Thursday, July 21, 2011

Hit and Run Drunk Driver Gets Six Months! All-White Jury Convicts African American Mom who is Now Facing 36 Months in Jail for JayWalking!

Even though this story has NOTHING to do with Immigration, I am very UPSET by this story! This poor, innocent African American mother is undergoing the same negative stereotypes and persecution (by an all-white jury) as the poor innocents being attacked in the current Immigration fight.

In April 2010, Raquel Nelson's 4 year old son, was hit (and run) and murdered by a repeat offender, drunk driver. The police found him and prosecuted him. The driver, Jerry Guy, who later admitted he had been drinking and had taken painkillers the night of the accident, and also mostly blind in one eye. They only gave him 6 months in jail. He is out now.

However, last week, the mom, Raquel Nelson, was convicted, BY AN ALL-WHITE JURY. Why? She was convicted of Jay-Walking AND may serve MORE TIME than the drunken killer!

Here is what happened: The mom, Raquel, did not have a car. She relied on the Bus for transportation to go Grocery Shopping. At the bus stop across the street from her house, she got off along with a multitude of bus riders, and crossed the street. She had kids and groceries in hand. She did NOT know that Jerry Guy would be drunk, blind and on pain killers and was driving his car like a weapon. He only received a 6 months sentence. He is already out free!

For some unknown reason, the police in Georgia arrested her. Then, this Idiotic, Racist, ALL-WHITE JURY convicted her of Jaywalking! Even though the rest of the bus riders were along side her crossing mid street. It was the drunk/drugged driver that was at fault! He was convicted. NONE of this mattered to the ALL WHITE Jury! Instead, these zealots prosecuted this poor, mourning Mom and is now sending her to Jail for a longer period than her Son's Murderer served! THIS IS SHAMEFUL!!!! I am Ashamed of this Jury!!

Someone should sit down and talk to these Jury Member and ask them, WHY!!!!


Vicente Duque said...

Thanks Dee for very important information.

HuffPost : The Ugliest and most Despicable Racism in Georgia : Grieving Black Mother Faces 36 Months In Jail For Jaywalking After Son Is Killed By Drunk Hit-And-Run Driver - Unbelievable, Incredible, Amazing !

It seems that some people in the State of Georgia are in a competition to surpass each other in Racism, Brutality and Imbecility against Blacks. This is very hard to believe. Where else can you find such Old Fashioned Racists ?? - Where can you find such a big display of Stupidity ??

And this happens after the crops are rotting in the Georgia Fields after a big show of stupidity when the State Legislature and the Governor kicked out a lot of Latinos, just because of Hate and Fear.

Joseph said...

It shows the racial discrimination of black and white people. Poor mom she was convicted which is not a violations at all. Drunk driver was punish for just a short period of time even if he killed innocent lives. To seek justice for this case ask DUI lawyers for help.

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