Friday, June 17, 2011

Christie "It's NONE of Your Business" when a Constituent Asks: Why do you send your kids to Private Schools when you CUT FUNDING for Public Schools

Republican Governor Chris Christie responds to one of his constituents "IT'S NONE OF YOUR BUSINESS!" The Constituent Asked, "You don't send your kids to private schools, why do you think it's fair to cut funding for Private Schools!"
Blowhard Christie DIDN'T ANSWER the question. Instead he responds "It's none of your business where I send my kids to school."
Christie's Answer:
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Vicente Duque said...

And you already know that Texas Governor Rick Perry is doing Great Harm to Latinos and Minorities by Extremely Big Cuts in Education for Children, for example "English as a second language" ...

At the same time Perry keeps the most beautiful and gigantic Tax Loopholes for Oil, Energy, Rich Corporations and the Wealthy.


POLITICO.COM : The nation’s largest Protestant denomination, the Southern Baptist Convention approved a resolution backing a path to legal status for illegal immigrants at its annual meeting in Phoenix. It mirrors what President Barack Obama has offered

This is good for Obama, not so good for Republicans that are praching a Get-Tough attitude towards undocumented immigrants or "Illegal Aliens" .... but the Southern Baptist resolution does not go so far as the Condemnation of the New State Laws from other religious denominations, in particular the Catholic Church, the Unitarian Church, the Lutheran Church, the Mormon Church and other Religious Groups strongly oppose and condemn the new draconian and restrictionist laws of Arizona, Georgia and Alabama.

Southern Baptists back 'path to legal status' for undocumented immigrants
June 17, 2011


Anonymous said...

Politicans often send their kids to private schools because they can afford it and they get a better education. His personal life has nothing to do with a politician having to vote to cut expenses in the state, federal and local levels. You are mixing apples and oranges here.

He had every right to say "it is none of your business"!

superdestroyer said...

Democratic politicians and judges have order forced busing, diversity, quotas, and forced integration while their own children attend very white private schools. Remember the judge who ordered forced busing in Boston sent his own children to private schools.
Unless you can show where you complained about Democrats sending their children to private schools, you have no credibility

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