multinational Birthday Party trough the Border Fence. Two worlds apart, and a cake is divided for the guests.

A robust and healthy Super Baby like three years old is in the United States.

Mommy is in Mexico, and they pass the birthday cake pieces, through a small hole in the border fence, with a wire net like what I have used for my hens, chicken and even for my pigs.

The Super Baby is happy healthy sturdy fatty, there are many reports that Latinos in the USA are healthier than the TRUE UNADULTERED PURE Americans. This has been researched by the most serious scientists in Public Health and is not BS ( see my MILENIALS.COM for the Latino Paradox of Public Health and many links of Scientists, this is not blather ! )

Is it that the lower human subspecies are very strong apes ??? ... Like Gorillas, Orangutans, Chimps, Bonobos ??

The Birthday Party is very happy with lots of singing and eating cake and ice cream, but Mommy weeps when she leaves the happy event.

She says that she doesn't want to live in the USA, too many risks in crossing and some tough, rough guys that give the UNWELCOME. She doesn't want to end her life with a bullet inside her head in the loneliness of the desert.

MEXICO LINDO Y QUERIDO is more peaceful ( she is not in the drug wars ), and life walks at a lower pace that in the running race of the USA, the lady says.

Better to sleep a beutiful siesta in Mexico, than meet the Coward Scoundrels, also called Minutemen in the USA.

But things are changing very fast, as fast as cells multiply inside bodies. And as Geraldo Rivera recently said : Latinos are going to transform American Society at the end of the 21 century.

Geraldo was not talking of the Spanish Language replacing the English Language, he is not an idiot like many foolish racists that live a life of Paranoia and Fear. Geraldo is a man of kindness and humanity for all. No need for scapegoats and underdogs, that is for LOSERS and FAILED LIVES.

I hope to get the birthday party in video, so that you can enjoy it, and shed a tear at the end.

More tender and beautiful stories and plenty of material to laugh and weep :

Vicente Duque

Dee said...

Actually, you are the one who keeps repeating himself and you are not reading nor interpreting what I am saying.

There is NO need for untrained, armed vigilantes on the border. Shawna is NOT an exception. When she patrolled the border, she was not alone. Read the article. She had many MMs with her. Ong took pictures. There were several people around her at all times. Check out the Swedish videos. There were many MMs with her at all times. She was the NORM!! And that has to change!

MMPete said...

Are you for real? I have to keep repeating myself because you keep repeating the same old nonsense even though I have explained things to you over and over. You just keep coming back!

Do I have to repeat again that yes we need all the help we can get to secure our borders and that most of the MM are operating within our laws? Do I have to repeat again that the accused violent ones that you mentioned do not represent the majority of the MM? Do I have to repeat again that Forde does not represent our ideals? So what if prior to her accused violent nature that other MM were around her? That doesn't make them guilty of anything.

"Swedish films"? Were there a bunch of swedes down there patrolling the border? Not that I am aware of.

Again, I ask and please don't repeat yourself again until you answer this question. What if I were to say that the bulk of illegal aliens are murderers, rapists and other felons when that simply isn't true? Well that is what you are doing with the MM. Just drop the whole thing then if you can't answer that simple question. End of story!

Dee said...

It is obvious. You are brainwashed by your own line of crap.


We no more need you patrolling the border than we need 100 Barney Fife's loading their bullet's in their guns and helping the local police.

Regarding demonizing "illeegals".. your side does this all the time. I have numerous posts about this. You blame the crimes of the one on all 12M. Alipac does this all the time. So does Jeff Schwilk. So does Gilchrist. So do many MM websites. Dobbs does this and spreads so many lies.

At least what my blog does is tell the truth.

MMPete said...

Oh, my God, she comes back and repeats the same things again. Unbelievable!

When I said what "if" in regards to illegal aliens I made it clear that I was was talking about myself and not speaking for others. I have not accused all illegal aliens of being dangerous felons.

I am sure there are some on our side that do that and since you object to that then why do you do it yourself in regards to the MM? Do two wrongs make a right in your book? Being a hypocrite doesn't argue your case very well.

Your blog tells the truth? I will withold comment on that in the name of civility.

Dee said...

I have said from the very beginning that I do not agree with untrained armed vigilantes on the border.
Now who doesn't listen??
Scroll back. I said you and I will never change each other's minds and we agree to disagree. Did you skip that? Did you internalize it? Nope to both.

LMJ said...

My God how do these nuts end up with a gun license. I'm glad Dee exposes these wacko's for what they are. This is just crazy. These ppl are actually going around playing guns and claim they're protecting our border and proclaim themselves patriots. You just can't make this stuff up, lol.

MMPete said...

"I have said from the very beginning that I do not agree with untrained armed vigilantes on the border.
Now who doesn't listen??"

