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I'm LIVE BLOGGING the GOP Presidential Debate tonight. Look for LIVE updates from me as the Debate Continues!
The Candidates:
Romney, Pawlenty, Bachmann, Ron Paul, Santorum, Gingrich, Cain.
Question: What would you do about Jobs?
Cain: Lower taxes; lower capital gains tax (Sold to Big Business)
Santorum: Bashing Obama. Oppressiveness of THAT Bill, what it will do to BIG BUSINESS. REGULATION is wrong. WE NEED TO DRILL.
Pawlenty: Cut TAXES, REDUCE REGULATION. We need a PRO Growth agenda. We are NOT an average nation. Cut spending. Reduce Regulation. End Healthcare.Cut spending.

Romney: President slowed economy. long term unemployment. Housing Crisis. Foreclosures. President Failed. Need Jobs in this country.
Gingrich: Reagan recovery (I participated) created 25M new jobs. raised revenue. Obama anti business, anti jobs. Should repeal sarbains oxley, dodd-frank.
Bachmann: repeal dodd-frank. i introduced it. make an announcement: filed paperwork to seek presidency of the US. want you to be first to know.
Paul: (asked has obama done one thing right?) cant answer that question. we need to unwind a keynsian bubble we need to liquidate bad debt. need new jobs. 30M new people and no new jobs. people don't understand monetary policy and free markets.
Audience Question: Concerned about overage of Healthcare legislation. What would each candidate do to repeal and defund obamacare.
Bachmann: promise - i will not rest til i repeal obamacare if i'm elected prez. obamacare kills 800K jobs. Seniors get this. Took 500K - shifted to obamacare. Seniors most to lose.
Romney: Obamneycare? - I will repeal Obamacare. Grant waiver to all 50 states obamacare. Spends 50M. Raises 500B in taxes. Takes 500B in medicare. Romneycare was a state plan, state solution. Replace it with state centered solutions.
Pawlenty: Obama broke promise. (didn't answer obamneycare question) Then re-asked: prez obama - looked to MA - blueprint - obamney care reflected on obama's words. (Pawlenty CHICKENED OUT!!)
Romney: I would FACE the President and ask him directly. Obamacare would NOT work.

Gingrich: Should NOT Have a mandate. This campaign not only about Prez. Need to pick up seats in Senate and House. It's about American People.
Audience Question: Convince me - How will you solve problems.
Sanctorum: Look at my record. Drafted welfare reform bill. End Federal Entitlement. Like Paul Ryan's plan. Tea Party is great backstop for america. Backbone to republican party.
Bachmann: I'm chairman of teaparty caucus. Wants to take country back. Create jobs. Turn economy around. Prez obama can't tell that story. Failed. Republicans have awesome story to tell. Prez Obama 1 term Prez. (All White Audience applauds)
Cain: Talks about his career as businessman. Sez he will surround himself with good people. Get people involved.
Audience Question: Return manufacturing jobs to US.
PAUL: Important. We've exported jobs in the past. Have to invite capital. Have strong currency. Entice individuals to repatriate offshore money back into the US.
Pawlenty: Restore manufacturing. Fair Trade. Don't be stupid or chump. Lots not following rules. We need strong prez. Takes rocks out - end Obamacare. Taxes too high. Regulations too heavy. Get government off BIG BUSINESS' back.
Bachmann: Lower Taxes. Bring tax rate down. Get rid of job killing regulations. Get rid of EPA.

-- OMG.
QUESTION: What standards do you have for govt assistance to private enterprise?
Paul: None.

Cain: Didn't agree with Tarp. Does not agree with Too Big to Fail. Should not have helped car companies.
Question: Auto Industry - was bail of auto industry a success?
Romney: No. It was not a success. We should have let the car companies fail.
Santorum: No Tarp. No Bailout. Let them FAIL.
Bachmann: Wrong Vote! No Tarp. No Bailout. Let them Fail.
Question: Space Program - What role gov't play in Space Program?
Gingrich: Do not support it. No more bureaucracy! NASA in the way. Encourage the private sector. Decentralize it.
Pawlenty: Partner with private sector.
Romeny: Private sector.
Question: Homes - Right the housing shift?
Pawlenty: Get government out of capitalism. Market will adjust. Obama programs didn't work. Get economy moving again. His way failed.

