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Anti-Latino Hate Groups Behind ANTI-Latino Racial Profiling Bills; D.A. King Lobbyist in Georgia; NumbersUSA in Many States!

Georgia is now facing a severe Ag Worker Labor Shortage leaving crops rotting on the vine. They have one vile, racist zealot to blame for their troubles. His name is D.A. King. He is a Lobbyist with a special interest in Immigration issues. As I've recently reported, Georgia's xenophobic state legislature has passed a racial profiling bill (hb87) very similar to sb1070. Stuck in the courts, the fate of this racial profiling bill, HB87, is still unknown in the frenetic final days of Georgia's legislative session. This bill's heinous author, state Rep. Matt Ramsey, was spotted several times huddled in hushed discussions in the Capitol hallways with ANTI-Latino lobbyist D.A. King. Even though a judge last week temporarily blocked two provisions of the racial profiling law, King claims victory. He cited several parts that were not blocked, saying they "will greatly deter illegal aliens from attempting to take jobs in Georgia."

The evil King, 59, a smooth talking lobbyist, has been a permanent fixture at the Capitol for years, lobbying lawmakers and rallying like-minded, Anti-Latino supporters of phone and letter-writing campaigns. The bombastic, beefy, 6-foot-2 activist's approach is often confrontational, always loud and outspoken, making him a godzilla zealot among those who favor stricter immigration enforcement - and earning him plenty of enemies. His advice has been welcomed by some extreme right wing legislators, including state Rep. Matt Ramsey, a Republican in the lilly-white Atlanta suburb of Peachtree City who authored Georgia's strict measure. Ramsey said King provided integral guidance when drafting the new law, and he rallied supporters to pressure lawmakers with phone calls and emails.

"I can't think of anybody in my 20 years of working on this issue who has been more adroit in working inside the state Legislature to get legislation actually passed," said the extremist Roy Beck, executive director of the Anti-Latino Hate Group (per ADL)NumbersUSA, which pushes for tighter immigration control and Anti-Latino legislation across the country. Beck continues, "He's just kind of at the top of the heap nationwide in terms of local (Anti-Latino) activists."

Fair-minded Humanitarians say about King, "I think he works to push his agenda in a very divisive way," said Jerry Gonzalez, executive director of the Georgia Association of Latino Elected Officials. "One has to look at who this man is. He is a convicted felon who is advising our legislators and our governor on very important policy matters."

The law breaking King brags openly about his felony conviction. He pleaded guilty in 1977 to a charge of interstate gambling, answering phones and picking up money for a criminal bookmaker taking bets in Alabama. King, a scam artist, claimed he had no interest in politics or activism and didn't vote in the early nineties. "What happened is when I started learning about illegal immigration, I went from being very, very shy to being very, very upset," claims the loud-speaking zealot.

King started hating Latinos, assuming they were ALL "illeegals" in the late 1990s. A large, Latino family moved in across the street from the house he shares with his wife in suburban Atlanta. Before long, he claims there were about 20 people HE SUSPECTED were in the country illegally living in the three-bedroom home. King claims their yard was full of old vehicles and parties disrupted the neighborhood. King complained to his local government about code violations but since they were not doing anything illegally, he received no response.

Then the Sept. 11, 2001, terror attacks marked the schemer's "aha moment." King said, "I realized if I could (make people believe I) have people living "illegally" across the street from me and there are people in the country who are flying planes into our buildings, this doesn't seem like a big effort at national security." Dollar Signs rolled in the schemer's eye sockets. That's when he began researching illegal immigration on an old hand-me-down computer from his brother-in-law.

King stopped working as an insurance agent in 2003 to devote himself full time to his scheme and held a rally at the state Capitol in 2003, the first of more than two dozen. He also was profoundly affected by five trips to the Arizona-Mexico border (with the scheming Minutemen who soaked millions of dollars from unsuspecting followers for a Fake Border Fence) between 2003 and 2006, he said.

