Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Tea Party Leader Glenn Beck is INSANE! Predicting the END of the World! Promoting ANCIENT BABYLON! Anyone Who Supports Beck is Loony Toons!!!

As I have long reported, Glenn Beck has several loose screws. I feel sorry for him. His own family has a long history of Insanity. Now, Beck himself is provoking his followers follow him along the insanity path! In his quest to overthrow the government (this diabolical loon is now) promoting his followers follow him and support his insane theories! He says we are approaching Armageddon. He says we are fast approaching 2012. Last week, he was approaching a bunny rabbit with a chain saw. Now, he says the trouble in Egypt is the next step to Armageddon. Beck is NUTZ! Looney Toons! Howard Beale! Anyone who listens to Beck deserves ALL the ridicule they receive!


Dee said...

Do you know what it sad?
Beck WAS number 1 on Fox.
Now he is Number 5 or Number 6, quickly losing ratings.

All those who went to Washington to kiss his axx are ashamed!

Everyone is quickly finding out, BECK IS INSANE!!!

Looney Toons!!


Dee said...

The only good news from all of this, we should start joining together, as a nation, and supporting OUR PRESIDENT!!!

NOT some looney toons Nut on Fox News!

Vicente Duque said...

Big Muslim Caliphate may include Spain, France, Italy and Britain, Mormon Bible Apocalyptic Revelation : Caliphate with Capital in Babylon, Anti-Christ Armageddon, Eschatology

Glenn Beck has a Potpourri inside his head, a putrid potiche, a combination of incongruous things, a smorgasbord of Mormonism, the Bible, Revelation, Apocalypse and Ancient Writings on Doom.

This is a witches' brew of gangsters and terrorists dominating the World and dominating every Western Citizen as a Slave. We are near the End of the World.

I am surprised that Glenn Beck is not making allusion to the Mayan Prophecies of the end of the World in 2012.

Vicente Duque said...

VIDEO : Sean Hannity : Obama inspired with his speech in Cairo the Jihad and Terrorism in Egypt in order to empower "Muslim Brotherhood" for "Caliphate" ... Hannity : "Iraq Should "Pay Us Back For Their Liberation"."

Keeping a Watch on Idiots and the fools that follow them :

AlSalibiyyah | February 04, 2011

Sean Hannity & Brent Bozell discuss how the media ignores the Muslim Brotherhood's violent rhetoric in an effort to protect Obama from criticism.

Hannity & Bozell Expose Media For Ignoring Muslim Brotherhood Radicalism

Cenk Uygur shows who he is Sean Hannity

TheYoungTurks | May 10, 2010 |

Hannity: Iraq Should "Pay Us Back For Their Liberation"


uk immigration solicitor said...

Cant beleive this...we need some peace in world

Vicente Duque said...

Speculation : The possibility that Glenn Beck is a Real Religious Idiot and Cultist that believes in the Next Final Judgment and the Armageddon and that he is appointed by God to be against the Anti-Christ - Glenn Beck had a very traumatic childhood and is a man of very low education and culture.

I am intrigued by the madness of Glenn Beck - There are several real possibilities :

1) Glenn Beck does not believe a single word of what he says - He is a very smart and intelligent guy ( but very evil ) that understood the basic Imbecility and Stupidity of Millions of People and saw a possibility of becoming very rich by Exaggerated Histrionics of Conspiracy Theories and preaching Hate, Hatred, Racism, Jingoism, Militarism, Chauvinism, Prejudice and Bigotry

2) Glenn believes half his lies and is very greedy for money and power. This is the fifty fifty theory.

3) Glenn is a very traumatized and sick person, his mother commited suicide as he confesses, the father abandoned the children, Glenn had his brain destroyed by drugs and alcohol. He is a "born again" as he confesses, and he is also a Mormon as he confesses.

All these traumas have made Glenn into an "Envoy of God" like so many prophets and visionaires with so many silly theories and illuminations.

Everyday there is an appearance of the Virgin Mary in the most backward countries and even in the Most Technologically advanced nations. Look at the many Americans and Europeans that flock before Gurus in Ashrams of India, or that follow the Second Coming of Jesus in Russia, the Philipines and many other cultist places.

Then why not speculate that Glenn is another Illuminati and Vissionaire ...

These people have even stigma that bleed - such is the power of the human mind.

4) The trouble is the millions of Idiots that can be guided by such monsters of Imbecility, Self Deception or the Deception of Fools.

And do not forget that some mainstream politicians like Sarah Palin and Michele Bachman are very close to the madness of Glenn.

Vicente Duque

Felix Jaure said...

Take back America rally at the nations Capitol featuring Glenn Beck, along with his side kick Sarah Palin, managed to draw a significant crowd from all parts of the country. The gathering at D.C. was reminiscing of Woodstock music festival in the late sixties.

Beck's latest gimmick to gather support for the G.O.P. and Tea Party along with Fox who co-sponsored the event, was quite successful.

Glenn was rather impressive in his latest role, featuring the transformation of the Sinister Mr. Hyde, to the respectable gentleman Dr. Jekyll, we must not exclude his most recent production of "I have sinned", featuring Glenn Beck in his award winning performance, in playing the role of television Evangelist Jimmy Swaggerd."

The conservatives gave him thumbs up, while the liberals remained skeptical, curious, of his ulterior motives, surrounding the impetuous transformation of the once ill-tempered talk show host.

In the latest USA Today-Gallup survey conducted Dec. 10-12; rounding out the top 10 most-admired men, with 2 percent or less: former South African President Nelson Mandella, computer tycoon Bill Gates Pope Benedict XVI, the Rev, Billy Graham former President Jimmy Carter and talk-show host Glenn Beck.

The negative publicity furnished by Becks current employer towards the Obama administration, opened doors to avenues that otherwise would have remained closed, and beyond his reach.

Desperate times call for desperate measures. Glenn Beck, did not hesitate to jump on board the train of opportunity, and respond to the needs of the American people.

Beck's, broadcasting career stems from age of 13 at a local radio station, where he gained employment after winning a local contest. His success includes, author of six book's with five in the New York Times best sellers list. Some of which have been determined by some readers to be offensive, while to others enlightening, but the bottom line is, your taste will ultimately determine the value of its content.

A large number of his supporters have placed him securely upon a pedestal, and his highly controversial opinion's as if they were written on stone, although it may be wise, and in their best interest, to make a thorough evaluation of his resume, before making a final decision, in accepting his latest bid, for the position of spiritual leader

Statues have been erected in honor of heroic individuals, and act as a reminder of their contribution to humanity. To some they are recognized as hero's, to others as villains.

Glenn Beck, a hero to some, a villain to others, ultimately your taste will make that determination

Felix Jaure said...

Dee, thanks for posting my articles,on your blog.

I reside in the state of Arizona, at the present time, and belive me, the hispanic community can use all the support, they can possibly get.

I have written several articles,on the subject of immigration with a great amount of negative feed back.
I sincerly hope, that your audience will find them informative.

Thank You;

Felix Jaure

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