Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Though Media has Ignored Brisenia Flores' Murder by Minutemen, Shawna Forde's Death Sentence will Force it to the Headlines!

To date, the mainstream media (MSM) has ignored 9 year old Brisenia Flores' Murder. Sure, an occasional story or two has made its way through. However, think of the coverage the MSM provided to:
1. Jon Benet Ramsey
2. Natalie Holloway
3. Caylee Anthony
Nancy Grace was relentless in her coverage of these stories, day after day, month after month, year after year. Where was Nancy Grace on this story? Where was Fox news? Where was the majority of the MSM?
Hiding! Hiding, afraid to print this hot, sizzling story. Think of the headlines: "Crazed Minutemen Murder 9 Year Old Mexican American Girl and her Dad!"

Remember the 911 call by Brisenia's brave mother, Gina? She lay shot on the ground, feigning death, waiting until the savage murderers slithered away. Brutally shot, she bravely called 911, hoping in vain she could save her family. During the 911 call, the cowardly gunman returned, not expecting brave Gina to defend her family and shoot back. This, ALL caught on the 911 call recording. Where was the MSM?

The evil perpetrators, these Minutemen leaders, caught on the property of their comrades by the FBI, pictures and video all available. Where was the MSM? The perps were caught. Their connections identified. Where was the MSM?

Even now, throughout the trial, the blame is clear! The jury was quick to convict. The death sentence looming. Where is the MSM?

They were QUICK to jump on false stories. Remember Deputy Louie Puroll's fake shooting? Puroll FIRED by Sheriff Babeu for LYING? Remember Rancher Krentz's murder? No one even knows who shot him. Yet the MSM was everywhere for these stories! Quick to jump on the ANTI Bandwagon blaming the faceless "Illeegals" for these crimes and allowing this excuse to be used in pushing forward Arizona's sb1070 racial profiling bill.

Sitting around the water cooler with some new friends of mine, we started talking about the President. Half the group was liberal. The other half conservative. One liberal turned to me and said, "I think the President is right of center and we are finally seeing his true self, his true agenda." He knew I was a supporter of the President, but I responded, "I know one thing. He certainly has not addressed my main agenda item." He asked, "What is that?" I said, "Comprehensive Immigration Reform." Everyone stopped talking and turned to me. The right winger said, "Amnesty? You want Amnesty again?" They all shook their heads. I responded, "I said Comprehensive Immigration Reform. I want the Hate Crimes to stop! I want the Racial Profiling to stop! I want the Immigration Reform discussion started! And I certainly DO NOT support Mass Deportation! Do you?" Everyone shook their head.

Perhaps we will owe the remorseless murderer Shawna Forde one small thank you! When the Jury finally gives her the Death Penalty for these heinous murders and her story is finally all over the headlines, perhaps then, FINALLY THEN, the Conversation about Comprehensive Immigration Reform can finally BEGIN! Only then will Brisenia Flores finally receive some sort of Justice!


Elisha said...

I think it is just stupid that these people in our country say its free !!! Is it really free? No i do not think so .. God put this country here and can take away at any moment .. We are all gods children and i think there should be reform .. STOP THE HATE !!!!!! STOP JUDGING PEOPLE ! ONLY GOD CAN JUDGE . THEY ARE THE SAME AS US . HAVE HEARTS JUST LIKE US AMERICANS . THEY ARE NOT ALIENS . THEY ARE HUMAN .... I will fight tooth and nail just to have immigrants become part of the usa .. They are really hard working people and deserve a chance at a good life ........ stop the deporting and bring on the reform

Mark O'Brien said...

I really love your blog! I have a great project that will help all Mexican Americans, please check it out...Thanks!

Vicente Duque said...

Excellent Editorial Dee ! ... Thanks and Congratulations for Good Writing.

I linked this page from my sites and from and excerpted a few paragraphs of your opinions.


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