King decided he was going to show the world just how angry Americans are about illegal immigration. Along with his followers, he showed up at the state Capitol in Atlanta in October, 2005 to protest. Trouble was, there were only a few dozen who showed up. King wasn't fazed. As The Atlanta Journal-Constitution quickly discovered, the long-time anti-immigration zealot found a solution immediately -- he paid $10 each to 14 homeless people from the neighborhood, handed them signs, and set them loose. He was PROUD of his scam. "I consider it very good use of the day labor laws," an unrepentant King boasted to the newspaper. "Yes, I paid them," he added to Creative Loafing, an alternative newspaper. "And I'm going to pay them again."

Lobbyist King is still "paying them" as he continues to push these hate-filled, anti Latino bills. He also continues to write to newspapers across the country spewing his opinions. He also writes for the White Nationalist group VDARE and has no apologies about it.

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Vicente Duque said...

SB 1070 Shooter Gary Kelley Sentenced to 27.5 Years in White-on-Brown Slaying : Beer and firearms don't mix. And they mix especially poorly with bigotry, latent or otherwise. The shooting happened outside of Varela's home with Varela's brother looking on and their mother watching from their house.

Gary Kelley is a South Phoenix man who gunned down his neighbor Juan Varela on May 6, 2010 after screaming at him in a drunken rage, "You fucking Mexican, go back to Mexico!"

Varela 44 was an American citizen. - Varela's family has been in this country for generations.
Kelley, 51, is Anglo

Phoenix New Times
Feathered Bastard
SB 1070 Shooter Gary Kelley Sentenced to 27.5 Years in White-on-Brown Slaying
By Stephen Lemons
July 5, 2011

Some excerpts :

Today, Kelley was sentenced to 27.5 years in prison for second degree murder and aggravated assault. Kelley's first trial ended with a hung jury earlier this year. He was retried in April and convicted.

According to a report of Kelley's first trial by my colleague Valeria Fernandez of New America Media, Kelley's lawyer admitted that his client originally approached Varela to discuss Arizona's breathing-while-brown law, Senate Bill 1070.

If you disagree with my characterization of Arizona's hate statute, look no further to the stated "intent" of the act itself, "to make attrition through enforcement the public policy of all state and local government entities in Arizona."

That phrase "attrition through enforcement" is nativist code for ethnic cleansing. And the ethnicity SB 1070-backers want "cleansed" from Arizona is that of the Hispanic variety.

All Latinos are in the crosshairs, because the state's redneck contingent is too stupid to note any differences between Latinos of different nationalities.

1070 signaled to the state's Hispanic population that it was not welcome. It made Arizona a byword for xenophobia and intolerance. And it dredged up some ugly ideas in the brains of such folk as Gary Kelley.

1070 served as a catalyst, emboldening those who think "Americans" are by definition white, plating seeds of distrust and resentment, and fattening the ugly tumor of prejudice in the brains of weak-willed men like Kelley.

Still, if Kelley had not been seriously inebriated, with an estimated blood alcohol content of between 0.126 and 0.286, and if he had not been armed, Varela would likely be alive today, and his daughter would still have a daddy.

Instead, Varela is dead, and Kelley might as well be. As the Maricopa County Attorney's Office noted in its press release on the sentencing, Kelley will be "in his late 70s" before he's eligible for release from prison.

A waste on all sides. And for what? Nothing but the furtherance of enmity and ethnic strife.

Till then, Arizona's old, reactionary white majority will cling jealously to its hegemony and continue to demonize Latinos for all of the state's social and economic ills.

Hell, even Arizona's senior U.S. Senator John McCain feels no shame in blaming wildfires on Mexican migrants. That's how bad things are.

Those of us who believe in justice and long for ethnic and racial equality have no choice but to battle the haters, the opportunists, and the bigots until the snow-bird electorate that empowers them dies off of old age.

And that's one thing I can believe in : That, try as they might, the racist alter kockers cannot live forever.

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