Paul Chose Blackberry vs iPhone (LOL -- Old Guy!)
Question: Medicare Solvent?
Paul: Won't be solvent. We need competition so people can opt out of Medicare.
Pawlenty: Not Solvent. Need to fix it. Have my OWN plan. DIFFERENT than Paul Ryan's. Medicare WILL BE AN OPTION.
Gingrich: I supported Ryan's plan. Words taken out of context. "Maybe it's not a good idea." Maybe things I would do different on Medicare. Outside current system.
Santorum: We have a big deficit. Wholeheartedly support Paul Ryan's plan. (Then he went crazy and said Ryan's plan was IDENTICAL to Medicare Part D -- the Prescription Drug program-- )
Cain: You won't get money back Doctor (questioner). We got to restructure those programs. I support Paul Ryan program. You know those mediscare programs.. it's going to be our grandkids in those commercials and we will be throwing our kids off that cliff.
Question: What is your Social Security plan.
Cain: Restructure social security.
Raise retirement age?
Cain: I don't have to. Congress decides to do that. WE've got to restructure program.
Question: Credit Limit August 2.
Romney: We won't have to raise the debt limit. We have ideas here. But what are the Presidents ideas? No job creation or scale of government. That's the problem.
Question: Price Tag - Cuts
Bachmann: No. Raise debt ceiling is failure of leadership.
Question: Sep Church & State
Pawlenty: blah blah blah
Santorum: Faith & Reason - same place.
Questions: Muslims in Admin?
Cain: I don't believe in Shariah law in America. Need Loyalty Test. But won't ask Christian or Jew. Look at their work record/resume.
Romney: No shariah law in american courts. Muslims accepted.
Gingrich: If you are not loyal to US you won't serve in my admin period.
Question: Gays Marry?
Bachmann: Believe in marriage man and woman. Children - believe in man and woman marriage. Nothing. Nada. Not Fed issue.
Cain: State
Pawlenty: Marriage man and woman.
Paul: Church.
Romney: Constitutional
Gingrich: Constitutional
Santorum: Constitutional
Question: Don't Ask Don't Tell
Cain: Never overturn don't ask don't tell. Won't turn it over though.
Pawlenty: take queues from military commanders
Paul: Shouldn't take it away
Romney: should have been kept in place but won't change it
Gingrich: up to military.
Bachmann: leave it.
Santorum: should be repealed.
Question: Pro Life
Santorum: Look at authenticity of their view. (dig at Romney) Taking pledge/bullets. I am strongly PRO LIFE. All life respected.
Romney: Pro Life.
Case Closed.
Question: Abortion - Abortion even if Raped?
Bachmann: 100% pro life. 23 foster children. Conception to natural death. Govt cannot take those rights away. Stand for LIFE! Conception to natural death.
Pawlenty: Look at records. I'm pro-life.
Question: Illegal Immigrants - Stop Them!
Santorum: Son of legal immigrant. Cannot continue to provide govt services. Voted against it. Not guaranteed govt benefit. Not offering to people gov't benefits.
Paul: Shouldn't have mandates. No easy benefits. Protect our borders, not iraq, afghanistan. No care. Shouldn't penalize Catholic Church, that is wrong. Related to economy. Ecomonic issue. If you have an understanding, No.
Cain: Birthright citizenship - NO. Solve real problem - secure borders, enforce laws, promote path to citizenship by cleaning up bureaucracy, empower the states to do what feds can't do. Of course care - but fix problems.
Pawlenty: sb1070? each state decide? if feds won't do it, let states do it. they will. State Guard reinforce the border. Birthright citizenship: appointing conservatives to supreme court. NO birthright citizenship.
Question: those here - path to citizenship?
Gingrich: never pass comprehensive bill. didn't even try. First control the border. 2nd: take half of homeland security, transplant to border states, have more than enough people to control the border. No serious person should be asked yes or no answer. need humane answer. not mass deportation vs legalization.
Question: bill - restrict power to seize private land - emminent domain - for oil.
Paul: No, No emminent domain for this purpose. Property should be owned by people.
Romney: Do not believe in emminent domain. We need to develop own energy in our country. Need prez who cares.
Question: Abolish ethanol tax.
Santorum: Phase out ethanol tax. Voted against ethanol subsidies.
Question: Afghanistan. Bombing in Yemen?
Romney: Get out. Wait for Generals to say when.
Paul: No Wars. As commander in chief, get them out NOW! Security not enhanced by being there. No bombing in Yemen.
Pawlenty: Yemen bombing yes.
Question: Libya
Bachmann: No. Flawed Policy. Bad Intelligence. Don't know how many al qaeda.
Gingrich: Price tag always a factor. Bad Intelligence. Don't know how many al qaeda. Talk to generals. Need to strategy. Bad intelligence.
Cain: Understand the problem. Is it in vital interest. Paraphrase grandmother: "It's a Mess."
Question: Support Military, but in debt. Shut down unvital military bases?
Santorum: Failure of leadership. no strategy. Need ability to confront threats. Need bases. Allies need to know we have thier back. (Israel) "Americas Fecklessness" Question: Polls bad for Republicans
Cain: As they get to know us, this is a good field.
Question: Who made best choice for VP in 2008?
Pawlenty: Obama. Likes Palin. Hates Biden.
Romney: Anyone better than Obama. Failed! No foreign policies. Throw friends under bus.
Bachmann: who would be your VP. Need American Idol contest. Let audience decide.
Paul: All. Need more quizzing.
Question: What have you learned?
Santorum: Great field of candidates.
Bachmann: Learned more about American People.
Gingrich: 1st in nation as primary.
Romney: NH proven need to get economy growing again
Paul: We can talk and be civil.
Pawlenty: Future is bright.
Cain: All candidates share -- its about the children and grandchildren. Not that far apart on issues.

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