It isn't that! It is your constant coming back and repeating over and over how they have guns and aren't trained. To which I have replied several times that looking through binoculars and calling the Border Patrol doesn't require special training! I have also explained to you that those who do carry guns have permits and would only use them in self-defense but you still come back repeating yourself even though I have cleared those point up for you already.

Also you keep trying to imply that because of a few rotten apples all MM are bad to which I have asked the question "what if I were to imply that all illegal aliens are felons and criminals because of the few that are"? Will you ever get it and just give it up?

MMPete said...

Once you admit the real reason why you don't want any serious immigration enforcement including what the MM do, the truth shall set you free.

Dee said...

Pete, Pete, Pete,
I feel a little sorry for you ole boy. You are not getting it, even though I have said the same thing to you again and again. I do not want untrained, armed vigilantes partolling our border. Say that 10 times to yourself and let it sink in. I will NEVER change my mind. Say that 10 times and let it sink in.

I would venture to say if you published a CNN poll with the question:
1. Do you want untrained, armed vigilantes patrolling the border?
99% of Americans would say NO! NO! NO!

I don't give a bling about your excuses. You can say they don't need training. You can they are armed for their own protection.
I say GET OFF THE BORDER! STOP YOUR VIGILANTE PATROLS. GO HOME TO YOUR FAMILY! GO GET A JOB!! Help the Economy. Help your Family! Go to Church and ask for some Humanity!

MMPete said...

Oh, I have been getting that part of it alright! I just don't get your reasons for objecting to it when I have already explained how it actually is. Admit the truth of your real reasons for objecting though and it will set you free. You oppose any type of immigration enforcement and I know why.

MMPete said...

"I would venture to say if you published a CNN poll with the question:
1. Do you want untrained, armed vigilantes patrolling the border?
99% of Americans would say NO! NO! NO!"

Nope, not if they are patriotic law abiding Americans and they knew that all the MM do is look through binoculars and call the Border Patrol and that firearms are only carried in self-defense and they have permits and are trained to use firearms but only if necessary.

"I don't give a bling about your excuses. You can say they don't need training. You can they are armed for their own protection.
I say GET OFF THE BORDER! STOP YOUR VIGILANTE PATROLS. GO HOME TO YOUR FAMILY! GO GET A JOB!! Help the Economy. Help your Family! Go to Church and ask for some Humanity!"

The facts and truth are not "excuses". They are what they are. I don't care what you say we have every right to be there and we are doing this country a great service. Most of us are retired. We don't need a job and are spending our time protecting our country. What could be more meaningful than that? We aren't there 24/7 we have relief crews and we spend a lot of time with our families. Our families support this noble gesture for our country. Our humanity is for this country and its citizens. Yours is apparently for illegal foreigners. Don't talk church to me. Maybe you should read the ten commandents yourself and look in the mirror.

Dee said...


They Don't Make Sense!

Untrained armed vigilantes patrolling the borders are STUPID!!!! and DANGEROUS!! and MOST AMERICANS WANT THEM GONE!!!

Say this 10 times. LET IT SINK IN!!


MMPete said...

Please explain the ludicrous part of my explanations.

MM looking through binoculars and calling the Border Patrol. How much training does that take? Vigilante is an incorrect term to use as vigilante's take the law into their own hands (arrest/detain). The MM don't do that we are like a neighborhood watch. Where is the ludicrous in that?

MM carrying weapons for self-defense as the border is dangerous. All with perrmits and training to use them if necessary. Where is the ludicrous in that?

There are rotten apples in every group (including illegal aliens) but that doesn't make an entire group rotten. Where is the ludicrous in that?

Why don't YOU say this ten times and let it sink in?

Dee said...

The fact you are continuing the same argument after we've agreed to disagree means what I have said is not sinking in.

Food for thought for you: Go look at Christie's videos of Jeff Schwilk desacrating the migrant village.

Or go to youtube and see all the MM videos targetting the day labor camps, harrassing the heck out of them.

Go to this very article in Heraldnet daily about the MMs involved with Shawna and Gilcrhist and Simcox. Click on the related articles. There are hundreds of examples on heraldnet, youtube, phoenix new times, other az newspapers, oc register, etc etc

MMPete said...

Where did we agree to disagree? I don't recall saying that.

Again you bring up radicals within our ranks instead of the law abidng MM? Why do you keep doing that? It is you that isn't allowing the fact that the majority of the MM aren't like that so it is you that isn't allowing that fact sink in!

Again, what if I brought up the many crimes of "some" illegals and tried to paint them all that way? You are doing the exact same thing with the MM and that makes you a hypocrite for doing that.

Dee said...

I hardly think that Gilchrist, Schwilk, Simcox are exceptions. They are your leaders and creators of the programs, border watches and trainers.

MMPete said...

"I hardly think that Gilchrist, Schwilk, Simcox are exceptions. They are your leaders and creators of the programs, border watches and trainers."

Not any more they are not and haven't been for some time now but even when they were involved they didn't train anyone to kill or harm borders crossers. You just won't give it up, will you?

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