Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Toasted Weiner's Biggest Crime: Condoning Slezoid Tactics of Breitbart and his Minions!

Everyone agrees. Anthony Weiner "did his wife wrong!" He committed cybersext using his private email - before and after he was married. Shame on him! and ALL 80% of men (and women) in America who do so! He should be fried and toasted for his crimes as should all of the others. That said, this was not his worst crime. His worst crime was his news conference yesterday. During this so called news conference, he apologized to Breitbart and his minions. With those few words, he condoned their sleazy tactics and set the stage for their continued sleazy tactics through the next election year.

As I previously reported, @patriotusa76 (Dan Wolfe) and @goatsred (Mike Stack) targetted Rep. Wiener's Twitter and Facebook accounts. They stalked several young female followers of Rep. Weiner, sending them vicious tweets and messages. They hacked Weiner's YFrog and sent Breitbart the pictures. Just because it's easy to hack yfrog does not make this excusable. The cyberstalking is not excusable. Excusing these tactics is like condoning the Watergate break-ins. Weiner should be toasted and fried for condoning these tactics and raising Breitbart's level of legitimacy.

The rumor mill is saying Pelosi is asking for his resignation. Who knows if this is true. Weiner has been a heroic champion of the left. He has been brave and outspoken for many Democratic causes. It is too bad he allowed his own human failings to misguide him. This has happened to so many politicians in the past, on both sides of the aisle. Edwards' trial is upcoming. David Vitter is still in office and he actually did the deed with several prostitutes. All these sad, sad stories of too human politicians.

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