Monday, February 28, 2011

TeaParty Republican Arizona Gov. Jan Brewer (La Bruja) Vows to CUT Medicaid for the Neediest of the Poor while Extending Tax Cuts for the Rich!

Arizona Gov. Jan Brewer proposed dropping Medicaid coverage for 250,000 people, although she has extended Tax Cuts to Rich Big Business. She "says" her proposal is to help balance the state budget. Brewer discussed Medicaid issues with federal Secretary of Health and Human Services Secretary Kathleen Sebelius in Washington on Monday. Brewer originally proposed dropping coverage for 280,000 people.

It is clear that Brewer is heartless!
Her proposed CUTS will cut 1/5 of the Medicaid budget, cutting off aid to the poorest and neediest recipients, especially those in need of transplants. Without their required surgeries, they will DIE!

Brewer is following, dot to dot, the Republican Agenda.
. Cut Medicaid
. Demolish the Unions
. Cut Aid to the Poor and Middle Class
. Cut Jobs
. Do everything possible to undercut the President so he loses re-election
. YET: Reduce Taxes for the Rich -- Extend Tax Cuts

Additionally, Brewer (La Bruja) continues with her promise to Racially Profile all Latinos by putting in place Racial Profiling laws to stop education and terrorize Latino Neighborhoods.


Vicente Duque said...

This applies to Glenn Beck, Rush Limbaugh, Fox News, Tea Party, et all :

Glenn Beck, "Snake Oil Salesman", charlatan, a quack selling "patent medicine", "nostrum remedium" in roman times ( false medicines of charlatans ), Radioactive Radium Pills, "Taenia solium", Jonestown beverage, Electric Diagnostic Machines and Cures

I used several pages of Wikipedia to set up this page :

"Snake oil salesmen," usually sold their medicines with a fervent pitch similar to a fire and brimstone religious sermon. They often accompanied other theatrical and entertainment productions that traveled as a road show from town to town, leaving quickly before the falseness of their medicine was discovered. Not all quacks were restricted to such small-time businesses however, and a number, especially in the United States, became enormously wealthy through national and international sales of their products. ( Like Glenn Beck, Rush Limbaugh and Fox News )

The phrase "patent medicine" comes from the late 17th century marketing of medical elixirs, when those who found favour with royalty were issued letters patent authorising the use of the
.royal endorsement in advertising. Few if any of the nostrums were actually patented; chemical patents did not come into use in the United States until 1925. Almost all were useless and even dangerous.

Some doctors sold pills made of radium or uranium minerals ( the garbage after refinement ) and they produced cancer. Some doctors gave eggs of "Taenia solium", also called the pork tapeworm to their patients that wanted to reduce weight.

A Jonestown beverage helped to kill 900 folowers of Jim Jones, the greatest of Pastor Charlatans. Jonestown Politics is what Glenn Beck and Rush Limbaugh sell, not to mention Fox News that is a "Nostrum Remedium" or a "Nostrum"

Electric Diagnostic Machines and Cures : Quack Doctors with degrees from Universities but charlatans anyway. They built stupid and useless machines and convinced thousands of fools that their machines diagnosed all types of sickness and illness, and that they cured the patients without fault.

So the World has always been populated by a big number and percentage of idiots, and swindlers thrive on them. Wasn't Geoge W. Bush, the ultimate cretin, elected by millions of village idiots ?

Vicente Duque

Anonymous said...

I don't think she has the power to cut Medicare. Medicare is a federal program for people usually over the age of 65 years.

Dee said...

She is cutting the State's Medicaid programs in her state.

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