Thursday, June 23, 2011

Crops are ROTTING on the Vine in Georgia Thanks to Racist ANTI Latino Immigration HB87 Bill!

Translation: No one to pick crops....Now the crops are ROTTING on the Vine!


Vicente Duque said...

Some people suffer from being different in any way : crippled, in wheel chairs, being gay, transsexual, illegal alien, undocumented immigrant, the lower race in Apartheid or Segregation, being super ugly, being genetically mongoloid, mentally retarded or crazy, etc .....

Can you imagine having a super horrible sickness, living in illness, being a super ugly monster, living in delusion and fantasy ??

They deserve some admiration for living their lives, sometimes very productive and creative lives .... We should feel sympathy and empathy for them. Not only pity, compassion and commiseration, but true EMPATHY.

Can you imagine yourself being extremely poor and in dire needs ? Can you imagine yourself being a slave in a Plantation in Georgia or Alabama ??. Or being a laborerer picking fruit and produce at temperatures above 100 fahrenheit, which is 38 centigrades. ( Working from 5 AM to 9 PM ) ?? ... and being persecuted by the Police at the same time ??

We should even feel some Empathy or at least some compassion for those people of the Extreme Right that are dedicated to diminish other human beings because of their birth, the circumstances of their birth, or their genetic make up of being of another race or ethnics.

And we should feel some Empathy for all the millions of fools that follow those "pundits" and politicians of the extreme right !

This is a message of EMPATHY, something that is considered degenerate, pernicious, malicious, deleterious, etc by the extreme right and their politicians, and by the great pundits and Right wing extremists : the anchor People in TV and Shock Jock Radio, the propagandists of Hate and Fear.

White Girl said...

Wow, this really touches home for me...I am a white girl whose grandpa has 21 acres of cherries. I don't know what he would do without all his amazing cherry pickers--all who are Mexican. We hired a white family one time and it was a DISASTER. It's sad to see such racism conducted at the expense of Latino/Mexican families and farmers. Funny how Americans complain about the success of small businesses, but hold back a large majority of people who are willing to work hard at those jobs!

Vicente Duque said...

POLITICO.COM : Most Probationers walked off their jobs or did not return for a second day, according to top officials in the Georgia farm lobby. And the Anti-Latino State was Law blocked in a Federal Court of Atlanta
The threat of the new law has already led to thousands of migrant workers fleeing Georgia. And the Probationers that the Governor of Georgia sent did not like the job.

This is a new conflict of "State Rights" with the Federal Government and with President Obama and the Department of Justice, led by Eric Holder. Sooner or Later the U. S. Supreme Court has to make clear that the Federal Legislation ( by the U. S. Congress ) preempts these State Patchwork Legislations.

Parts of Georgia immigration law blocked
June 27, 2011

Some excerpts :

A federal judge in Atlanta blocked portions of Georgia’s new law that would have punished people who aid illegal immigrants and allowed local police to check the legal status of anyone not carrying identification, The Associated Press reported Monday.

U.S. District Judge Thomas Thrash wrote that Georgia was seeking to enforce an immigration law that is the jurisdiction of the federal government.

Bryan Tolar, president of the Georgia Agribusiness Council, said he hopes but is not optimistic that the ruling will stop the flood of migrant workers leaving the state.

“We hope that it might slow down that fear factor,” he told POLITICO. “While we’ve already seen a significant amount of loss in those critical workforces. There was a feeling … that there were going to be more departing this week. Maybe now they won’t be so quick to depart.”

A spokeswoman for Deal said he would issue a statement on the ruling shortly.

Tolar was in Washington last week to lobby the Georgia congressional delegation to back a guest worker program. The court ruling, he said, is “better than nothing, but it’s not the solution we need.”

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