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To Bill O'Reilly: "YOU LIED!" About Brisenia Flores' Citizenship and the Shawna Forde Murder Trial! BOYCOTT FOX NEWS!!! BOYCOTT O'REILLY!

Will we NEVER get Justice for Nine Year Old Brisenia Flores???
Bill O'Reilly LIED!!!! Nine Year Old American Citizen Brisenia Flores is called an "Illeegal" by the Hate-Filled O'Reilly! Shameful! Boycott O'Reilly! Boycott Fox News!!!
C&L Reports:
Of all the media entities that have ignored the case of Shawna Forde and her killer Minutemen, the silence at Fox News has been the most egregious and noteworthy -- particularly because Bill O'Reilly is fond of criticizing other news organizations for supposedly "ignoring" stories that he has deemed eminently newsworthy (even if, in fact, they haven't really ignored them at all, or it's in fact a story of dubious veracity). So naturally we were pleasantly surprised when O'Reilly began tackling the Forde case last night with his panel of legal "experts" -- and, to no one's great surprise, it was nothing but a pack of lies, disinformation and grotesque distortions, from start to finish. For instance, here's O'Reilly's opening, having just discussed yet another case of an "illegal immigrant" having committed a murder, one of O'Reilly's favorite schticks:
O'REILLY: Now -- exact opposite on the political spectrum, in
Arizona. A woman member of the Minutemen breaks into an
illegal alien house?

No, that's wrong! Both Raul Junior Flores and his 9-year-old daughter, Brisenia (as well as Gina Gonzalez, the girl's mother) were American citizens, born and raised in Arivaca. And from a factually false opening, it goes rapidly downhill: Both Guilfoyle and Wiehl begin trading in even more factually wrong characterizations of Forde and her relationship to the Minuteman movement. Guilfoyle was perhaps the worst:

GUILFOYLE: This woman has some, um, problems otherwise. This wasn't really about immigration -- this was a woman who is a criminal, was working with this group to do drug ripoffs.
O'REILLY: She's a criminal herself.
GUILFOYLE: Yes. The organization she belonged to was Minuteman American Defense, otherwise known as MAD. But I did a lot of research on this case, and essentially she was using this organization to say, 'I'm gonna do rip-offs of drug cartels to fund my group.
O'REILLY: Ohhh, so she joined the group to find out where illegal aliens who might be dealing narcotics.

Wiehl at least points out that Forde didn't join MAD -- she founded it. But that's the least of the issues here: What's more important is that in fact this case had everything to do with immigration, which was the entire fuel motivating Forde's radicalism: She saw herself as a Minuteman "willing to take it to the next level" -- and she was using the drug money to do that.

Indeed, as we reported early on, she intended to metastasize MAD with the money so that it became a kind of super-militia whose larger purpose was to take on the federal government, not just over immigration but a whole panoply of related "Patriot" movement issues. This wasn't about ordinary criminality: It was about right-wing radicalism. As Tim Steller at the Arizona Daily Star reported back then, she was talking to a lot of people about her plans for the group:

Accused ringleader Shawna Forde told her family in recent months that she had begun recruiting members of the Aryan Nations and that she planned to begin robbing drug-cartel leaders, her brother Merrill Metzger said Monday in a telephone interview from Redding, Calif.
"She was talking about starting a revolution against the United States government," he said.
In any event, at this point things in the O'Reilly Factor discussion became nothing but a farrago of falsehoods:

