Wednesday, June 8, 2011

LIVE FROM THE FRONT Guest Voz - Felix Jaure: Arpaio Running for Senator - Running from the District Attorney!

Guest Voz - Felix Jaure: Arpaio Running for Senator - Running from the District Attorney!
In a recent interview with a local news station, Maricopa County's Sheriff Joe Arpaio announced the possibility of running for the future vacant Senatorial seat of Sen. Kyl of Arizona. Arpio appeared quite confident of a victory, as he flirted with the possibility of bestowing upon his constituents, the honor, of accepting their proposal for him to run in the 2012 general election.

Arpaio seemed to be in full control of his destiny, untouched by the allegation's of 6,300 reported cases of Civil Rights violations against his Department, of which 1,828 have resulted in lawsuits against Maricopa county, costing the taxpayer approximately $50,000,000 in legal defence spending. The federal grand jury also is investigating Arpaio over abuse-of-power and his departments inappropriately use of 99 million dollars from two jail funds over the last eight years. Arpaio, much like the Titanic, seems unsinkable at the present time in his home state of Arizona. Has his reputation, placed him in a position, that's beyond the reach of the long arm of the law? Fearful of the possibility of an uprising in the State, the Justice Department appears to be reluctant, from aggressively pursuing an indictment against the Sheriff.

Is the term illegal, is illegal in reference to everyone that violates the law, or is there some type of amnesty for the chosen few. It appears that the blindfold on lady justice has temporarily been removed for the sake of Arpaio, by his nation wide group of supporters, and the scales which were formally used for judgement, are found to be inadequate for use in the balance of justice any longer. A man Above The Law"

Note: Felix Jaure is the reputable blog owner of the Blog "In the Midst of the Worldwind" and reports LIVE from the Front in Arizona!

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Vicente Duque said...

Alabama Legislature wants to force decisions in Courts about Immigration. But the courts will likely find even more issues with the immigration law Alabama just passed than with Arizona's SB 1070, because it meshes with Education Rights
Forcing the Courts, the President and the U. S. Congress with Partisan State Laws :

State Legislatures are clogging courts by trying to force decisions that are clearly unconstitutional, these State Laws seem extremely Political, Partisan, even bigoted, and motivated by electoral purposes, or keeping an electorate motivated until the next election.

My impression is that if the Courts make decisions in favor of these state legislatures then they will do immense damage to the seriousness of law, to constitutional and congressional intent, to precedent, and to the Federal Government, not only to the Obama Administration but to subsequent Administrations and presidents. It would be the creation of chaos to push America to decline, decadence, decay and degeneration.

This would be the institutionalization of legislative patchwork, and of sailors having more authority than the captain of the ship, in this case the President of the USA and the U. S. Congress should be the captain.

Think Progress
Alabama Governor Signs SB-1070 On Steroids Into Law
By Andrea Nill Sanchez
June 9, 2011


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