Monday, June 13, 2011

GOP Candidates in Lockstep EXCEPT....

All of the GOP Candidates were in Lockstep in the following Areas:
1. Lower Taxes for the Rich
2. Reduce or End Regulations for Big Business
3. No New Jobs Ideas
4. Repeal Obamacare
5. No Gay Marriage
6. No Pro Choice

After that, NOT ALL were asked the same questions. Their answers as follows:
No Auto Bailout: Romney, Bachmann, Santorum
Privatize Space Program (No NASA): Romney, Pawlenty, Gingrich
Do Not Continue Medicare: Pawlenty, Paul, Santorum Gingrich, Cain
Support Teaparty: Bachman & Santorum
Return Offshore Jobs: Paul

ANTI Immigration Reform: Pawlenty, Santorum; Gingrich said Path to citizenship

The Winners: American People for Seeing the Republican Agenda for themselves
Who Came out on Top:
1. Romney: although Detroit will hate him for his ANTI-Auto Bailout Comments.
2. Bachmann & Santorum: Someone took away their "Crazy Juice" last night.

The Losers:
1. Pawlenty: What a Wimp! On Sunday, he coined the term "Obamneycare," YET when given the chance to 'splain and challenge Romney on his MA Healthcare plan, Pawlenty WIMPED OUT!

2. Paul: As in 2008, Paul looks like the token kook. He hates Government period. The more and more he talks, the more the rest of the pack distances themselves from his craaaazzzy ideas!
3. CNN -- NO TOUGH QUESTIONS! No follow through. They made it a Fan's Q&A -- "NO Debate" Last night!
4. Gingrich & Cain: Were they even there last night? If so, they went unnoticed.

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Vicente Duque said...

Republican Debate : Newt Gingrich won't be President or Republican Nominee, but he has been showing lately some intelligence, rationality, moderation, and common sense that other Republican Candidates lack. The good evolution of a Newt

I liked Newt Gingrich during Monday Night in the New Hampshire Republican Debate, he was natural, logical, he seemed very sincere and like having carefully thought the topics that he answered.

He gave the best answers to the questions on Immigration, and other of his answers showed a lot of common sense, moderation and rationality.... I can not say the same for other pre-candidates.

His remarks about the need to win the U. S. Senate and House in order to change or repeal ObamaCare was wonderful, because the other candidates were speaking a lot of Blather as if being President was the same as being dictator.

Newt did not fall in the abused practice in this debate of using campaign lines and republican mantras, and taking macho positions of strength that are not backed by ideas, facts or realities. Newt was a more realistic guy than the other Republicans.

I do not believe that Newt Gingrich has the slightest chance of being nominated as Republican Candidate for the General Election.... There is a lot of opposition to Newt, and his latest moderation does not help, because the Republican Party is now crazy, and the crazies will help to define the Republican Primary.

Most Probably Mitt Romney will win the Republican Primaries, but returning to Newt Gingrich, the guy has shown moderation in the last months. He is not liked because of many things of the past.

But I think that everybody has a right to change opinions. So if Newt is less aggressive towards Latinos and looks for some real and practical solution to Illegal Immigration, then that is a very positive development of a prominent Republican that has been so important being a former Speaker of the House of Representatives.

If Republicans lose the next presidential election in November 2012, then Newt will become more important inside the Republican Party, because he may be shaping the things to come in that now Crazy Party.

If Republicans lose in 2012 as I expect then the Republican Party will need a Newt Gingrich to recompose itself after another defeat.

Vicente Duque

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