Sunday, June 26, 2011

Senators Introduce S1258: Comprehensive Immigration Reform Bill

U.S. Senators Robert Menendez (D-NJ), Harry Reid (D-NV), Patrick Leahy (D-VT), Dick Durbin (D-IL), Chuck Schumer (D-NY) John Kerry (D-MA) and Kirsten Gillibrand (D-NY) re-introduced a comprehensive immigration reform bill aimed at addressing the broken immigration system with tough, smart, and fair measures.
The bill titled: S.1258 - A bill to provide for comprehensive immigration reform.
The bill includes measures to:

1) strengthen border security, 2) enhance worksite enforcement of immigration laws, and 3) requirements that the estimated 11 million undocumented immigrants present in the U.S. register with the government, pay their taxes, learn English, pay a fine, pass a background check, and wait in line for permanent residence.
This legislation signals to the American people that we are serious about fixing our broken immigration system,” said Menendez. “We stand for a complete solution - a real solution - to end undocumented immigration and restore the rule of law. This is common-sense legislation that addresses the realities of the situation, stops the flow across our borders, and contributes to our economic recovery. If we can put political grandstanding aside and come together on a comprehensive, pragmatic bill like this one, we can bring resolution to a great national need.”

“Effective reform of our immigration system will only come about as the result of a good-faith bipartisan effort, and this legislation is a very strong starting point for that process,” said Senator Leahy. “But one thing we should all support is a civil debate about how best to update our immigration laws to curb the tide of illegal immigration, continue to strengthen our borders, and create a system that works best for America.”
“Today we are living with a broken immigration system that weakens our national security, hurts our workers, and falls short of the most basic standard of justice,” Durbin said. “To fix this system, we need a comprehensive approach that is tough, fair, and practical. Senator Menendez has drafted a good bill and I’m proud to support it.”

The Comprehensive Immigration Reform Act of 2011 includes both a mandatory employment verification system and a program to require undocumented immigrants in the U.S. as of June 1, 2011 to register with the government, learn English, and pay fines and taxes on their way to becoming Americans.
The bill promotes effective and accountable enforcement within the U.S. through measures such as: additional resources for the Border Patrol; expanded penalties for passport and document fraud; new requirements for the Department of Homeland Security to track entries and exits at the border; common-sense rules governing detention to ensure U.S. citizens are not unlawfully detained; and new criminal penalties for fraud and misuse of Social Security numbers.
A Standing Commission on Immigration, Labor Markets, and the National interest would be created as part of the bill to evaluate labor market and economic conditions and recommend quotas for employment-based visa programs to the Congress that would protect American jobs.

To read the full text of S.1258 on Thomas (Library of Congress), read HERE.


Superdestroyer said...

When amnesty passed last time, border security and work place enforcment were promised and neither were delivered.

Immigraiton reform should occur in two steps

First, improve border security, implement 100% workplace enforcement, and start with the fines now and the border should be sealed and immigration should be zero to make up for the open border policies of the past.

Then after a decade, when the government shows that it can deliver on border enforcement, workplace enforcement, and forcing illegal immigrants to comply with the law, then the pro-illegal immigration crowd will have some credibility to talk about changing illegal immigration.

Unless the government demonstrates that it can enforce current laws, there is no reason to discuss making any changes to who can come into the U.S.

Vicente Duque said...

Long Life to Governor Andrew Cuomo of New York - Viva Andy !

Thumbs up for Gays in New York, America and the World.

Thumbs up for Lesbians and Transsexuals and Third Sex wherever it exists in San Francisco, India or anywhere !

Thumbs up for Bernie Sanders and all Liberals in Congress or anywhere !

Thumbs up for Joe Biden for telling the Republicans that Medicare, Social Security, Social Services and Education should not be sacked and pillaged in order to have Tax Cuts and Loopholes for the Rich, Wealthy and Corporations making trillions and paying pennies in taxes, if any at all.

Thumbs up for Police Departments and Institutions in Texas for opposing the useless anti-Sanctuary Law of Governor Rick Perry.

You can control the borders and the Illegal Populations with soft measures, enticements and carrots instead of heavy sticks and whips ... the purpose of Rick is to become popular with fools and ignorants to advance his political agenda and perhaps win the Republican Nomination.

Intelligent Businessmen understand that they have an economic powerhouse to make money in these legal, illegal, alien, extragalactic, extraterrestrial or martian.

Thumbs up for the President of the USA, but one day he should become clear, firm and assertive in economic matters like the wonderful Vice President Joe Biden.

Nancy Pelosi also sings clearly and firmly as the roosters on top of our barns.

Long live and long lives to Sen. Dick Durbin (D-Ill.), Robert Menendez (D-N.J.) and Patrick Leahy (D-Vt.), for sponsoring "Comprehensive Immigration Reform", even if this is 100% impossible, due to Republican Opposition and blue dogs that are scared of losing their useless seats.

My God I was forgetting Harry Reid, Chuck Schumer (D-NY) John Kerry (D-MA) and Kirsten Gillibrand (D-NY) cosponsoring the Immigration Bill.

Thumbs up for Great Guys !

Nick said...

The birthright citizenship "loop-hole" needs to be addressed. Simply by adding to/for Amendment 14 Section 1; Any person born within United States territory by any person/individual that is not a U.S. Citizen, or not a U.S. National, is EXEMPT from birthright citizenship. - That would reduce illegal alien entry, as one less incentive is available for illegal immigrants. (this is the issue that produced the term "anchor babies") - If immigrants want to have a child that will be a U.S. Citizen, they need to cross over the border legally while becoming a citizen FIRST. I think a sense of pride would establish for those who do it the right way, instead of trying to evade authorities such as ICE, and they wouldn't have to fear deportation. Illegal is illegal, and all immigration laws need to be enforced. I do not get rewards if I choose to break any federal laws, why should illegal aliens/undocumented immigrants?

Dee said...

Sorry. I disagree with you.
You have to study the implications of what would occur if our legislatures decide to overturn the 14th amendment.

For some reason, those who agree with you have the inaccurate belief that those YOU term "Anchor Babies" have parents who are both "illeegals" running toward the border with a baby hanging out between the mother's legs. What a ridiculous assumption!

The reality is, the majority of those YOU term "Anchor Babies" are ALL US CITIZENS who have at least one citizen parent. Over 40% of those YOU term "Illeegal" came here legally and are Visa overstays. Most are trying to change their "legal" status via the very backlogged Immigration courts.

Please STOP AND THINK of the reality of these individual situations. Also remember one of the first countries that changed to "Jus Sanguinis" (the change YOU are asking to be imposed to the 14th amendment) vs our current amendment of Jus Soli was Nazi Germany, for Obvious Reasons... probably the same actual reasons of those requesting this same change for Our Country!

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