Saturday, June 4, 2011


In Wisconsin, Anti-Latino Domestic Terrorists are targetting Latinos! Last week, a Racine County Citgo station began selling bumper stickers saying "Illegal Immigrant Hunting Permit." Along the side were the dates "2001 - 2050" which are the dates the Census Bureau indicates a large Latino growth in the U.S. Across the bottom it says, "No Bag Limit - Tagging Not Required."

Humanitarian Maria Morales said, "It's clearly hate. So people will see this and they'll say, 'Hey, we have the right to kill them (Latinos),'" Morales said. Mrs. Morales is a coordinator for the immigrant rights group Voces de la Frontera in Racine and vowed to stop the sale of the stickers. Morales said the controversy started when she planned a protest at a Racine County Citgo station, but the protest fizzled out once the owner pulled the stickers from his rack.

Then, early Sunday, Morales' home was attacked by a Hate Mongering arsonist. Mrs. Morales' grandson was sitting on the porch and saw a flash of the arsonist starting the fire in the relection in the window across from his grandmother's home. After the arsonist started the fire, "he(arsonist)ran down the street, and by that time, I had to decide whether to chase him or put out the fire, and obviously I'm going to try to put out the fire to save my grandmother. I didn't have much luck. (I) tried to stop it 20 times," said Morales' grandson, Alex Avila.

Alex Avila said the fire was burning directly below his grandmother's window. He ran inside for water, and by the time he returned, a police officer had put out the fire. The arsonist attack woke Mrs. Morales. "I thought right away, 'It's about that darn sticker that I'm fighting against,'" Mrs. Morales said.

A few days earlier, Mrs. Morales received an anonymous HATE MAIL letter in the mail. The letter accused her of violating the First Amendment rights of the bumper sticker creators and viciously attacked her efforts to ban the bumper sticker. It was signed, "Uncle Freaking Sammy."

Mrs. Morales said, "The First Amendment doesn't give us license to put out hate items like that, and that's all it is. It's creating hate, creating violence. Violence is already up, like, 35 percent against Hispanics."

Mrs. Morales said she refuses to be indimited by either the anonymous senders of the HATE MAIL nor the Arsonist. She will continue to fight for Justice and Equality for all. She will not stop her battle to ban the bumper stickers. She said she's going to continue to protest any store that is selling those Racist, Hate-Filled Bumper Stickers.

Racine police are investigating the case and will soon arrest the arsonist and those sending the Hate Mail.


Anonymous said...

How did illegal aliens all of sudden become Latinos in general? Give us one good reason why the proper authorities shouldn't hunt down illegal aliens, Latino or not?

Anonymous said...

These stickers have been out for years, in California since 2001, they are nothing new. I also don't see where they say anything about "Latino". As for the "Latino Majority" there is no such thing, it is simply "minority" meaning all minority ethnicitys (Asian, Black, Indian, Latino, etc. combined will be the majority). Mrs. Morales and you seem to be making this about a single ethnicity (Latino) vs all illegal immigrants (illegal aliens).

Dee said...

Bad Anon,
You prove my point.
You've always said most "illeegals" are Latino.

Jan Brewer proves my point.
She said, "I don't know what an "illeegal looks like."
"I don't how to tell an "illeegal" from a Latino."

Dee said...

Bad Anon 2:


Anonymous said...

I think this sticker is pretty funny and I am Hispanic. I really wish people wouldn't get on the band wagon so that we can get over it sooner than later. The dumb people in this situation are the ones that would put the sticker on their vehicle. And for all you Illegal Immigrants out there, don't start shooting at people with the bumper sticker, just laugh at them, because they are making such an a-- of themselves.

Anonymous said...

Kill them all let God sort them out

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