Tuesday, June 7, 2011


This will be my last post about Rep Weiner. Weiner's done! Let the feeding frenzy continue. The extreme right is frothing at the mouth. Nary a Democrat is standing behind Weiner.

The one thing I can say positive about the right wing is: they have balls. (pardon my french). They always have! They stood behind Sen. David Vitter. He has SEX with Prostitutes for years. He's still in office. They stood behind Larry Craig, the elderly married man who was arrested for soliciting MEN in mens' rooms. He didn't resign and finished the remainder of his term.

You gotta love Republicans. They stand by their MEN (of course, they only support women as window dressing.) They stand tall, hang tuff, no apologies, even for Good ole boys like Rep. Mark Foley who sexted young boy pages.

Weiner is SLAUGHTERED. This is partially due to his outspoken, aggressive support of the Democratic Agenda. He was so good at it too! I'll miss him for that!

I almost feel sorry for Weiner, but then again, I think about what he did for Breitbart. Weiner apologized to that extremist. I remember the old saying: "It's NOT the CRIME, IT'S the Cover-Up!" Weiner fell victim to this! All I can say is, Hasta La Vista Baby! (2 points for anyone who remembers this is Ahnold's line in Terminator and Ahnold just had a scandal of his own!)


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How much these policies effecting the end user in current scenarios.

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