Friday, February 18, 2011

Republicans: Out to Destroy the Unions and Anyone who Opposes their Big Business Agenda!

Republicans are up to their dirty tactics again. This time, they are out to bust the unions. During their Republican Governors' Conference, they set the agenda. Bust the Unions. Why? Traditionally, Union Members tend to be Democrats. By busting the Unions, this is their way of disrupting votes for the 2012 elections. We are seeing their Union Busting agenda in action right now in Wisconsin. They are targetting the Teachers' Union and other Government Worker bargaining units. We all know Teacher's traditionally have low pay, but they do have good benefits, thanks to the unions. Republicans are also attacking Teachers' pensions. Can you imagine how the teachers in Wisconsin feel right now? They've given their lives dedicated to educating our children for little pay. Now the Big Business supporting Rethuglican Governor Walker and his cohorts are after Teachers' pensions and health insurance.
The Gov. says he is attempting to Destroy the Union because of the impact on Wisconsin's economy. However, Wisconsin Fiscal Bureau disagrees. They said the "Current Budget Shortfall Is A Direct Result" Of Governor Walker's Tax Cut (for Big Business) Policies.

Meanwhile, the Rethug Women Haters in Congress are attempting to demolish Planned Parenthood. Nevermind that the Government has NOT funded abortions in decades. Nevermind a FAKE Video by James O'Keefe's protege Lila Rose has been proven to be a blatant lie. Nevermind that Planned Parenthood helps women by providing birthcontrol and health assistance. The Republicans don't like Planned Parenthood and their plan is to Demolish it! Such a Blatant attack against women!

Republicans are such an engima. Their 1st goal after the 2010 election was to EXTEND the Tax Cuts for the Rich! That accomplished, their next goal (per Mitch McConnell) is to Defeat President Obama in the 2012 election. Their plan is to destroy the Unions, demolish Planned Parenthood, Eliminate Entitlements including: Medicare, Medicaid and Social Security. They also want to privatize Education. They want to shut down the Government and not extend the budget in March.

They say they are Pro-Life, yet they support the Death Penalty and advocate the use of weapons of terror - open carry - assault weapons and ammo.
They say they are for an improved economy, yet their first agenda is to extend tax cuts for the rich.
They say they are for the middle class, yet they aim to eliminate regulations and safety standards. They want to eliminate/cap our right to sue when we are harmed by dangerous products.
They say they want all Americans to have access to Healthcare, but they want to eliminate the Healthcare bill which includes eliminating the Pre-Existing Conditions clause. They advocate privatizing Medicare and all Healthcare. No restrictions.
Many in their groups advocate Mass Deportation of the 12M here and Racial Profiling ala bills like sb1070.
They do not believe in multi-culturalism. They do not believe in Freedom of Religion for all or equality for all. Instead they wail: "I want my country back...from a Black President." can any rational, logical person ever, ever vote for them??


Vicente Duque said...

Southern Poverty Law Center : Big Study on the Great Economic Cost, the Social and Political damage done to communities by Anti-Immigrant Legislations - Fortunately the SB1070 copycats are failing everywhere - The Big Cost of Nativist Legislation

Leave Anti-Immigration in the Desert ! - The Racists that are agitating the nation and how their legislations are failing after leaving a "Trail of Tears".

Racists, Nazis, Ku Klux Klan, Skinheads, White Supremacists, etc .... are hiding behind a lot of Hot Incendiary Rhetoric.

The SB1070 copycats have failed in Nevada, Colorado and Wyoming - In Florida the SB1070 clone is facing increasing opposition from the Hospitality Industry, Hotels, Tourism, Hospitals, the Agriculture Industry, Landscaping and Gardening. All of them strongly oppose the SB1070 copycat.

This is a Big and Voluminous Report of Southern Poverty Law Center : Municipal Anti-Immigrant Laws Hurting Economies and Communities

The result is costly lawsuits and sharply divided communities. The economic and community backlash that can follow the enactment of these laws - The price of such legislation is quite high.

Requiring local police to enforce federal immigration laws has grave consequences because it is diverted from its normal work against criminals. The towns SPLC surveyed in Pennsylvania, Missouri, Texas and Nebraska, along with the entire state of Arizona, have spent millions of dollars defending these laws without success. To raise legal fees in a tight economy, some communities increased property taxes and cut personnel. Increased tension and violence in towns that had previously been peaceful, the report says.

Kris Kobach, the Kansas Secretary of State and former legal chief for an anti-immigrant advocacy organization, has built a business empire of persecution and hatred, by this means he increases his personal fortune.

These racists want to rewrite the U. S. Constitution from the States and small Towns.

Southern Poverty Law Center
When Mr Krish Kobach comes to town
Nativist Laws and the Communities that they damage
A special Report from the Southern Poverty Law Center
Montgomery, Alabama
January 2011

When Mr Kris Kobach comes to town


Dee said...

From CNN Comments:
Walker is showing signs of strain. Saw in interview where he was asked why police and fire services were left out of the bloodbath and he said because he did not want them walking off their jobs. But the very next question was "So you expected this reaction, for people to walk off ?"and he said no. I know why he left the police out. We are all standing by our teachers and other public workers. We love our neighbors, we love America. We love the doctors that wrote Madison teachers sick day excuses. Times like these bring out the best as well as the worst in people.

Dee said...

Another Comment:
What does collective bargaining have to do with WI-R Scott Walkers balancing the budget of that state, NOTHING. In all due respects to Gov Walker he has been ill advised to take a giant leap to balance the budget on the rights and backs of the working people of that state. His pure power grab against the unions will show that he is not sincere but he wants to take down an institution that the people want or he would go back to the table and deal with the unions in a fair and equitable way and keep collective bargaining. This is a David and Goliath fight and we will see who is who when the deal is done.

Dee said...

Another Comment:
The Tea Party once again is siding with their conservative masters and supporting a position that is not in their own best interest. Because of unions there was a time when someone like the Tea Party member, uneducated and somewhat illiterate, could find work in this country and earn a living wage. The union provided a balance between the individual worker and a powerful corporate owner that expressed little interest in providing a decent wage for the American worker and instead only sought to exploit them. It was an attempt to level an otherwise uneven playing field. Union activists managed to pass labor laws and bring into existence the Department of Labor which still exists today. Until collective bargaining was born, workers had no workplace protections or rights whatsoever. In effect workers were the property of their employer to use without concern. Unions fought for and won work place safety rules and regulations including regular breaks and overtime pay. Unions fought for and won time off such as vacation and sick leave. Unions were successful in establishing previously non-existent child labor laws to prevent companies from hiring children at pennies a day and working them 12 hours without breaks thereby preventing them from going to school and receiving an education. There was a time when someone as untalented as you could perhaps buy a new car and a home to raise a family. That is all gone now because of anti-union rhetoric perpetrated by people like you. If you haven’t noticed, along with the demise of the unions in this country so went the good paying manufacturing jobs along with it. It wasn’t the workers fault that corporate American refused to share the wealth that is created through American enterprise and instead decided to offshore our work to poorer nations simply enrich their already enormous wealth. It wasn’t the workers fault that drove GM and the other American car companies to near collapse. It was shoddy engineering on the cheap, force feeding us low mileage, high cost, unreliable cheap cars while countries like Japan focused on quality and eventually outsold Detroit by simply making a better car. People didn’t quit buying American because it was assembled by a union worker. Americans quit buying American because they were tired of being offered junk cars. It was big business that abandoned America not the American worker.

LeeSee said...

Thanks for addressing this crucial issue, many Americans still do not understand what's at stake.

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