Sunday, June 5, 2011

CAUGHT RED HANDED! Republican Extreme Right Wing TARGETTED Rep. Weiner with THE BIG LIE!

The republican extreme right wing has been CAUGHT RED-HANDED! They have HACKED Rep. Weiner's account and the main CULPRIT is in Hiding! Extremist/Bully Andrew Breitbart is "dancing as fast as he can" in trying to distance himself from the instigator(s).

This entire demonization of Weiner started months ago. A group calling themselves the "Christian Infowar Militia" was formed by a group of conservative right wing bloggers. Their aim is to attack and discredit Democratic Leaders and Liberals in general. Their tactics include hacking, cyberattacks, lies, hacking and much more. They have targetted certain leading democratic leaders' Facebook and Twitter accounts. They start out by negatively commenting on their blogs and cyber stalking followers and fans.

Two of this group's leading cyber stalkers are: @patriotusa76 (Dan Wolfe) and @goatsred (Mike Stack). These two stalkers (along with others) targetted Rep. Wiener's Twitter and Facebook accounts. They decided to stalk several young female followers of Rep. Weiner, sending them vicious, lying tweets about Rep. Weiner. (see here) They also hacked Rep. Weiner's Yfrog account. They obtained a questionable picture from his private account and sent it out to a female follower who has never had contact with the Representative other than to join his followers. Afterwards, they immediately contacted Andrew Breitbart who took these pictures and posted them across his websites and went on every cable news channel who would have him on.

Rep. Weiner did not send out these pictures. He has said so. The female in question has said so. Additionally, several investigative websites, including Smoking and several investigative bloggers have found PROOF of this and posted the proof on the web. (So why does Fox and the MSM continue to screw up the message? Hopefully they will catch up soon. The FBI Investigation will help. But don't hold your breath waiting for Fox to make any updates!)

Now, LIAR Dan Wolfe is crying like a baby saying he has so many personal problems (with his ex-wife and other females) that he is AFRAID of being exposed for the LIAR he is. Additionally, CRIMINAL Mike Stack is attempting to put ALL THE BLAME on LIAR Dan Wolfe. In the meantime, Blowhard Breitbart is attempting to distance himself from Wolfe and Stack saying they are LIARS and Criminals and all he did was post what was sent to him. They are ALL DESPICABLE LIARS! The good news is, all of these materials have been sent to the FBI and they have begun their investigation. Results should be coming out soon!

However, we ALL need to take this as a warning for the 2012 Election Year tactics these EXTREME RIGHT WING groups will take. Their tactics are to use the well known propaganda technique: "The Big Lie." The expression was coined by Adolf Hitler, when he dictated his 1925 book Mein Kampf, for a LIE so "colossal" that no one would believe that someone "could have the impudence to distort the truth so infamously." We'll have to keep remembering this because the BIG LIE is ALL THEY HAVE!

@patriotusa76 used the name "Dan Wolfe" before he went into hiding. However, we know his name is NOT "Dan Wolfe." Investigative Bloggers are continuing to search for his identity and I'm sure they will have it soon. When they do, I will post it. Here are some clues to his identity:
. He uses Ronald Reagan as his screen profile picture
. He hates President Obama and Democrats in general
. He uses the name "patriot" meaning he is a Teapartier and most likely a former Minuteman type.
. He uses the year "76." This indicates this year is very important to him. He was either born that year or graduated from college that year. So he is either 35 or 59. My guess is he is 59.
. Smoking Gun details his "serious personal issues" which illustrate his previous abuse of women and possible mental issues?
. He has a history of cyber-stalking women and Liberals he doesn't like.

(My Message to patriotusa76: Cry all you want. You can run. You can hide, but not for long!)
Note: Our very own "Bad Anonymous" previously used the name "patriot." I wonder if they are one and the same? I guess we will soon see!


Anonymous said...

Really? Sounded like another woman came forward with the same story.

Anonymous said...

How does your hoof taste? Nothing like having egg on your face.

You should get off the toeing of the party ignorant line.

Dee said...

The fact he sent a private email to women makes him a philanderer.
A private matter between him and his wife.

However, it does not change the fact that his PRIVATE mail accounts were HACKED and BREITBART posted the Hacked PRIVATE PICTURES.

I wonder if you would still pat the Hackers & Breitbart on the back if he posted your PRIVATE emails?

Anonymous said...

"Rep. Weiner did not send out these pictures. He has said so".

Right, he said so and he LIED!

It isn't just a matter between him and his wife. He is a politician and is accountable to his constituents also. So quit trying to play down what he did just because he is a Democrat.

Anonymous said...

It also makes him a liar, since he claimed he did not send the picture. Pelosi is already asking for an Ethics Investigation, seems all the big D's want Weiner rolled out of office.

Weiners Tweets are not private, they are in the public domain.

All you have to do is apologize to your readers for being ignorant and naive to any actual facts, just admit you were definitely wrong about this.

Anonymous said...

He should still resign, we can do better than him.

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