WIEHL: She was kicked out of two other organizations.
O'REILLY: Oh, she got kicked out of the Minutemen?
WIEHL: Well, that was the point. She was such a nut that she was kicked out of Minutemen. She started her own organization.
O'REILLY: All right, so her scam was, she would enter suspected drug dealers' homes and steal their drugs.
WIEHL: She thought he had $4,000 bucks in drug money, she wanted to go in there and get that money with her two accomplices.
O'REILLY: She killed how many people?
WIEHL: She killed the man, she killed the 9-year-old child --
O'REILLY: She killed a 9-year-old.
WIEHL: Yes. The mother of the 9-year-old was on the phone --
GUILFOYLE: She was present, she wasn't the shooter.
O'REILLY: Now, does she get the death penalty? Has she been sentenced?
GUILFOYLE: She is now eligible for the death penalty. The jury is considering it. Her defense at the time was, 'It wasn't me. It was the girlfriend of one of my codefendants.'
O'REILLY: But it doesn't matter, because she was convicted of the murders.
WIEHL: Right.
O'REILLY: So she's gonna go. All right, so then, uh --
GUILFOYLE: And she should -- and the Minutemen organizations don't want any association with her.
O'REILLY: And we want to emphasize that she was kicked out --
WIEHL: She was not part of the Minutemen.
GUILFOYLE: One of them, she was kicked out within 40 minutes of attending her first meeting!
WIEHL: She lied, she said she was leader, she wasn't any of those things.
O'REILLY: So she covered her own stupid organization as a cover for her own criminal activities.
GUILFOYLE: That's correct.
O'REILLY: Then she got what she deserved.

Both Wiehl and Guilfoyle are simply lying here: Shawna Forde was a significant figure in the Minuteman movement in Washington state for the better part of two years before she headed to Arizona. She appeared onstage in Everett with Minuteman Project cofounder Jim Gilchrist at a big Minuteman rally in 2007, and appeared on a public-TV town hall as a spokesman for both the Minutemen and the Federation for American Immigration Reform, which later -- much later -- repudiated her as their spokesman.


Vicente Duque said...

The Filth and Dirt of Fox News - They try to blame the victims and minimize the guilt and responsibility of the authors - All Mexicans are criminals !

It is false that the Flores Family was "Illegal Aliens" ... they are trying to justify the crime and blame the Mexicans.

This is a lot of dirt and filth dumped on the victims - Of Course Shawna Forde was very important in the Minutemen Organization, and spoke in many meetings of National Organizations including FAIR, she also was in political activity backing and supporting prominent Republican Candidates.

Now, Shawna is "untouchable" and a pariah and she is rejected by her former political friends. Everybody runs for cover and deny any friendship or involvement with Shawna or MAD ( Minuteman American Defense ), MAD is the best Acronym in History.

This is the ultimate in Hypocrisy by those that have been great friends of the Minutemen, including Bill O'Reilly and Fox News....

LearningByReading said...

Fox News distorts so many things that it almost becomes routine and unnoticeable. I knew about Flores but not about Forde. Does not surprise.

Anonymous said...

Get a life billy!

Vicente Duque said...

VIDEO, Glenn Beck "Shoot Them In The Head" Video Clip Found - "All those Radicals in Washington" .... "that believe in Communism" - "You gonna have to shoot them in the head" !

Glenn Beck Shoot Them In The Head Video Clip Found


Felix Jaure said...

The producers at Fox should consider a change from their present slogan, fair, and balanced, to one more appropriate for their news cast, such as, "Tune to Fox, the only news network, that tells the conservatives what they want to hear."

Their opinion's form a favorable pattern, while their daily prime time audience entertain themselves by connecting the dots, and everyone is content, but misinformed.

Fox's loyalty, and dedication to the Republican, and Tea party, is evident. $2,000,000.00 plus, to be precise. Fox contributed one million dollars to the Republican Governors Association, a million dollar donation to the GOP-aligned U.S Chamber of Commerce.

This type of generosity takes the guess work out of what party they favor in their news broadcasts, and political commentaries.

With this in mind, the viewer would be wise to tune into a more reliable source of news information, such as P.B.S., or CNN, for a second opinion, before drawing a conclusion on any subject reported by the Fox news network.

My personal view regarding Fox is as follows; "Although I may find them somewhat amusing, and the characters comical, and entertaining, I would by no means, allow any of my siblings, under the age of 18 to be exposed to this potentially dangerous, and want to be journalist's, that have no respect for truth, or honor for justice.

Fox News should be required by law, to issue a warning to their audience, that such news material could be hazardous to humanity, and should be taken with extreme caution, with limited, and supervised dosages.

Glenn Beck, Bill O'Reilly, wolves disguised as newscasters, have managed to demonize a large percentage of the American population, not taking into account the amount of damage they have sowed, in the hearts, and minds, of their viewers. In the end, what they have sowed, America will (weep) reap.

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