Sunday, June 12, 2011

Guest Voz - Immigration Clearinghouse: Alabama Passes Repressive State Immigration Law

Guest Voz - Porter Corn from Immigration Clearinghouse: La Ley de Jaime Cuervo alive in Alabama as State passes repressive immigration law
Alabama’s xenophobic governor on Thursday signed a tough and repressive new illegal immigration crackdown that contains provisions requiring public schools to determine students’ immigration status (in violation of Federal Law) and making it a crime to knowingly give an illegal immigrant a ride, or for that matter, being “brown” and alive in Alabama. George Wallace must be dancing a jig in hell over this one.

Earlier in this legislative session, the Republican-led Alabama Legislature — with the help of some white Democrats — passed the bill that guarantees trial lawyers will be employed in future litigation in Alabama, with many of them working at taxpayer expense. There’s no telling how many trial lawyers that legislation will affect.

Then, after making Alabama businesses happy with reforms that would limit people’s ability to sue companies, the Republican-led Alabama Legislature — again with the help of a few Democrats — passed this bill that would further burden companies with regulations that must be followed if they intend to do business in this state.

So once again, the state of Alabama comes from behind to declare itself king of regression last week. Alabama legislators often get really antsy when other states are stealing the spotlight over being the most racist in America.

The societal misfits at ALIPAC, and their leader, the reprehensible William Gheen, is claiming this so-called “victory” as his own, as he is scrambling to find money to support his lifestyle from supporters who are increasingly becoming fedup with his fraudulent claims. Hearing him beat his chest, you would think he ushered this racist piece of legislation through all on his own, from his donor provided McMansion in Youngsville North Carolina.

Let’s see how long it takes for the lawsuits to fly and the injunctions given against this law.

I’m going to be in Alabama this weekend and I think I’ll look for an illegal immigrant to give a ride to. It’d be my own little protest against the terrible immigration bill passed by a xenophobic Legislature and signed by an equally xenophobic Gov. Robert Bentley.


Vicente Duque said...

Dear Dee in Happy Texas :

This is extremely comical and funny :

While his enemies practice "Dirty Tricks" like in Alabama. President Obama is in a "Tropical Vacation" to North Carolina, Miami and Puerto Rico. Clue to the Riddle : North Carolina also has a good number of Latinos.

Obama in Puerto Rico is an effort to build some security into the president’s reelection bid at a time when the economy remains wildly unpredictable. Hispanics may be Obama's Life Insurance
Politicians from Manhattan, Brooklyn, and the Bronx know that visiting Puerto Rico brings a lot of votes in New York. But Obama aims beyond New York State, which he wins very easily !


No wonder that Mr Obama is compared very frequently to Felix, the Cat.


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