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Day 7 Shawna Forde Murder Trial – Prosecution Rests, Defense mounts bumbling attempt to insert alternate suspect

Guest Voz - Porter Corn - Immigration Clearinghouse:
Day 7 – Shawna Forde Murder Trial – Prosecution Rests, Defense mounts bumbling attempt to insert alternate suspect
As expected, the prosecutors in the capital murder trial of Minuteman Shawna Forde rested their case this morning. Defense attorney charged in rebutting the prosecutions evidence try to say that Gina Moraga, girlfriend of Albert Gaxiola was the woman Gina Gonzalez saw, instead of Shawna Forde. All evidence presented offered so far puts Shawna Forde right in the center of the “donut hole” described by Eric Larsen in his opening statements.
Kim Smith picks up the story:
Jill Thorpe and Eric Larsen have repeatedly shown witnesses of Gina Moraga and asked for their descriptions of her (like the female home invader, short, brownish blonde hair). But, today Thorpe had Detective Juan Carlos Navarro read some texts with the word “Gina” in them.
On May 30, at 7:02 p.m. someone using a phone shared by Gaxiola and Moraga texted Forde’s phone. The message was “How you all hanging? Get your rest and gather strength Red on med leave Have next target intel Will need 4 man team details when we meet Gina”

Five minutes later, there’s a text about dropping off the keys to Forde’s Honda Element, which is in Tucson. The text reads “Pima & Craycroft Have them call when arrive will meet Gina”
Thorpe and Larsen will argue the texts were signed “Gina”, as in Gina Moraga. The state will likely argue the texter is Gaxiola and he’s telling Forde and Bush they’ll be “meeting Gina.”
This phase of the trial is almost over. Faster than anyone could have predicted.

Today is the last day of testimony until next Tuesday. Jurors have been sent home until then.
When they return, Larsen and co-counsel Jill Thorpe will be calling Byron Easter, a neighbor of Gaxiola’s and the other Colorado Minuteman and FBI informant, Robert Copley to testify.
Wednesday will be another day off for the jurors as attorney’s put their heads together to formalize final instructions Judge John Leonardo will give the jurors.

Thursday, defense will call a pay for play memory expert who will try to destroy victim Gina Gonzalez’s testimony. Prosecution will call and question any rebuttal witnesses with closing arguments from both sides to follow.
It’s possible Thursday evening, jury instructions will be given and the case turned over to the jurors.
When the jury returns their conviction, the second phase of the trial will begin. The mitigation phase.
There, prosecutors present evidence of aggravating circumstances that they believe will show Forde deserves the death penalty. The defense will present mitigating factors, or the “po’ little ol patriotic me” coming up with off the wall excuses as to why Forde committed the crimes and why she should be spared the death penalty.

The final phase will be the punishment phase, where the sentence will be decided. Life in prison without the possibility of parole or the death penalty.


Vicente Duque said...

Any justification that people come up with for these crimes is absurd and inhuman.

The Media is largely ignoring this horrible event of Brutality ... Thank you for giving this story a voice.


Pat said...

Thank you for this article Dee. It is a shame the NY Times is ignoring this case.

Anonymous said...

The NY Times mentioned it today on its website. The headline says that the trial exposes a "rift" in the Minutemen "movement." I think I liked it better when the "liberal" NY Times didn't cover the story at all. They need to stop insulting their readers.

Anonymous said...

This picture of Shawna Forde explains why she hates other people so much.

Anonymous said...

Tea party activist and other Minuteman and such bigoted groups be warned. This, along with the shooting of Gabrielle Giffords is a direct result of these groups' covert projection of hate and ignorance!

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